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What you’d like to see in DA4


I made a survey about DA4 and what we’d like to see in the game! Mainly because I like surveys and have been thinking way too much about DA4.

I tried to be as thorough as I can and include options for everything, but feel free to ask me to add something if you feel something’s missing! (Or correct me on any mistakes.)

Hopefully this is just a fun thing to do if you’re bored…

Not sure how long I’ll leave this up before reporting the results… kind of depends on how many responses this gets.

What you’d like to see in DA4


So, Morrigan’s epilogue makes me think that the next Dragon Age game will take us to Weisshaupt Fortress in the Anderfels for more Grey Warden shenanigans. And that’s fine, I love me some blood drinkers, but you know what would be really neat? Seheron. 

I mean, it’s on the other side of the continent from anyplace we’ve been before, smack dab in the middle of a centuries old conflict between the Qunari and the Tevinter Imperium. And we have that Codex entry, found in Watcher’s Canyon, about the Fog Warriors fighting to preserve their culture against two Empires who refuse to even acknowledge they exist. That’s a lot of dramatic potential without even tearing a hole in the sky! 

Let me be a Fog Warrior is what I’m saying. 

Who knows, maybe it’ll be both. The Anderfels are right across the sea there. All I’m saying is: Fog Warrior. Let me war in the fog. 


Fenris has three fates: death, slavery, or survival. Two out of three fates could potentially lead him back to Tevinter, perhaps to free more slaves if he is free, or to stop the Magisters from the inside. He’s escaped once, and even though Danarius erases his memory once again if he is a slave, those memories return periodically through the game. Hawke had influence over Fenris, almost ten years of influence. No way would those memories stay idle, especially in someone like Fenris who has resolve enough to get them back. Perhaps he teams up with Dorian, becoming the general of his rebellion. If he is a slave, maybe Dorian rescues him. If he died in 2, they could do what they did with Leliana or Morrigan. They had a brush with death, but didn’t die fully. Maybe even Varric or Aveline picked him up from the rubble and patched him up before leaving, refusing to let another friend die because of the war. All I’m saying is the opportunity to have a Fenris cameo is very large, and I would love to see that broody elf again (and Dorian).


“…Then let’s go.”

So I finally finished the first installment of my endgame Dragon Age 4 comic. I have a lot more to go, but I dunno if it interests anyone but me.

(Part 1 of ?)

Why do you support Solas’s plan (with all the info we currently know about it, anyway)? I can see the anti-plan side all too well.



Ok, so I’m going to prefix my answer here with the fact that we don’t know all the details of this plan yet so I’m not fully prepared to commit, but what information we do have is conflicting at best, and doesn’t indicate the kind of total annihilation Solas is predicting.

What Solas says: the modern elves are not his people and his plan is to destroy the world to save the elvhen (his people, wherever they are). 

What the games have said over the course of the series:

  • Most recently in this DLC, all of the ancient elf spirits,

    wisdom spirits etc call Lavellan ‘honored elvhen’

  • The crossroads visibly present differently to elven inquisitors in both the dlc and the main game.
  • All elves are able to move through the eluvians as easily ancient elves ancient elves (TME). That has to do with recognising (ancient) elven magic. The eluvians think they’re elvhen.
  • Kieran says the Dalish inquisitor’s blood is very old. 
  • There is a specific codex entry you find in the fade portion of the main game talking about how Cory and the magisters used a whole bunch of elven servants specifically to crack open the fade the first time. One presumes, because their magic is still the same/similar enough to that one the ancient elves / Solas who made the damn thing in the first place.
  • The mage-future we saw in game was unacceptable to Solas, so one assumes it is worse in varying ways than what he has planned. Not everyone was dead instantly as far as we could see, the bigger problem was Corypheus and red lyrium everywhere. 
  • He’s seen both sides of history, and he’s not into causing pain without a reasonable pay off. Which says something about the current state of the world. 
  • All the elves are migrating. I want to know what he told the Dalish elves to convince them following Fen’harel was a good idea.

The long and short of all of this is I a) think Solas might be wrong about the modern elves being so different from the ancient elves and it’s arrogance talking. b) He’s theorising total destruction as worst case scenario, but we’ve seen worst case before, and it wasn’t total destruction in the way he’s describing. 

The current world is broken. People are already dying. Genocide is already happening. Spirits are suffering and becoming corrupt. Not going through with Solas’s plan isn’t going to make these things better. 

I may be slightly very biased in my wanting to return the elves (and presumably the dwarves) to their original states, but we also don’t have any evidence so far that it would doom humans / qunari / other races either: they all existed pre-veil as well, and we don’t know what they potentially lost as a result. 

My theory in the ‘destruction’ kind of sense is that yes things will be destroyed but not in quite the way most people assume. As in things will be remade, rejoined, and reshaped. They will cease to exist in their current form. But that doesn’t mean they cease to exist altogether. If saving the world meant that the minds of everyone were permanently changed (without their permission) to a state they were supposedly meant to exist in, is it worth it? Maybe. That is the question isn’t it?

Overall, my biggest qualm is that it’s one of Solas’s plans, which historically haven’t always had the best outcomes. But maybe three time’s the charm? I’m not ready to vilify it without further information, given the potential it has to heal (and there’s no present alternative that seems to offer this in the slightest). 

*coughs in moonkeep‘s general direction* ❤

Things I want from the next Dragon Age Game/s:




Dragon Age: The Uprising

An awakening-style expansion set in the Tevinter Imperium. The Inquisitor travels to Tevinter, seeking new companions to help infiltrate Fen’Harel’s ranks and disrupt his plans from within.

The Inquisitor allies with Mae, working with Dorian to reform the Magesterium; Fenris, who either escaped Daenerius again or left Kirkwall to wreak havoc on the slave trade; Auri, an elven rogue committed to liberating her fellow slaves from their power-crazed masters’ blood magic rituals; Feynriel, a dreamer struggling to find his place after he fled to the Imperium to learn to control his rare magical gifts; Krem, who either barely survived the Venatori ambush or took a reprieve from the Chargers to deliver his own brand of mercenary justice in his homeland; and Briala, whose knowledge of the eluvian network is invaluable to helping the Inquisitor find her former companion and save him from himself. You also get a cameo from Bianca (warrior/rogue) or Dagna (mage)who crafts you a custom, class-dependent weapon for your left arm.

For the majority of Uprising, you play as the Inquisitor. The exception is an infiltration quest in the main storyline, during which you play as one of your elven companions (whichever one you choose to be your spy). Fen’Harel and his agents are intervening to save the elven slaves from a veritable massacre by the Magisters, and your task is to gain his trust and embed yourself in his operation – without being discovered.

You and your new companions must find Fen’Harel before he destroys the world. You just hope that by the time you do, it’s not too late to change his heart.

Dragon Age: The Cure
Set in the Anderfels. We play as a new hero, recruited into the Wardens by Rainier/Bethany/Carver (depending on World State). Origin would dictate the circumstances, but eventually you go to Weisshaupt for training, only to see the deep corruption of the Wardens first hand.

The First Warden is trying to rule over the region as a dictatorial tyrant. Senior officers are mysteriously being assassinated, political upheaval is everywhere, and the Wardens are caught between the growing Darkspawn threat spreading through Northern Thedas, the Calling that is driving them mad, and the infighting threatening to destroy the Order.

An extremist sect of Wardens breaks away from the order, eschewing their duty to fight darkspawn and swearing absolute fealty to the First Warden alone. The only hope for the order is the last remaining Warden Commander, who left years prior to try to find a cure the the calling. With the help of the Commander’s old ally Morrigan and a cast of new companions, it is up to the hero to find the Commander, stop the calling, and unlock the powerful secrets that can save Thedas from the coming of the sixth Blight. 

Update: Seriously considering writing this now. If I did, would anyone be interested? Would anyone read it? I figure we have at least a few years of time to bide between now and some real closure. 😛

Damn that sounds quite cool D: I would read it.

Sounds good to me!

DA4: Wolf Hunt? (Or, Why The Next Game May Be Bioware’s First Direct Sequel)



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