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okay, so I know everyone loves clueless Cullen who can have Hawke and their companions perform blood magic in front of him without noticing, but do you know what I’d love to see…

a Cullen who suspects so strongly but can never prove it.

Like, he sees a fireball in the sky and then he turns the corner and Hawke’s there, definitely not doing magic, looking very innocent, with Varric and a lot of other witnesses all swearing that it wasn’t a magic fireball, a dragon appeared from nowhere and flew a whole bunch of fire and then disappeared.

He stumbles into Anders’ clinic somehow and it’s all ordinary bandages and poultices, and all the people there swear up and down that they’ve never seen a mage at all, in their life, while Anders just stands there, holding a newborn baby and demanding that Cullen get out or help him.  

He sees Merrill wandering around with a staff on her back and she manages to convince the other Templars with him, no, it’s not a magic staff, it’s a Dalish thing. It helps her not get lost. Really.


Between The Lines
by the lovely @tarysande

“I’ve read them.”

She grinned. “When do you find the time?”

He thought of words portioned out like morsels of food,
words held hostage, words stolen. He thought of all the books he’d held
over the years: the ones with fine, embossed leather covers; the ones
half-falling apart; the ones missing pages. Some he’d loved and some
he’d hated; all had changed him, in their ways both subtle and
shattering. He’d been mocked and questioned and sometimes admired, but
always, always he’d come back to books, to knowledge, with the thirst of
a dying man desperate for the water only words could provide.

He marked his place with a pretty ribbon he’d earlier
freed from her hair and set the book down beside the bed before turning
to face her, mirroring her pose. “I make the time,” he said. “It is… I
find it essential.”



You have to wonder how that first chess match came about, really.  The Tevinter Altus and the Fereldan ex-templar isn’t the most natural of friendships, after all.

Maybe, just maybe, Dorian overheard Leliana and Cullen talking smack about their next game.  We know they played; Leliana takes Dorian’s place at the chess board for that scene if you don’t recruit Dorian.  And chess is pretty much the one time we hear Cullen talk smack and frankly it’s beautiful.  Maybe it went something like this:

Leliana: “I’ll get you next time, Commander, never fear.  The last match was a fluke; you won’t catch me unawares again.”  

Cullen: “I wish you the best of luck, but I’m just good at this.”

Dorian would probably be surprised, to say the least.  Maybe he’d think, hah! it’ll be fun to school the ex-templar on how we do it in civilized lands.  So he throws down the challenge, and Cullen happily accepts.

And maybe Dorian is honestly expecting an easy match the first time.  Cullen’s no scholar.  He’s a bit taciturn, transparently straightforward, hilariously blunt.  A good fighter, certainly, and that’s well enough in its place, but to beat Dorian?  Alright, no, Dorian’s no chess master, and Felix always beat him, but that was Felix.  He can beat this doglord.

Except that as it turns out, Cullen really is good at this.

The first couple of matches, he’s genuinely pouring everything into the game.  After about the halfway point of the first game, he’s nearly crosseyed with the effort to maintain his attention on the game, but he’s soundly thumped both times.

But he’s discovered something that holds his attention a little better, and that’s a previously unsuspected side to the Commander.  Who, apparently, can smirk. Who can taunt and tease.  And who can hold a surprisingly pleasant conversation between times.

Honestly, who would credit it?  

So after that, he keeps playing, and he does what he often did with Felix to keep things lively–he cheats.  Not to win; he’d never really take a win based on cheating.  That’s not the fun of it at all.  It’s to watch Cullen seamlessly adjust his strategy to the new challenge, to see how he reacts, just to play.

And he’s still obligated to act huffy when he loses–it’s part of the play, and it wouldn’t do to neglect that–but it’s familiar and at the same time it’s new, because Cullen is really not at all like Felix.  And amidst all this chaos it’s nice to sit still, and to make common ground where he never expected to find it.



One thing that I really like about Dorian and Cullen getting along is that it seems like they’re sort of fitting into the standard (probably overdone, but if you know me even a tiny bit you will not be surprised that this is still a Great and Terrible Weakness of mine) mage/templar thing, overcoming their differences etc but it also sort of doesn’t apply at all? In terms of the institutions they come from they both came from the side with the power, so it’s not like Dorian ever was locked up in a Circle and feared templars, so I feel like he gets to approach Cullen as a mage but with a pretty unique unwariness (and vice versa.) Not only that but they both basically rejected that path, even if they both still have their own biases they can’t quite shake, they both essentially recognise the flaws in the systems they came from. I just think they have a lot they can learn from each other and can do it on a pretty even footing. Ahhh I love it :’)

Exactly! Stuff like this is why I love their friendship.

A Class Act: Chapter One


A modern high school teacher AU.

Chapter Summary: Mara Lavellan is an English teacher that is new to Skyhold High School. Skyhold is an under performing school that is in danger of being privatized and Mara is there to help. Everyone at the school is welcoming, everyone except a certain history teacher named Cullen Rutherford.

Special thanks to @thesecondsealwrites for the title, because titles are hard. 

Also on AO3.

Mara Lavellan readjusted her shirt for the umpteenth time as her shoes clacked loudly with each step as she entered Skyhold High School. Her body was a bundle of nerves, hands shaking, she could already feel herself sweating nervously. It wasn’t even 8 a.m.

It was her first day on the job at the new school. She shouldn’t be so nervous. It was going to be a day full of faculty meetings and prepping for her classes. She’d already met the administration, it was just the teachers she needed to meet.

Relax, they’ll know if you’re all keyed up, she chided herself as she pulled the heavy metal door open.

Skyhold was an older school, thirty years ago it was the newest in the area. But the district had run out of money initially and cut corners to bring down costs. The school had suffered ever since. The brick was a faded yellow brown and several letters in the lit sign didn’t work. It looked like decay and too many years of trying to get by on far too little, but it didn’t much matter to Mara. She’d worked at schools in worse shape; she was here because Skyhold was in trouble.

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beat swords into ploughshares for hesta pls


this has been haunting me ever since you sent it but i think i finally, finally came up with something and i apologize in advance

Hesta gave Meredith credit for very few things, but she had to admit that the woman had a formidable sense of showmanship. 

She’d sent Cullen to her door in full armor two – no, three – no, four days after her mother’s passing (it was hard to keep track of time when one’s nightmares came so close to reality). He showed up in full plate and armed with a series of practiced condolences, most of which she couldn’t care to pay attention to. She supposed there was some virtue in his authenticity, but she was yet to find it. 

The trek to Lowtown felt longer, somehow, probably because it was so fucking quiet. There was none of Merrill’s curious trilling, Isabela’s lewd jokes, or Varric’s chatter; honestly, she’d even give her right arm for Fenris and his awkward silence. She could deal with that far better than Cullen clattering beside her with steely determination and thinly-veiled pity, barely masking the gasps and whispers of the have-you-heards and the poor dears. The whispers faded as they approached the foundry, thank the Maker. People in Lowtown were familiar with tragedy and she found far more comfort in an understanding nod than in any overpriced bouquet or stiffly-written letter. 

Cullen opened the door to the foundry and stood aside for her. Hesta stood shock-still by the threshold, waiting for her stomach to settle from the immediate smell of death, thick and potent and too recent to not quicken the beat of her heart. 
“Serah Hawke?” She didn’t know how long she’d stood there. 
“Sorry,” she whispered, but they both knew it wasn’t directed at the Knight-Captain. 

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Advisors just got Powerpuffed!

I may have too much time on my hands…

Other Powerpuff Dragon Age Characters:
Inquisition Party, Advisors, Dragon Age 2, Hawke, Dragon Age Origins


Blackwall mentions at one point in Inquisition that Cullen has seen the best and worst of the world and struggles with where that leaves him; @ravenstag asked me when Cullen saw the best of the world because before Kinloch Hold he was naive.

I think Cullen saw the best of the world in 3 different people. 

The Hero of Ferelden, who saved him from a broken tower.

Hawke, who saved him from Kirkwall.

And the Inquisitor, who saved him from himself.


Dragon Age meets Disney: Inquisition Advisors 

(Josie=Jasmine) (Leliana=Giselle) (Cullen=Beast/Adam)

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