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Which Is It: Prescription Drug or Tolkien Elf?



Holy shit… please…take this quiz…

My mom is a pharmacist and got 16 out of 30. SHE’S SO MAD.

Which Is It: Prescription Drug or Tolkien Elf?



Do we know how racialized slavery is in Tevinter?  I mean, I seem to recall seeing an author’s note somewhere about Dorian not seeing a free elf until he got to the South, and there are the lines about the Dalish not going that far north for Obvious Reasons.

But then there’s Fenris’s sister, who might be able to become an apprentice, and that elf who helps the slavers in Origins who considers herself Tevinter First.  Obviously even an elven mage isn’t going to make it past Laeta, because it’d be biologically impossible to be a descendant of one of the high priests (unless there was a WHOLE lot more historical revisionism than anyone wants to admit).  And there’s at least some practice of debt-slavery, so there are probably some human or even Tal-Vashoth slaves out there.  But it still feels as if “elf” is synonymous with “slave” in Tevinter and I’m wondering if my gut feeling actually matches up to the evidence.

I have not read the latest comics, so bear that in mind.



threw some messy color on this

Dragon Age* Elven Names Generator


For everyone who needs a nice elven sounding name but can’t think of one, I thought I’d share the name generator I use.

You can enter specific characteristics the names should have, and I will link you to the page that already has those set up and has already generated names from it.

If you need more names, or don’t like the ones it has generated, just refresh the page and you’ll get a new batch!

Elven Name Generator

* Not sure if I’d specifically call it a dragon age or a generic elven names generator, but as this is a dragon age blog, let’s keep it simple.

Dragon Age Theory: Leliana’s Mother was Dalish




Hear me out, it makes sense: 

Leliana knows a traditional Dalish song. Her mother was taken in as a servant by Lady Cecile and that’s one of the only jobs elves can get in Orlais. 
Her mother was Fereldan, so why did she run away? Was it because she bore the child of a human and her Clan turned her away?

That’s just my theory.

Oh, also: Andraste’s Grace, the flower you can give her that reminds her of her mother is found in the Brecilian Forest and Alienage.

Leli’s mom being Elven would make her entire dialogue with an Elven warden a lot less offensive too.

She doesn’t realise she’s being offensive, and she’s just trying to bond with someone she views as ‘her people’.

Also, the only other Bard bard we see in DA is an elf, Katriel. I wouldn’t be surprised if most Bards are elves or elf-blooded.


some blue elves in red


Elfy stuff. I was going somewhere with this. But I got hyper lazy with the colouring and just shoved a texture over it. 

Iorveth and Cedric – The Witcher 2.
Zevran – Dragon Age: Origins
Fenris – Dragon Age 2
Abelas – Dragon Age Inquisition 
Thranduil – The Hobbit (I really didn’t want to put in another Dragon Age Elf.)




What about you, Dorian?

In which Dorian understands Bioware’s issue with elves better then Bioware.

…Except Bioware wrote Dorian, which means they understand completely.

This isn’t something that they just overlooked or forgot about, guys. The tragedy of the elves themselves knowing so incredibly little about their own history has been a huge plot point since Origins. 

An elven Warden can (and Velanna does) lament the fact that elven children don’t know any stories about elven heroes. It is explicitly stated that the Dalish pepper their speech with as many Elvish words as they can because they are desperately trying to keep hold of their language, a language even their Keepers know precious little of.

So, while it would be awfully nice if Thedas were the sort of place where a past Dalish companion could take the place of Morrigan in Inquisition, or where a Dalish Inquisitor can “show Morrigan what’s what” at the Temple of Mythal (not counting the “Who is this Mythal?” dialogue glitch, which they have acknowledged as, in fact, a glitch), it isn’t. You know why? Because the Dalish have no way of knowing what Morrigan knows. All they know of their own history is what’s been passed down through the ages, which, as we learn from Solas and Abelas–people who were actually there at the time–is woefully inaccurate.

Morrigan, on the other hand, was raised by Mythal. She learned this stuff from the source, and even she still doesn’t know everything, just more than the Dalish possibly could. And since Asha’bellanar seems pretty tight with the Dalish in DA2 and The Stolen Throne, one can only assume Mythal was playing that shit close to the vest for a reason.

“But why couldn’t Mythal have picked an elven vessel?” you ask. Good question: why didn’t she? Was Flemeth the living being she felt the strongest connection to? Did she have some reason to actively avoid choosing an elven vessel? She was murdered, after all–did her own people turn on her for some reason? The only thing you can be certain of is that the answer damn sure isn’t “Bioware hates elves.” For God’s sake, an elven god has been guiding the player characters’ steps since day one, a second elven god appears to have some world-changing plans in the works, and Inquisition largely revolves around the player discovering more about elven history than we’ve been shown in the past. Elves are, in fact, turning out to be the most important race in the series.

So, no. Bioware actually understands perfectly.


my drawing folder is basically ELVES so here’s a compilation of elf-y commissions I’ve made over the last months 😀







Every time I see a Dragon Age post/story in which a “””half elven””” character expresses elven qualities, I die a little inside. >.<

I’ve always found this an interesting one, because it’s definitely true in canon that half elven children are -always- human.  Obviously it hasn’t been explored if breeding back into an elven lineage always produces human children, or if eventually the genes express themselves again.

And then you have Feynriel.  It makes me wonder if he’d get retconned if they ever use him again in the games/lore, because he -definitely- has elven features.  I’ve always assumed it was kind of a ‘whoops’, but I’ve been wrong about that before, so I always just go with the canon that exists, which is that the dude is super elfy for a human.

If you say so, about Feynriel. I certainly don’t see it. They use the regular human model for him, he has regular ears, not even slightly modified, doesn’t even have that weird nose-bridge elf-thing going on like DA2 elves did. But I think he does have hazel eyes, and the elves in DA2 all have green eyes, so that could certainly be A Thing. At that point you could argue that eye color/hair color is simply genetic, not whatever probably-magical thing makes elves elfy. 

But pointy ears? Reflective eyes? Shorter than average? Any of the traits I see repeatedly showing up in fan fiction on “half elf” children? Feynriel has none of those. Neither does any other person with one elven parent we see (*cough Michel cough Alistair cough*), to the point where it’s actually really, really plot relevant that you cannot tell by looking at someone, they are completely human. I do kind of wonder if Feynriel’s elven heritage has anything to do with him being a Dreamer, mind, but that’s another post altogether. 

I would argue that whatever makes elves elfy is magical, and that you can’t “breed it back” into the bloodline because the human child is fully human. There’s nothing to breed back. They’re not carrying some recessive spark of elfiness. But obviously there’s no canon say-so on that yet; we don’t know why human-elf pairings always result in human children, just that they do. So that part is up for interpretation… but it will still be a huge pet peeve of mine until we get lore that states otherwise. 

It’s fascinating to think about, though, even without canon to guide it.  The implications alone, as far as human/elf pairings, especially if the elves themselves were waning like the dwarves.  How it would suddenly be a BFD and the limits it would create…

And then if removing the veil would have any effect on it, just like it makes me wonder if the severing of the dwarves from the titans had any effects on/created their their birth rate issues and oh my gosh I’m nerding about imaginary babies.

Stopping myself now.

Carry on.

I remember seeing Patrick Weekes talk about this on Twitter. Here’s a screenshot from BioFan’s Twitter thread:

FAN: Curious: Can elf-blooded humans ever have phenotypically elven children if each subsequent generation has kids with elves?
PW: Nope. “Elf-blooded” is a legal distinction. No genetics in play.
FAN: Interesting! So kids of elves & humans are 100% human not just legally but also dont inherit any genetics from the elf parent?
PW: YEP. Otherwise two elf-blooded humans could have an elven kid. Which doesn’t happen here. So.

Fascinating, really! But then, of course, it just begs the question: what makes elves…ELVES? 

If I were to wager a guess, I’d say it was magic.

Weekes did confess Fenriel was a whoopsie thing. I think you are right, Elves are Elves because of something… to me they have a fade spirit on them

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