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Imagine Hawke waking up after stumbling out of the Fade, and being so out of it that they don’t remember who Fenris is. 

 "Are you the healer? Your eyes look really gentle.“ 

“No, I’m not the healer. Just drink your potion." 

"Did the healer send you? Wow… you’re beautiful. You look like a sculpture." 

"I’m your husband, Hawke." 

"My husband? Is that… my crest on your wrist? Oh, wow. Does that mean I had the opportunity to kiss you? Andraste’s knickers, I hit the jackpot. You’re amazing." 

(and behind them, Varric is transcribing dialogue furiously)

Fenris/Hawke Rivalmance Headcanon



Basically my idea of their relationship is that when mage!Hawke comes to Kirkwall, they’re all innocent and thinks mages can’t possibly be really all that dangerous and evil. Not a majority of them, anyways. The only mages they knew were their father and sister and sure, they were taught about blood magic and demons and such… but they hadn’t seen it. They hadn’t seen the death and destruction mages could cause.

Fenris of course hates mages. Understandably so, but of course not every mage is evil.

Hawke’s eyes are opened in their time at Kirkwall. Dealing with blood mage after blood mage disillusioned them and they had to accept that a lot of mages are not flowers, rainbows, and butterflies.

Fenris, after spending time with Hawke, also comes to accept that there are good mages out there, even if they are few and far between.

They grow together and meet in the middle.

And that is why I like the rivalmance.

This post made me cry real tears. Thank you!


Fenris begins to love reading, even though it strains his eyes. He has to study the letters for a long time before they start to form words, and then he has to study the words for a long time before they start to form sentences, and thoughts, and ideas.

But he loves reading. He sits for hours and only gets through a few pages, because sometimes squinting at the letters gives him a headache, until he realizes that sitting closer to the fireplace instead of relying on a candle actually does help when he wants to read at night, or that taking his one book to sit on the steps in front of the Chantry at high noon makes the letters much less painful to inspect.

He loves reading so much that he doesn’t mind going over the same text every day, because he begins to memorize the words, and the story of Shartan is a good one.

When he gets to Skyhold, Fenris spends hours sitting alone with the same book he’s been reading for years, lovingly going over every letter on every page, because this was the first thing he learned that was ever just his, and wasn’t spoiled by anything or anyone else.

Head Canon/Probably actually Canon


So since no one will message me about this I guess I’m just left to talk to myself. 

Sebastian Vael was part of the Friends of Red Jenny, along with his two brothers. When you first meet Sera she talks about who the other Red Jennies are/were. She clearly says that there WERE three brothers from Starkhaven!!!!!! Plus most of the Friends of Red Jenny are rogues, and Sebastian is like the best archer in all of Thedas. His Father sent him to the Chantry because of his bad behavior, so what if he knew that his son was offing nobles and needed to be sent away for that reason and not just because he was slutty. Like that’s not very Princely behavior. 

Sera obviously doesn’t know much about them, but she would have been just a child at the time that Sebastian’s brothers were assassinated and Sebastian went off to Kirkwall. So she probably only knows them by reputation. 

If Varric knew that Sebastian was basically Robin Hood he probably wouldn’t think he’s so boring. 

I just start wonder because of dad Fenris fan art I have seen. Can Fenris have kids?? I kinda think no because of all the lyrium in his body and how long down does the scars goes on his stomach but then again oO dad Fenris is a cute idear


There’s no indicator that lyrium would make a person infertile, though. Raw lyrium is toxic, yeah, but we’ve never seen a lyrium-addled person (mage, dwarf, or otherwise) who’s been proven infertile. Besides that, as far biology goes, the skin does not generally contribute to baby making, so… tattoos, scars, and even nasty skin conditions, shouldn’t have any kind of impact on an individual’s fertility.

All that aside, if your headcanon is that Fenris is infertile, that’s fine, but then next time you see dad!Fenris don’t think to yourself that it’s impossible – instead, remind yourself that ADOPTION is literally just as valid a method of creating a family as any other. 🙂

We also have canon examples of templars, addicted to lyrium, who have children (e.g. Thrask’s daughter in DA2). It seems like lyrium in the skin would be even less likely to affect reproduction than lyrium taken internally long enough to develop an addiction.

Although there could be extenuating circumstances with the ritual that gave Fenris the abilities that go along with the lyrium tattoos…it’s more than just lyrium in his case, so to speak. So that could be used as support if someone wants to headcanon that he’s infertile.

That all said, he has a kid in my stories. 😀

Hello! I just saw your post about fenhawke as children and it’s so adorable!!!! <3 I don't know if you've been asked this before, but what is your thoughts on Fenris' hair? From child to adult? Thanks!


Aaaw thank you, dear!

Fenris’ hair? Mmmmh…


As a kid:

His hair used to be dark brown when he was younger. My headcanon is that elves’ hair grow very fast too. So when his mother/sister didn’t cut it for him, he would let them grow pretty long (because really, he just didn’t care.) But his family usually “kept him in check” hahaha


When he was branded:

It’s when Fenris received his final markings, the ones on his forehead, that his hair turned white. Was it because of the lyrium or the shock of the unbearable pain, he couldn’t tell. My headcanon is that some of his eyelashes and eyebrows’s hair turned white as well. 


As a slave:
If Danarius didn’t think Fenris was “prettier” with his white hair, he would have shaved his head. He wanted Fenris to show off his markings as much as possible so he had to always pull back his hair in a ponytail. Danarius was particularly in fond of the markings on his forehead.


As a free man:
He let them grow back years later, not as a fashion statement but simply because he could. He doesn’t have to care anymore and it feels right. When it get too long, he braids his hair so it won’t get in the way.


That’s all for my headcanons! 🙂


I haven’t thought much about what terms of endearment I think Fenris uses with Hawke … now that I think of it I kinda like the idea of him just continuing to call her “Hawke”, but with a lot of warmth in his voice where there hadn’t been much before.

I imagine Fenris as the kind of person who can fit an entire paragraph’s worth of emotion into that one syllable.

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