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So it’s April Fools day and that means the Fandom Bodyswap time. So I, having done very little art for years apart from the occasional Latin Club t-shirt design when I can’t find a student to do the art for it, have taken this opportunity to draw my OC Metis from Warriors Such As (and, probably, every thing I shall ever write from here on out. Metis is cool, OK?).

Camera shots of messy sketches, gah. I might try scanning them later. I might actually try lining & digitally coloring them too, but it’s truly years since I did that…let’s see if I remember anything 🙂

Three more pages for Metis’ herb-lore book are finished!

I’ve been researching the other Thedosian plants and thinking about writing some more lines of the poem and making more pages for the book.

Spring break, day 2: taking notes & making really rough sketches of Dragon Age plants so I can expand the Herb Lore poem with more rhyming lines and drawings. …


Another giveaway prize! Metis for @rannadylin.

If you don’t know who Metis is, I highly recommend you go read Ranna’s fic Warriors Such As at once! 🙂

Yay! *hugs the precious gardener nerd elf mage* I should go write more of him now…


I was tagged by @rannadylin
for the list your 5 favorite fics and/or artworks you’ve done thing.
Since I do a decent amount of both I’m gonna do my five favorites for
fic and for art.

Art first:

1. THE CAPTAIN HAWKE CROSSOVER. Still so damn proud of this one.

2. “The way he looks at Hawke”

3. Fenhawke chibs. How can I not love them?

4. Alyx! From a palette meme ages ago, but I still love this one.

5. And another Fenris! I’m proud of this one because I did it with no reference and in the dark basically because the power was out.

And fics:

1. Figure It Out As We Go. It’s not perfect, but it’s my main long (ish) fic and I’m proud of it.

2. Promises. I love Skyhold reunion scenes.

3. It’s Just A Name (It’s So Much More). Not one of my most popular, but I was really pleased with it, and it’s a pivotal moment for Cullen and Alyx.    

4. Ruffles and Feathers and Silk, Oh My!
still makes me giggle. 

5. I’ll be here when you wake aka remember that time I took a potentially angsty prompt and actually made it fluffy?


“finding a baby and accidentally keeping it” is one of my very favorite tropes


Fenris in modern clothes + Hawke adoring him in the background


Fenris and Hawke stickers large


Happy Valentines day everyone!! Have a small elf with his tall girlfriend to celebrate!

Also heres a close up of these two love birds:


And this was actually the ship I drew first – Fenris and Deidra Hawke of Dragon Age 2. Fenris to this day remains my favourite Dragon Age character, and his subplot – one of the most emotional and vivid I’ve seen in Bioware’s works. 

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