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so here we are folks!

i unboxed my Fenhawke Secret Santa from @rannadylin

and i filmed it because who doesn’t want to see me looking like an utter doofus?

So yeah.

Major huge big thank you to you, Ranna. I absolutely adore these little ones, i (puffy) heart them so very very much ❤ and I can’t wait to take them around my college campus and elsewhere.

When i was done filming this video, I remembered how I left Elithea Hawke in the Fade and now my whole brain is crying haha this is fine.

And i know none of my followers have heard my voice before, so here is my voice. and face. I’m a dork. 

so yeah.

thank you so much. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

YAAAAY! I’m so glad they made it safely to you and that you like them! Watching the unboxing was such fun too, I’m glad you did that!

How strange it is seeing them on the other side of the camera now…hehe! I look forward to their future adventures!

TA-DA! He’s finished! 

Fenris doll for @my-hart-will-go-on

I’m going to make a separate post with the individual pieces of his armor/outfit because I am so pleased with all the detail on this project and how it all turned out. But here he is all put together and ready to go kill slavers or romance Hawke! (or both, simultaneously, probably)

(with bonus naked doll pictures because it is important to note that all the armor/clothing pieces are removable, you can dress this doll however you like)

Editing to add links to the posts with individual parts of his outfit:

The Gauntlets

The Tunic & Leggings

The Breastplate with dragon wings

It fits!

Doll Fenris’ tiny tunic is so tailored I could burst. Waist shaping, armhole shaping, even collar shaping. Now it just needs fasteners for the front and then I can knit his armor! @my-hart-will-go-on the epic doll knitting journey continues…

LOOK JUST LOOK at these lovely Fenris and Elithea Hawke dolls I’m making for my Fenhawke Secret Santa @my-hart-will-go-on! Aren’t they precious? I am so delighted with how this project is turning out. The top row is their final look, with haircuts and all. Just ignore the bald Fenris and long-haired Elithea at the bottom…

Next step: Clothe the poor naked dolls. Leggings will be easy enough, practically just socks (or at this scale, glove fingers). I want to try mitering for Fen’s chest plate. Beyond that, we shall see…



I got @absolute-lavellan-trash for broodywolf’s low-key fenhawke christmas exchange! Happy holidays!! 🎉💖

#they’re probably about to cause trouble at a family dinner

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