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a word from the ancient poets


watch, says lucretius. our bodies are atoms that dance through the void, riding the celestial swerve. we are what the universe is made of, so look closely. you may feel alone, but out in that empty space, there is so much like you.

go, says vergil. the world is large and beautiful, and so many things remain to be seen. so much is unknown out there, waiting to be discovered, from the greatest elephant to the smallest bee. go, and find what waits for you.

change, says ovid. the universe is not a stagnant pool, waiting in static silence. with every turn of the world something is new, and you may be afraid of what may happen. but though everything changes, nothing completely dies. for all that changes in you, you are still yourself. don’t be afraid.

sing, says sappho. there may be times when people hate your song or try to change the verses to fit what they think you should be, but your song is yours. lift your voice high as you sing it- the people who love you will sing along.

love, says catullus. you have faced heartbreak and you have been hurt, and it’s only fair that your heart fights against that pain. but life is short, and we all must sleep when our night falls, so give your heart over as best as you can, to friends, to lovers, to yourself.

live, says horace. we never know when our time will come, and we cannot know what tomorrow will hold. so take a deep breath and live today and enjoy what the world has to show you.

sleep, says homer. the night is wine-dark and the stars shine bright against the cloak of the sky, but rosy-fingered dawn will come again to touch your life with light.

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Costume. Chitons.

Marjorie & C. H. B.Quennell, Everyday Things in Archaic Greece (London: B. T. Batsford, 1931).

Wait, wait…. Is that seriously it? How their clothes go?

that genuinely is it

yeah hey whats up bout to put some fucking giant sheets on my body

lets bring back sheetwares


i am laughing so hard

Yes. That’s it. When we play dress-up in my Latin classes, this is how we pin the sheets. (And for togas it’s just wrapping over the left shoulder with a lot of fancy draping, no pins…)


The great thing about the Odyssey is that while the Iliad is about the deeds and despair of war– Hector and Andromache’s bittersweet farewell on the walls of Troy, Achilles longing to eat Hector’s flesh like a dog on the battlefield, Priam reminding Achilles of his own father and convincing him to return Hector’s body, Helen wondering if her brothers abandoned her out of hatred, not knowing they were killed– the Iliad is peaks and chasms, a landscape of extremes, but the Odyssey is gray. The Odyssey is the aftermath, when everything is covered in dust, when the price of famous and infamous deeds is revealed, when the hero simply wants to go home, and cannot. When the dead regret their choices in life. When you finally do return and find that nothing was static or caught out of time when you were gone, and few remember you. When you are one of a handful of survivors, the rest of your companions dead. When you’ve endured the worst horrors, yet in the end you are thwarted by mortal and immortal pettiness. When a man hailed as a hero becomes nothing more than a murderer of maids.

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