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I have a thing for Male Lavellans.


And I love seeing other peoples Quizies.  Therefore, SHOW AND TELL time! 

Reblog with a pic of your male Lavellans with a small blurb about them. 
[or you can send me a link – my ask is always open]

I want to see them!  <♥ ▾ ♥ > 

Emmen Lavellan! He’s a two-hand warrior romancing (and exasperating, ‘cause he’s fairly impetuous and reckless) Cassandra. Brash and confident, eager to help and eager to please, all his life he’s been curious about the shems and ended up being one of those in his clan most often sent to deal with them when negotiations were called for, and that’s how he ended up at the Conclave, as the one most likely to understand the goings-on. There is more at his tag and boy I really should get back to finishing his playthrough…he’s my current Inquisitor but I’ve neglected the games in favor of writing/reading/knitting lately. 😀


rank your ocs in a top 5 according to how much you like them

Day off work today = not just fanfic update, but time to actually play this boy again! I missed him!

This time, I left Hawke in the Fade. *sigh* Hawke, in all your crazy incarnations I love you, but Alistair. In all my other playthroughs he’s been King instead of Warden so this wasn’t an issue. But my very first warden had romanced Alistair without making him king, so I did a DA2 playthrough with a default Garrett Hawke where I deliberately tried not to get too attached so I would be able to sacrifice him for Alistair.

It didn’t quite work. Gonna go grieve with Varric now…

(also in that sideways-Alistair pic where he talks about seeing his father in the Fade – is that an allusion to the graphic novels? because yay!)

So, I finally have a blog header! Kinda rough so maybe I will tweak it later, when I am less weary from digging through SO MANY SCREENSHOTS di immortales how many screenshots do I take…

Anyway this is all my DA characters so far, except for one default Garrett Hawke created mainly to be a character I could stomach to sacrifice when Warden Alistair is in DA:I because I am not going to choose between Alistair and any of my custom Hawkes. *sigh* I liked Garrett anyway, despite my nefarious intentions for him…

But here they are, left to right, and they all have tags now so you can see more pictures if you haven’t already been flooded away by my posting them all tonight:

  • Horazia Aeducan, my first Warden, 2-handed warrior dwarf princess. Romanced Alistair and kept him with her and Anora on the throne.
  • Silas Amell, my third Warden, mage. Romanced Morrigan, fathered Kieran, followed them through the Eluvian.
  • Tully Hawke, my second Hawke. Sword & board warrior, romanced Merrill.
  • Satine Lavellan, my second Inquisitor. Knight Enchanter, romanced Solas, is determined to deter him from his course post-Trespasser.
  • Ranna Cousland, my fourth (and canon) Warden, daggers rogue. Romanced Alistair, became Queen of Ferelden.
  • Lisbet Hawke, my third (and canon) Champion, apostate yet she sided with the templars. Romanced Fenris; the pair of them utterly captured my heart and imagination; became the heroes of my Hawkquisition fanfic series. Is currently chasing after baby Malcolm in Skyhold while Fenris is away on Inquisition business in Seheron…
  • Thayer Trevelyan, my third (and canon) Inquisitor, daggers rogue. Has a knack for leadership and is probably the most capable of my Inquisitors, really. Romanced Josephine and married her in Val Royeaux, Divine Leliana officiating, after a bit of a kidnapping mishap…
  • Emmen Lavellan, my fourth and current Inquisitor, 2-handed warrior. Romancing and exasperating Cassandra.
  • Linett Travelyan, my first Inquisitor, archer. Romanced Cullen after breaking up with Blackwall and pining after Solas, but Cullen is just right for her really.
  • Linett Hawke, my first Champion, archer. Romanced Anders and found it in her very witty heart to forgive him and stay with him after Kirkwall.
  • Tarinnon Mahariel, my second Warden, archer. (It was an all-archer playthrough, Tarinnon then Linett then Linett!) Romanced Zevran but left him bereft when she made the Ultimate Sacrifice because she wasn’t going to mess with Morrigan’s witchery. Left Alistair and Anora on the throne.


I dunno. I think I’m getting better. This is Emmen for @rannadylin. He’s really cute and I enjoyed drawing him. Thanks for letting me!

Aw, he’s adorable! *Cassandra Greatly Approves*


OC-tober Day 12: @rannadylin‘s Emmen Lavellan!

Emmenandra? Pentavellan? oh dear, ship names are weird.

So I’ve a mind to write fic for Emmen and Cassandra, only the one I started to write was being stubborn and I am going to let that idea stew for a while and come back to it with the perspective of further gameplay.

In the meantime, maybe I will try one of the writing prompt memes. Any recommendations for favorite prompt lists?


Emmen Lavellan, “Best of” Edition…Reference screenshots and favorite moments!

Also bonus pictures because I have way too many to choose just ten:

Keep reading

Reblog for additional pictures from when I was playing on the laptop last weekend. 🙂 I couldn’t leave out the Halamshiral dance pictures, now could I?!

Reblog with a pic of your OC and I will draw them.


I know I’m not a great artist but I’d love the practice and I’m sure some of you would love a pic of your OC. So go for it and I’ll do my best!

I just posted a looooot of pictures of [the very photogenic, apparently] Emmen Lavellan!

Alternately, here’s one of Satine Lavellan.

Emmen Lavellan, “Best of” Edition…Reference screenshots and favorite moments!

Also bonus pictures because I have way too many to choose just ten:


Emmen Lavellan:

  • Does not think much before he speaks/acts. (I try not to think too hard about decisions while I’m playing him, either, but it’s my fourth DA:I playthrough so I am probably considering the consequences I know can happen more than Emmen really would!)
  • Often rushes headfirst into danger in hopes of saving the day, because he’s always secretly wanted to be a hero (and Inquisitor is a good shot at it…)
  • Has become just as good at talking his way OUT of trouble as his quick tongue is at getting him INTO it…
  • Hero-worships Cassandra just a bit ever since he heard that story about her saving the Divine’s life, because in his eyes she IS the sort of hero he’s always wanted to be
  • Is Dalish but doesn’t take the pantheon very seriously, sees them as legends/stories that might have been real people once but have long since ceased to be relevant to his people’s lives
  • Often sent to deal with the humans when Clan Lavellan had business with them, whether for trade or negotiating safe passage or whatever. He can be both charming and intimidating so he was good at convincing the shems that these elves wouldn’t be such easy targets. In the course of such dealings he developed a slight fascination with human culture.
  • As a result he knows almost as much about Andraste/the Chantry as about his own gods, and faced with Cassandra’s devout Andrastianism, he may soon find himself won over…
  • Above all, he really wants to help anytime, any way he can. He’d really like the recognition for his heroism whenever possible, though.

And there’s more pictures and adventures and fun facts about my latest inquisitor at his tag.

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