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Tatteredspiderweb’s 100 Followers Giveaway


So somehow I’ve reached 100 followers. I don’t have this much family so I’m kind of confused but there you go. So I’m running a tiny giveaway. Unfortunately, living on Disability means I have no money for prizes so you get what I can make for you.

One Winner: You’ll have a choice between a short fic (about 1500 words) of the pairing of your choice, an aesthetic/mood board for the OC or pairing of your choice, or a sketch of your OC the original of which I will mail to you.

The Rules: 1: You must be a follower. New followers are fine though I hope you’ll stick around afterwards.

2: No giveaway blogs. Ugh.

3: Every like and reblog counts as a ballot.

4: If you choose a sketch you must be willing to give me your address. I will ship outside of North America but I’ll warn you that I will not Priority Ship so it might take a while.

You guys have until Noon (EST) on Sunday July 31st. 

Giveaway time



Rules and Prizes below the cut:

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As most of you know, I messed up and will loose access to my old blog, panjinlian. I was quite upset at first, but the support and help I’ve


to build a new blog has been amazing! As a thank you to everyone who has helped by re-following and offering kind words, I’m doing another ART GIVEAWAY.

Three winners will get a portrait of a character of their choice (Dragon Age, Fallout, or OCs)!

Reblog to enter. You don’t actually have to follow me but it’s nice if you do! 🙂 Enter before June 10 to participate.

Thank you again and good luck! ❤



i reached and past 10k followers back in january, but i was still recovering from my hand injury and then comic cons and work got in the way so i had to postpone this for a while. anyway, i want to thank you all for staying this far with me, and the best way to thank you i could come up with is to do one of the two things i’m good at (i’d bake for you, but i’m not sure about the state of the cake by the time it’d reach you!)

some rules here:

  • you must be following this art blog. this giveaway is for followers only.
  • yes, you can enter by following me now! i hope you stay after the giveaway, but every new follower is obviously welcome. 
  • no giveaway blogs (and i will check)
  • both likes and reblogs count! (but please, be considerate to your own followers)
  • you must keep your askbox open so i can contact you.
  • there will be six winners: one for the first prize, two for the second, three for the third. 
  • i’ll post the names of the winners and they all will have 3 days to reply. if they don’t, i’ll choose someone else. 

if you want more examples of my art, you can go through my blog or check my deviantart. also consider liking my facebook page

good luck!!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧



So, there are a lot of you. *waves* Most of you are pretty quiet, but that’s okay, it’s nice to know you’re there. I’m glad there’s something here that interests you, especially since life has kept me really busy and I haven’t been as productive (fannishly-speaking) as I’d like to be (or as I have been in the past).

Which brings us to PRESENTS. I went to the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival today and picked up prints for me–and doubles to give away 🙂 


The Mass Effect ones are by @rondanchan; the Dragon Age ones are by @chaoslindsay. Trust me, my phone camera does them no justice; they are even more gorgeous in person. I think they’re all 5′x7″.


I’m about to go away for work again for a week to ten days. When I get home–let’s say TUESDAY, JUNE 7th because I like the number 7–I’ll do a draw. Each person will get one of these lovely prints and a ficlet written by yours truly (about one of my characters, I’m afraid, because it’s so very much easier than trying to learn other people’s OCs on short notice. Besides, you probably found me through my fic anyway, right? Right). 

So, there’ll be FIVE winners. (I’ll select one via random number generator, let them choose a print, and then continue on until they’re all gone.)


1. No giveaway blogs.

2. Followers only! New followers are welcome, but be sure you want to follow me before you hit that button–you’ll be really confused if you win and you’re supposed to get a ficlet about characters you’ve never heard of before and whom you do not care about 😉

3. One entry for a like, one for a reblog (one reblog per person only please!), one if you comment on this post with a random fact about yourself or something, one if you leave a comment on any of my fics over at AO3, and three extra ones if you’re supporting me on Patreon (no worries if you can’t–but I really have to thank those who DO; that little bit of extra income has been so helpful). Any one person could have a total of seven chances to win! (If you leave a fic comment or if you support me on Patreon PLEASE LET ME KNOW YOUR TUMBLR HANDLE, or I will be deeply confused and you won’t get all your entries!)

4. This is open to anyone. I’ll ship worldwide. It goes without saying that you have to be willing to give me your shipping address. Also, you need to have your ask box open or else I won’t be able to contact you. If I don’t hear from winners within 24 hours, I’ll have to redraw (or move them down the selection queue).

~Destiny’s Mini Giveaway!~



3rd Prize – Sketchy Portrait!

2nd Prize – Sketchy half body!

1st Prize – Sketchy full body action shot!

  • 1 winner for each category!
  • Likes and Reblogs each count as one entry, multiple reblogs will not count
  • New followers are welcome to enter
  • But! Existing followers get double the chance to win 

But Destiny! Aren’t you already working on another giveaway? 

My 100 Inquisitor Project is still in the works; I’m 25 out of 100 drawings in and I really don’t want to rush through them all in the interest of getting them done as fast as possible. But I have had a rush of new followers since then, and want to do something new as well. So I’m going to be working on both! 

Giveaway ends on May 19th!

omg this ends tomorrow guys~!




Do you like geeky things?  Do you like pretty things?  Welcome to Dragonsworn Cosmetics in the venn overlap of geeky and pretty, where fandom nerdery combines with chemistry awesomeness in a line of all-natural cosmetics inspired by some of my favorite fictional people and places.

To celebrate the grand opening, I’m having a totally sweet giveaway, and you want to get in on this action!


★ One grand prize winner chosen at random will get a full line of polish, gloss, and three shadows (lid, highlight, and liner) custom-designed for the character of your choice.  Does your Shepard wear particularly awesome lipstick?  Do you want to replicate your Lavellan’s vallaslin? Do you want shipper shadows (Anders and Fenris worn together are really spectacular-looking, for example)? Do you have a favorite character in some media I don’t have covered?  If you can provide me with image references, I can make that happen for you, AND IT IS MY FAVORITE THING TO DO.

★ Three other winners chosen at random can choose the polish of their choice from Dragonsworn’s storefront (my highly recommended favorites are Iron Bull, Shepard, and Hufflepuff).  These are 5-free polishes made with natural mineral pigments, and most colors are also vegan (notable exception: Hawke, which is made with carmine and thus literally the blood of [tiny insect] enemies).


★ Must be a real person (not a bot or a giveaway blog), and must be following me or have asks open so that I can message you about your sweet sweet winnings.

★ Must be comfortable giving me your physical address (because I will be shipping you a physical thing).  Don’t worry about shipping fees, though, because this is my gift to you.

★ If you are outside the contiguous US states and Canada, you must be super patient, because nail polish has to go on a boat overseas and not a plane, and that takes foreeeeeveeeer.

★ I will count both likes and reblogs because I am lazy, and you may reblog as much as you like but please please please do not annoy your followers and tag ‘giveaway’ so it’s blacklistable.

★ The giveaway will run until May 14th, so go forth and reblog away!  

THIS ENDS TOMORROW!  Tell all your friends!

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