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I always respond rather understandingly to the young Crestwood couple hiding in that dank old place where you go to ‘empty the lake’ or whatever.. but god I love that scene so much.. Taking Solas along, he always goes something like “oh…..wonderful”  >:/   in the most displeased manner.. its downright hilarious.. 

But then for once I decided to respond to them something like “Really? you couldnt find a more romantic place to be?” .. and.. Solas.. fucking approved… 

Such a critic, hes a true romantic at heart. Disapproves of a youngin` that doesnt properly put intent or well thought out meaning into someone he courts.. 

Solas himself probably imagines a hundred different better romantic places then that.. at that precise moment.. 

INFACT…… its probably where he first thought to himself 

{ This place isnt romantic in the slightest.. you wanna really woo a woman.. you take her some place remarkable…. Like that cave not too far from yond- ….. -lightbulb moment- hmmmmm……~ }

First view of Crestwood without the rain, as Emmen & co. emerge from closing the underwater rift: It’s actually quite beautiful now.

In further adventures in Crestwood, he killed another dragon (”It wanted to eat us, but now it can’t” said Cole afterwards) and discovered that the reason Despair Demons are so named is because of the way they keep jumping just out of reach of your melee fighters, who proceed to chase it so far away from its fade rift that the fade rift resets and you have to start over. Emmen refused to move a step away from the fade rift on the second try, even if he is supposed to be close combat and all. That’s what grappling hooks are for. Even if they don’t always work on demons/wraiths…


Ah, I missed Solavellan day of Solas Positivity Week because of moving. 

But, here again, the part I choose to remember most from The Date. Perhaps even my favorite part of the romance. In that moment, they were utterly, unreservedly a couple. *sigh*

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