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da keep lore + countries

-i’m surprised to see ferelden described as “primitive,” since culturally it seems to be at a similar level to other nations. and how do they define “civilizing,” anyway?

-the anderfels officially scares me. i don’t think i want to find out what they mean by “sinful debauchery.” and what happens if you’re a non-andrastian warden? nothing good, i’m sure.

-we need to know more about rivain. what kind of pantheism? how does the matriarchal structure work? and what on earth are the goods that would never be sold in conventional shops…

-who are the fog warriors? there’s a lack of lore about them, and considering thedas’s complicated racial interactions, i’d like to know more. i had thought they were qunari, but apparently not.










So Ferelden folk songs would probably be: 

  • The Orlesians killed my parents and my dog and now I’m sad.
  • Twenty five reasons King Maric is better than the Orlesians.
  • Oh I long for the days of Calenhad.
  • Flemeth stole all my elfroot. 

also – 

-wow i really love dogs

True, add more plz ppl.

  • The Orlesians Say Andraste Didn’t Have a Dog (Andraste Had a Dog)
  • My Village Got Taken Over By Undead
  • My Village Got Taken Over By Undead (Again) and it’s Definitely a Mage’s Fault
  • Twenty-five More Reasons King Maric is Better Than the Orlesians (ft. Loghain Mac Tir)

• my sweetheart didnt like my dog and made me choose between them. Now I have no sweetheart and no regrets.
• drinking song: Ferelden is the best (because we have dogs and we’re not orlais)

  • My Pup 
    • (Is this a song about my dog or my child or both you’ll never know)
  • Orlesians killed me this time and now my dog is sad
  • Wow it sure is raining (but at least the undead aren’t here)
  • Wow it sure is raining (reprise ft. undead)
  • There are no darkspawn here
  • I had to move to Kirkwall (there were darkspawn here)
  • My dad is dead, my mum is dead, my dog is dead, everyone is dead and it’s still beter than Orlais
  • Our Mud Is Better Than Orlesian Mud
  • I Named My Son After Loghain Mac Tir
  • The Darkspawn Are Here (I’m Saving My Mabari)

A Taste of Ferelden


For Ferelden, I looked for medieval English recipes. The climate fits Ferelden, and there is a lot of French influences which I suspect would be true for Ferelden as well given its relatively recent break with Orlais. Some fruits and vegetables native to this region are: parsnips, radishes, turnips, apples, blackcurrants, and raspberries.

Others in series: A Taste of Tevinter, A Taste of Starkhaven


Venison in Broth

Venison ribs
Parsley, chopped
Black Pepper
Cloves (powder)
Red Wine Vinegar
Red Wine

Preparation and Steps:

Place the ribs in a large pot; cover with water. Bring to a boil; add all spices, vinegar, & the red wine & return to a boil; reduce heat to a simmer. Adjust seasonings to taste; be sure that it tastes slightly tangy with the vinegar and wine. Continue simmering until the venison is completely cooked. Serve forth! (

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