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I need good FenHawke fic suggestions, can someone help me???

We have a fic rec list at @fenhawkearchive (but…I just noticed…we need to actually add links to the titles, oops! however you might also try our tags there:)



tfw the babes sit together



May Short Fic #2 – A Surprise in the Snow


Title: A Surprise in the Snow
Author:  Mnemosyneawrites / Mnemosynea

Pairings: Fenris/mHawke
Rating: Teen
Warnings: None, kidfic
Summary:  Fenris finds a surprise in the snow and wishes Hawke was with him more than ever. Hawke is finished with helping those who need him and sets off to find Fenris.


Leave comments or discuss with other members of the club in the replies, but make sure to leave a review on AO3 too!


Hawke giving Fenris a reading lesson. If enough people like this I’ll post the rest of the Thedas ABCs.

Pt. 2


I’m blaming @chacah for my current obsession with Fenris, even though I haven’t played the game and know squat about it.

I need fic recs for Fenris, and I’ve taken a liking to male!Hawke/Fenris (liek I never knew male!Hawke was the player character until just recently??? At least I think he’s the player character??? maybe??? but I like them, so)

Artwork/comic/whatever recs are good too. ♥

Check out @kaerwrites @lingering-nomad @foxnonny @rifamicros for a good start. @therealmnemo can probably recommend more too because she reads M!Hawke a lot more than I do. 🙂 (I’d rec ya my own fic too but it’s all F!Hawke.) 

Also we reblog a lot of both M!Hawke/ and F!Hawke/Fenris fic and art at @fenhawkearchive so that’s a good place to browse for more.


Does anyone have any recs for good Fenhawke fics that don’t treat Anders like shit, or involve love triangles or whatever?

I’m really in the mood to read some Fenhawke, but finding a fic with those standards is sadly difficult.

@mnemosyneawritesLittle Bird series is a good place to start, with Fenris & male Hawke raising a little girl who refers to Anders as Uncle Anders and goes to him for magical training in one chapter.


Anyone know any good MHawke and Fenris fanfiction?

I mostly look for FHawke/Fenris fics, but the following MHawke authors have impressed me nonetheless: @lingering-nomad @kaerwrites @rifamicros and @mnemosyneawrites‘s Little Bird series.

You can also follow @fenhawkearchive; we reblog fic & art of both Hawkes.

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