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A Writing Game: Prompt by Committee


Let’s play a prompt game! I like to call it “Prompt By

Here’s how it works:

  1. To play, message me with ONE thing you want me
    to include in a story.
  2. It could be an object…a specific character, be
    it NPC or OC… a place…just about anything.
  3. For example, the last time I played this, when writing
    LOTRO fanfic
    , I got suggestions such as “a haunted mirror,” “Barliman
    Butterbur,” and “Dragons!”
  4. Maybe you want to suggest something that you
    would just love to see a story about—or maybe your suggestion is as silly as “a
    mean-spirited slug” with the goal of making the story more interesting as I
    have to work to fit it in. 🙂
  5. For every three
    words I get from three different people, I’ll write a short fic that has to
    include all three of those elements.

That’s it! I look forward to seeing your suggestions…and figuring out how to make them fit together!

Update: I’m still working on my first committee prompted fic and it’s going along swimmingly (and that has nothing to do with the suspicious pool of water that was one of the prompts, hehe)! In fact it’s past 4500 words now because I think I’ve forgotten how to write short one-shots or something and this fic is definitely going to be the intro story to a long fic I’ve been wanting to write. 😀 I probably should be writing Hawkquisition part 5 (concurrent with Trespasser) first because this long fic is more like Hawkquisition part 6 but I am the muse’s servant and I’ll write what I can when I can, right?

Anyway this is just a reminder that I’m still taking prompts for this game. I have one prompt for the next fic after this one I’m writing now; need two more people to chime in to get the three prompts the game calls for! So if you have an idea of something you’d like to see in one of my Fenhawke family stories (or something totally random you want to challenge me to fit in, ha), send an ask and I’ll save it up for the next installment!

And in the meantime, have a snippet from the current WIP:

Mal couldn’t sit still at dinner. Not even Papa Metis’ tale of the
adventure Auntie Mae had sent him on that day could undistract the boy from the
memory of kittens. Da and Mum exchanged a knowing look as Mal wriggled in his
seat and finally blurted out, “Can I be excused?”

Da regarded him with an eyebrow raised. “You’ve not finished your

“I’m full.”

“Too full for dessert?” Mum grinned.

Mal wavered. “Well…”

“I believe Orana’s been experimenting with some sort of
combination pie,” Papa Metis said. “Peach and blueberry.”

Ordinarily such a combination would have won his full attention,
but at the moment the word peach only put him in mind of a tiny bundle
of orange fur down in Darktown. Mara had liked that kitten so much. Papa would
like it too, Mal was sure; it was as orange as Metis’ favorite fruit and nearly
as red as both Metis’ and Mara’s hair. Surely such a kitten was meant to
be part of their family.

“Don’t want pie,” Mal muttered, too stricken by the unfairness of
abandoning the kitten to the undercity to be distracted by mere sugar.

Mum’s eyes narrowed. “Are you feeling all right, Malcolm?”

“Fine,” he huffed, but Mum’s eyes narrowed even further as Da and
Papa turned to look at him too. “Just wanna go out and play,” Mal wheedled,
widening his eyes as winsomely as he knew how.

Da hid a smiile behind his hand and Mum sighed. “Two more bites of
your turnips, then you can go.”

Mal brightened. “Aw. Just one bite?”

Three more bites of your turnips,” Mum
amended, fixing him with a stern glare befitting their family name. Mal groaned
and gave up, forcing down the requisite three bites. Then, when Da nodded in
approval, he slipped from his seat and scurried out the door.


OK, so for my prompt by committee, I received the following:

Sheeeeez. OK then. Modern au f!Handers.

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Writing is underway!

…and thanks to my three prompters for this round of the committee prompt game, it shall include the baking of bread, a suspicious pool of water, and a litter of kittens! So far we’ve just got to the kittens point though, so here is a tiny preview wherein not even Hawke can probably tell which of her children is speaking which line as they talk over each other so fast in their eagerness to beg for a kitten.

There were four of them, mostly grey, one the color of the ripe peaches on Papa’s favorite tree. The mother cat, white with grey patches, purring as her brood kneaded greedily at their dinner, cast a shrewd yellow eye at the children as they approached. Her tail twitched, but when they kept a fair distance, she seemed to relax, shifting to give the kittens more space in the crate.

“There you are,” came Mum’s voice as she caught up with them. “Oh!” She noticed the feline family holding their attention. “Hello again, Jasmine,” she greeted the mother cat, bending to pat its head – a gesture which met with the cat’s approval; she thrust her head to meet Mum’s hand, purring louder.

“How do you know her name, Mum?” Mal asked, inching closer to run a finger down one tiny grey back while Mum had the mother cat’s attention.

“Oh, Merrill named this one years ago,” Mum answered, scratching behind the cat’s ears. “I’m surprised she’s still around. Cats in Darktown…”

“She likes you,” Mara giggled, following Mal’s lead and poking carefully at the orange kitten.

“She should!” Mum grinned. “Most of the cream Anders used to put out for her came from my kitchen, after all.” And then Mum suddenly looked sadder than anyone so near to a purring cat ought to look, and stood, brushing her hands over her knees. “All right, we’d best be getting home now.”

“But Mum!”

“Can’t we –”

“Why don’t we have a cat, Mum?”

“Oooh, can we have a cat, Mum?”

“Yes! Can we take a kitten home?”

“Can I take the orange one?”

“Let’s name it Peach!”


I am playing Dragon Age 2 and loving it like I have never loved a game before. One thing that I find CONSTANTLY AMUSING is how weird and shitty 80% of the loot is. Hawke must have a hoarding problem?

((currently taking requests to draw any of these characters because they’re all so goddamn cute))

Lazy Mornings


Summary: Domesticity seems almost impossible for them but even the Champion of Kirkwall and their favorite glowing elf have their peaceful moments.

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Imagine Hawke waking up after stumbling out of the Fade, and being so out of it that they don’t remember who Fenris is. 

 "Are you the healer? Your eyes look really gentle.“ 

“No, I’m not the healer. Just drink your potion." 

"Did the healer send you? Wow… you’re beautiful. You look like a sculpture." 

"I’m your husband, Hawke." 

"My husband? Is that… my crest on your wrist? Oh, wow. Does that mean I had the opportunity to kiss you? Andraste’s knickers, I hit the jackpot. You’re amazing." 

(and behind them, Varric is transcribing dialogue furiously)


New video up! Life with Claws for Hands- a Memoir by Fenris
… things just get so complicated when you cant use your fingers

… this is a really stupid video…

Imagine pregnant Hawke


In the interlude years between Acts 2 and 3

• Aveline always sticking around as a bodyguard, glaring down anyone who might make trouble.
• Merrill constantly coming up to Hightown with burned cookies (that Hawke loves) and Dalish tricks and stretches and remedies.
• Anders always fussing over how she’s feeling, how she’s eating, how much weight she’s gained.
• Varric and Isabella making bets on when the baby will come (which Aveline ends up winning).
• Fenris lurking at Hawke’s side like an angry cat, showing her love and affection and making every excuse for her to refrain from doing anything even mildly strenuous.
• Gamlen sneaking into the manor when Hawke’s out to help Bodahn and Sandal restore the Amell nursery.
• Carver/Bethany sending a box of those little cream chocolates that Hawke loves every few weeks, not knowing that her stomach now rolls at the thought of them.

Just… Pregnant Hawke!


One of the first investments Hawke makes into their friends’ lives is to get them shoes. Growing up poor on a Lothering farmstead makes one put real value on such simple things.

Some appreciate the gift more than others…

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Fenris: I can’t read.
Hawke: Oh OK that explains a lot.
Fenris: what
Hawke, flashing back to slipping a “will you date me? yes / absolutely / definitely” note under Fenris’ door: ha ha nothing

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