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Ready for wardrobe!

(and possibly a slight haircut…)

Are these for sale?

Yep, they’ll go up on my Etsy shop as soon as I finish the outfits!

(One pair of leggings down…I might possibly have this batch of dolls ready to go within the week? I hope?)

Ready for wardrobe!

(and possibly a slight haircut…)

Three embroidered, one head sewn on; two more heads to attach and three wigs to make, and then three sets of clothes. That’s the to-do list for getting these Fenris dolls up on Etsy…



One more elf embroidered! Now he needs hair and clothes.

So awesome! Would you ever consider selling one? Because this is something I would happily throw my money at lol

Yep actually, this little guy and two more like him (well, more or less; I have issues getting the ears in the same position on each doll head it seems) are going up on my Etsy shop as soon as I finish the batch. 🙂 That’s for anyone who wants to keep an eye out for them, and I’ll definitely post on tumblr too when they’re available.

Took me forever to figure out all the details for his clothes and such but it’s getting more streamlined now that I’ve done a couple of gift/giveaway dolls, to the point that I hope to have small batches like this trio go up on Etsy every so often, whenever I can get them done.

I’d love to do custom DA dolls for Etsy too, though production on a custom order will definitely take a while (hopefully not the whole six months it took me to finish the first Hawke & Fenris pair which shipped out to my secret santa this week…um yeah, Christmas in July I guess?). @my-hart-will-go-on‘s custom Hawke for the secret santa wore the rogue champion armor, so theoretically I could do other custom rogue Hawkes pretty quickly following the pattern notes I took as I worked on it; other Hawkes will take time to design their armor/outfits, but I’d love to give that a try for anyone who wants a custom order, as well as Wardens, Inquisitors, other companions/NPC DA characters, etc.! Dolls are cool. 🙂 Anyone who’s interested in a custom order is welcome to message me here or on Etsy to discuss possibilities, although I don’t think I’ll start working on any custom knits till I’m at least finished with this batch of Fenris dolls.

One more elf embroidered! Now he needs hair and clothes.

Twins! Fenris dolls (and not pictured, Elithea Hawke doll) are all finished and getting mailed to their recipients today!

And then I must finish embroidering the lyrium on the other dolls I have knitted…eventually they’re going on Etsy but that embroidery will take a while.


I don’t think I posted finished Kylo Ren doll pics yet! Turned out pretty well – and I managed to get him done in only five days and in plenty of time for the birthday party. Niece seemed to like him! Maybe I’ll start a series and knit a doll for her collection each birthday. 

Pattern for the doll body is Grace Notes Knit Doll. Clothes are my own patterns. I.e., I made it up as I went along.


So the helmet is actually past the point of this picture because I finished it and plopped it in a wool soak bath before thinking to take another pic of it finished. But it’s basically a hat, with a weird hexagon chin plate thing built in (I’m actually quite proud of the shaping on that chin plate, folks) and some eyelets for the mesh over the eyes. After blocking I’ll embroider the silver lines. As for the robes, they’re done blocking and now I’m about to seam the back and then start knitting sleeves. Yay! Kylo Ren doll should be good to go for the niece’s birthday party!

Kylo Ren doll for my cool almost-six-years niece. This is literally all I have done today besides feeding myself. Now for the hard part: Clothes.

So my niece’s 6th birthday is coming up soon and I thought I’d knit her a doll, because, you know, dolls are all I knit lately and I’m quite enjoying the Fenris doll knitting. She was, along with most 4 year olds, a huge fan of Elsa; she also loves Ariel; but it turns out she has requested not a Disney Princess party, but a Star Wars party.

(Nerd Aunt is super proud, by the way.)

Her favorite character? The one of whom she picked out a costume last time they had gift cards to spend at Toys ‘r’ Us?

Kylo Ren.

Looks like I need to figure out a pattern to knit a Kylo Ren doll.

(Her 8 year old brother, by the way, still gets scared watching the lightsaber fights in Star Wars. The niece? Roots for the villain.)

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