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Imagine pregnant Hawke


In the interlude years between Acts 2 and 3

• Aveline always sticking around as a bodyguard, glaring down anyone who might make trouble.
• Merrill constantly coming up to Hightown with burned cookies (that Hawke loves) and Dalish tricks and stretches and remedies.
• Anders always fussing over how she’s feeling, how she’s eating, how much weight she’s gained.
• Varric and Isabella making bets on when the baby will come (which Aveline ends up winning).
• Fenris lurking at Hawke’s side like an angry cat, showing her love and affection and making every excuse for her to refrain from doing anything even mildly strenuous.
• Gamlen sneaking into the manor when Hawke’s out to help Bodahn and Sandal restore the Amell nursery.
• Carver/Bethany sending a box of those little cream chocolates that Hawke loves every few weeks, not knowing that her stomach now rolls at the thought of them.

Just… Pregnant Hawke!



One of the first investments Hawke makes into their friends’ lives is to get them shoes. Growing up poor on a Lothering farmstead makes one put real value on such simple things.

Some appreciate the gift more than others…

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Fenris: I can’t read.
Hawke: Oh OK that explains a lot.
Fenris: what
Hawke, flashing back to slipping a “will you date me? yes / absolutely / definitely” note under Fenris’ door: ha ha nothing


Marian Hawke | Headcanon Meme – ☆ – happy headcanon requested by @zabka-zee & @madameinquisitor

Let’s be real, all Ferelden’s are happiest when they’re bonding with their Mabari companion.

And Marian’s happens to be named Bear, after the the most terrifying creature to come across in the Ferelden Hinterlands. (Though to Bethany it was more like a huggable Teddy Bear thing). 

Dragon Age 2 LIs and Hawke’s baby









BONUS: Carver and Bethany


Hawke telling someone “it’s Hawke, with an E,” and ending up with a nametag that reads “Hewk.”


tfw the babes sit together



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