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Which Is It: Prescription Drug or Tolkien Elf?



Holy shit… please…take this quiz…

My mom is a pharmacist and got 16 out of 30. SHE’S SO MAD.

Which Is It: Prescription Drug or Tolkien Elf?



Do we know how racialized slavery is in Tevinter?  I mean, I seem to recall seeing an author’s note somewhere about Dorian not seeing a free elf until he got to the South, and there are the lines about the Dalish not going that far north for Obvious Reasons.

But then there’s Fenris’s sister, who might be able to become an apprentice, and that elf who helps the slavers in Origins who considers herself Tevinter First.  Obviously even an elven mage isn’t going to make it past Laeta, because it’d be biologically impossible to be a descendant of one of the high priests (unless there was a WHOLE lot more historical revisionism than anyone wants to admit).  And there’s at least some practice of debt-slavery, so there are probably some human or even Tal-Vashoth slaves out there.  But it still feels as if “elf” is synonymous with “slave” in Tevinter and I’m wondering if my gut feeling actually matches up to the evidence.

I have not read the latest comics, so bear that in mind.



threw some messy color on this

Dragon Age* Elven Names Generator


For everyone who needs a nice elven sounding name but can’t think of one, I thought I’d share the name generator I use.

You can enter specific characteristics the names should have, and I will link you to the page that already has those set up and has already generated names from it.

If you need more names, or don’t like the ones it has generated, just refresh the page and you’ll get a new batch!

Elven Name Generator

* Not sure if I’d specifically call it a dragon age or a generic elven names generator, but as this is a dragon age blog, let’s keep it simple.

Dragon Age Theory: Leliana’s Mother was Dalish




Hear me out, it makes sense: 

Leliana knows a traditional Dalish song. Her mother was taken in as a servant by Lady Cecile and that’s one of the only jobs elves can get in Orlais. 
Her mother was Fereldan, so why did she run away? Was it because she bore the child of a human and her Clan turned her away?

That’s just my theory.

Oh, also: Andraste’s Grace, the flower you can give her that reminds her of her mother is found in the Brecilian Forest and Alienage.

Leli’s mom being Elven would make her entire dialogue with an Elven warden a lot less offensive too.

She doesn’t realise she’s being offensive, and she’s just trying to bond with someone she views as ‘her people’.

Also, the only other Bard bard we see in DA is an elf, Katriel. I wouldn’t be surprised if most Bards are elves or elf-blooded.


some blue elves in red


Elfy stuff. I was going somewhere with this. But I got hyper lazy with the colouring and just shoved a texture over it. 

Iorveth and Cedric – The Witcher 2.
Zevran – Dragon Age: Origins
Fenris – Dragon Age 2
Abelas – Dragon Age Inquisition 
Thranduil – The Hobbit (I really didn’t want to put in another Dragon Age Elf.)

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