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Fic Starter Friday


☆ Cut:
Many of us have one FenHawke scene we’d like to change. Maybe just a few details. Maybe the whole thing. Or, maybe, there’s a scene missing that would totally happen in your version of the pairing. Show how it was meant to happen in your FenHawke.

☆ Fast forward:
What does the very end of your FenHawke look like? Do they grow old or die before their time? Who goes first? (Rated: A for angst)

☆ Action!:
Fenris and Hawke have faced so many foes together. Take your favorite battle your FenHawke has had (canon or headcanon) and write out the epic battle scene for us.

☆ Parody:
Alright, if you write AUs or feel the urge to really have some fun and try something new, it’s time to write a parody. Rewrite some FenHawke scenes as goofy reimaginings. Tie in other games, or tie in movies, or make your own funny rewrites. Don’t forget to link it to us, or use the overall Fic Starter Friday tag so we can read it.

Fic Starter Friday


☆ Twisted:
This is for the special shippers out there who don’t always get noticed. Both Bethany and Carver are still Hawkes, which, if paired with Fenris, still makes FenHawke. For those who ship either sibling with Fenris instead, give us a taste of your pairing. Whether it’s fluff angst or smut.

☆ Grey:
For the shippers mentioned above who turned the surviving sibling into a Warden, and those who headcanon with Hawke as their Warden or any other situation in which Hawke becomes a Warden…. This one’s for you. Time’s up. The call is in full swing. What does Fenris do? How does he react?

☆ Explicit:
What gets Fenris and Hawke excited in your pairing? What gets them in the mood? Enjoy, and don’t forget to properly label it as NSFW if it gets too good.

☆ Softly:
Fenris is going through memory problems because of the lyrium. It’s up to Hawke to reach out to him, and rehabilitate his ability to remember who he is, who his friends are, and all the important things.

☆ Awkward silence:
This goes to you awesome AU writers. Both Fenris and Hawke are in college. Fenris is a seeming delinquent with a broken home. While Hawke is a charming, but, rather shy or sarcastic artist/writer/nerd (whichever you like) just trying to make ends meet and take care of their mother and sibling. Fenris and Hawke paired up for a project. Cue the action.

Fic Starter Friday


☆ Balmy weather:
Take FenHawke to the beach. Give us drama, fluff, smut, anything. But let’s give them a ‘vacation’ of sorts 😉

☆ Family reunion:
Let’s say Fenris and Hawke somehow get separated. Maybe during a fight or dangerous battle. And each thinks the other is gone for good, maybe even dead. Until they run into each other. What happens? (P.S. Enjoy the angst.)

☆ Rockabye baby:
The FenHawke child is having a fuss in the middle of the night. Fenris goes to soothe the child, and cannot seem to calm the little one. So Hawke tries and gets the same result. Bringing both together to attempt to get the child back to sleep. Tell us about it.

☆ Fate be changed:
Post apocalyptic Thedas in which Corypheus succeeded. Tell us what is happening with your FenHawke. Have they started a resistance, are they fighting it, hiding and trying to survive, or trapped in the fade together? We want to know.

Fic Starter Friday


Emoticon challenge! Who says emotions can only be used for art challenges? Why not use them to base a fanfic or two from.

Here is how emotions as prompts will work this week. Each prompt will showcase two emoticons, one to represent Fenris and one to represent Hawke. You can decide which should represent which for each prompt. There will be objects in some to help suggest a theme for the emoticons, if you would like to use it. The goal is to practice writing emotions and their expressions. You can decide why they are feeling the way they are and what is going on.

☆ 😙😶

☆ 😒🙁: 🐶

☆ 😄😍: 🍷

☆ 😡😠

☆ 😊😲: 🎁

☆ 😘🙄: 🛏

☆ 😨🤗

☆ 😐😧: 📖

☆ 😔😮: 💐

☆ 😞🤔

Fic Starter Friday


☆ Walking the dog:
There’s Fenris, there’s Hawke, there’s their mabari(s), and maybe there’s even children. What is your FenHawke family like. Show us them together, walking the dog, preparing dinner, reading together, playing games together.

☆ In shining armor:
Let’s spice things up and make some humor. Fenris just happens to save someone, perhaps another slave on the run or an unfortunate soul caught by slavers with a grim fate ahead. The person is so grateful, they’re smitten. But, Fenris only has eyes for Hawke, and no matter what he tells this person, they won’t give it a rest. Is Hawke jealous? Are they on their three year break, and thus Hawke encourages him to ‘find happiness?’ Tell us the story how you see it.

☆ Double take:
During a struggle with enemy mages, one happens to snag Fenris’s mind, forcing him to think he loves them and manipulating him. What happens?

☆ AU writers wanted:
I’d never leave you guys out, and I have a special prompt just for you. If it strikes your fancy. Fenris and Hawke have been dating a long time. Hawke is finally ready to pop the question, but Fenris is moving away because he got a much desired job elsewhere. They’ve promised to keep in touch and continue their relationship over long distance. But, a marriage? Should Hawke even ask anymore?

Fic Starter Friday


☆ Secrets:
Everyone has them. What are the secrets not yet shared between Fenris and Hawke.

☆ Don’t go:
After leaving Hawke, Fenris decides it’s best he leaves Kirkwall to prevent further hurting Hawke. But, Hawke doesn’t want him to leave. How does Hawke try to make him stay?

☆ The competition is tough:
Fenris and Hawke decide to play some Wicked Grace together and get pretty competitive.

☆ In effort to woo:
Fenris writes some poetry for Hawke in an attempt to be romantic. Does Hawke swoon for him and reward his efforts?

Fic Starter Friday


So, here is a boredom buster and amusing way to unwind for all you wonderful FenHawke writers. Here’s how this week’s prompts work. Below are four sentences/dialogues/themes with a blank space in them, and a list of the alphabet with a word assigned to each letter. Choose the prompt you’d like and find the alphabet letter that is the first letter of your first name/username (if you’d prefer) and add the word to the blank. If you want to do more, try using your middle name for another and/or your last name. (Or just pick a word(s) you like to fill in the blanks. There really aren’t any solid rules for you writers. Just make sure to have a good time.)

☆ Hawke: “Fenris?”
Fenris: “Hmmm?”
Hawke: “What is it you like best about me?”
Fenris: “I suppose it would be the way you _______ (me).”

☆ Just one ________. That’s how it all began.

☆ It was over now. No more _______ between them.

☆ In all of Thedas, there would never be another person to ever _______ the way Fenris could.

(Change the tense as needed)

A – act___________N – nuzzle
B – battle_________O – overexert
C – compromise__P – plea
D – disagree______Q – quarrel
E – entice_________R – rave
F – flex____________S – seduce
G – give’-and-take’_T – touch
H – heed__________U – understand
I – impress________V – validate
J – judge__________W – wish
L – love____________X – exalt
M – move__________Y – yearn
___________________Z – zap

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