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If you’re doing TMI Tuesday. What would Metis’s theme song be? Does he have any concerns for Fenris, like for some of his habits? Is there anything he really would like to know about concerning Fenris’s and Hawke’s relationdhip, since she’s human?

Hi Glyph! I don’t
usually do TMI Tuesday (mostly because I’m a little paranoid about getting
asked something wildly inappropriate and feeling uncomfortably obligated to
answer anyway because I set myself up for it with a TMI Tuesday post) but I
certainly don’t mind answering these, even if it is now Friday. 😀 (Also,
apologies for not getting to it till Friday, but school is finally out and my
grades are turned in and I am celebrating the start of summer break by

Metis’ theme song: Hm, I
am horrible at thinking of songs relevant to anything because I hardly ever
listen to music. But Metis’ overall tendency to optimism and perseverance did
bring this one to mind:

I am sticking with that
one mainly because I can’t think of any good gardening songs right now, ha.

His concerns for Fenris:
He’d have been VERY concerned if he’d found Fenris a few years earlier, with
all the brooding and the hate he couldn’t overcome and the suspicion of magic, but
Fenris is actually at a pretty good place in his life when he meets Metis. Life
with Hawke has mellowed him, he smiles more often, and his primary focus is
that high-speed-toddling-disaster-waiting-to-happen known as baby Malcolm, so there’s little time to brood.
Fenris’ occasional recklessness in combat worries Metis, though. He and Hawke
often lament this together, father-and-daughter-in-law mage healers that they
both are. Oh, and coming soon in Hawkquisition Season Five, when Varania joins
the cast, Metis will be VERY concerned with the friction and tension that
remains between her brother and her. I don’t have as much of that fic planned
out yet as I’d like but there’s one very clear scene in my head of Metis
bemoaning his children’s constant arguments to a patiently sympathetic Hawke,
expressing hopes that his grandchildren will get along better, and being teased
by Hawke that he clearly grew up as an only child if he didn’t realize how
normal sibling rivalry is (though perhaps not on the Fenris & Varania level
at that point in the story), and then regaling him with tales of the quarrels
she and her siblings had growing up.

What he’d like to know
about Fenris’ relationship with human Hawke:
Hm, I don’t think he’d really be
curious about the private details or anything. Metis accompanies them back to
Kirkwall and from then on he’s around Hawke at least as much as he is around
Fenris, and he’s clever enough to take the measure of their relationship as it
plays out before his eyes, you know? He can see that Fenris is happy (that
moment when they disembarked in Jader after the Seheron adventures, the look on
Fenris’ face when he first recognized Hawke come to surprise them on the docks…)
and that Lisbet’s constant tension, of managing responsibilities of the
children and household and even the demands of the city that still fall on her
so many years after first being called Champion, eases when Fenris is near. He
sees them argue from time to time, too, but with respect and devotion no matter
how much their perspectives on the matter at hand may differ. In short, it’s
clear to Metis that they see and treat each other as equals despite their
differences in race and life history. If anything I suppose he’d be curious
about the adventures that brought them together and forged such a friendship
between them before he knew them. (Fenris, normally reticent on his past, grows
more comfortable sharing such stories over time as he learns to trust, as we
see with his conversations with Hawke in game…by the time they reach Jader I
think Metis has heard most of the history of Fenris’ time as a slave, but it is
Hawke who tells him more of the stories of his time with her.)

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