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This post was too cute to pass up 


A recent commission for keeeruh. It was too cute not to post.


Aedan Cousland | Headcanon Meme

★ sad headcanon requested by @madameinquisitior

Survivor’s Guilt is a hell of a thing. 

Actually more of a bittersweet one, faith turned out to be very important to my Warden.


When your friend’s parents are famous for saving Thedas, but ur adoptive Mom is famous for punching the Arhisock in the face.


These goofs ♡


Cons of having a mage girlfriend!

(Although to be honest, Chava just has really shitty aim.) She’s sitting there like ‘I’m going to kill my team-mates before the Archdemon has a chance’. Zevran takes it as it comes. He’s chill.

Anyhow, still practicing consistency and failing by doodling. I figure I have to keep trying if I’m going to get any better at it. So yea. Sorry for how messy and rough they are, I’m trying not to spend too much on this stuff. Also I /still/ don’t know what size to make these so that they show up best! Oh well, trial and error it is!

Bonus: Chava’s the kind of girl that turns into a tomato when she blushes. I wasn’t sure if I should go with the pink or not but eh- here it is


Alistair Theirin, Oghren-proofing Ferelden one cheese wheel at a time. 

@rannadylin Thank you for helping me come up with the theme of Oghren’s joke: Nugs (Unfortunately, I wasn’t clever enough to come up with the rest of it! Haha)! 


because y’know his compromise speech and pe a c e and i should go


many reasons to dislike mages

Blogger Gatherings!

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