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okay, so I know everyone loves clueless Cullen who can have Hawke and their companions perform blood magic in front of him without noticing, but do you know what I’d love to see…

a Cullen who suspects so strongly but can never prove it.

Like, he sees a fireball in the sky and then he turns the corner and Hawke’s there, definitely not doing magic, looking very innocent, with Varric and a lot of other witnesses all swearing that it wasn’t a magic fireball, a dragon appeared from nowhere and flew a whole bunch of fire and then disappeared.

He stumbles into Anders’ clinic somehow and it’s all ordinary bandages and poultices, and all the people there swear up and down that they’ve never seen a mage at all, in their life, while Anders just stands there, holding a newborn baby and demanding that Cullen get out or help him.  

He sees Merrill wandering around with a staff on her back and she manages to convince the other Templars with him, no, it’s not a magic staff, it’s a Dalish thing. It helps her not get lost. Really. 

Fenris Week Day 2 – Fenris on the Run


Well, I was trying to write a fic, but it’s taking forever…so I’ll just write a quick head canon about it. 

After being on the run for several weeks, Fenris is really feeling it. He hasn’t slept much since he left Danarius, and the little sleep he does get is plagued by nightmares and constant fear of getting caught. He’s exhausted to the point of collapsing, but he knows he can’t stop. Food is in short supply, as well. It’s been days since he’s had any food at all, even longer since he had a proper meal. The hunger is all-consuming, the burning pain in his stomach the only thing he can think about. 

One night, smack dab in the middle of nowhere, Fenris comes across a farm. He spots apple trees as well as other fruits and vegetables growing on the land. They have chickens, and a couple loaves of fresh bread cooling on the windowsill. Fenris never liked to steal from innocent people, but his hunger overwhelms him and he slips over the fence into the garden. He slips some fruits into his pack, as well as some eggs he steals from the chicken coup. Fenris decides to press his luck and snag one of the loaves of bread when a young boy catches him in the act. 

Fenris tries to run, but he is caught by the boy’s father, who marches him inside the house. Fenris is afraid, thinking that the family will turn him over to the templars or something, even though he is not a mage. After some questioning, though, Fenris finds out they are rather kind. They offer him a meal, a bed, and the man’s wife even washes his clothes and stitches up the holes for him. Never having been shown such kindness before, Fenris isn’t sure how to react. He doesn’t want to take advantage of these people, but he is warm and dry and full for the first time in weeks. He falls asleep in a cot in the attic and sleeps late into the next morning. 

Fenris winds up staying with this family for several weeks. He helps harvest the crops, take care of the animals, and general repairs. Fenris is finally feeling safe and rather happy. One night, as the family is sitting down for dinner, there is a loud knock at the door and Fenris knows. He just knows, that it is Danarius’s men come for him. He hides in the cellar as his new family gets rid of them. Fenris feels foolish. He was careless, staying in one place for so long. He should’ve known better. Now, this kind family is in danger because of him. He explains to them who he is and why he cannot stay. 

Early the next morning, Fenris is ready to leave. He is offered fruits, vegetables, dried meats, cheeses, and some loaves of bread for his travels. Fenris doesn’t know the right words to say to thank the family for all of their kindness. Kindness that he surely didn’t deserve. 

Fenris never forgets them. He spends the next several years on the run, and eventually winds up in Kirkwall, where he meets Hawke. Fenris saves a portion of his share of every bounty they collect, until he finally has a respectable amount. One day, he asks Hawke if they can go searching for this family that saved his life so many years ago. 

They go, and find the little farm nestled in the middle of nowhere. Fenris knocks on the door, and learns that only the wife survives. Her husband and son were lost to the Darkspawn several years ago. Fenris doesn’t cry, even though he wants to. He presents the woman with one-hundred sovereigns to show his appreciation for her kindness. The woman cries, but refuses the gift. 

do you have any headcanons regarding fenris’s earlier days with hawke’s group? like maybe the first time he went to the hanged man with them, or the first he started trusting among them etc.? :D


Oh man yes yes yes

  • So I imagine the first few times he accompanies Hawke he is very stiff, very ‘professional’ you know? He feel indebted to Hawke and goddamn if there is one thing Fenris is good at doing its being a bodyguard and killing some guys. He’s worked with others in his time away from Danarius and understands that different people work and go about things differently too so he’s pretty reserved and observant to try and get the lay of the land as it were. 
  • The first two-ish times Fenris works with the crew he takes his leave as soon as Varric or Hawke call for drinks at the Hanged Man because it seems a bit personal and he doesnt want to intrude or overstay his welcome. But by the third time Varric insists and offers to put Fenris’ drinks on his tab (which Fenris declines, of course, but the gesture is appreciated) so he finally goes with them and after a few drinks actually loosens up enough to let some of his dry humor out and finds that these people actually seem to enjoy his company.
  • I feel like for the first phase of the crew getting to know Fenris they would assume that he wants privacy and distance and they try not to bother him outside of when Hawke wants to get him to tag along on things. I think Fenris would be a bit shy about approaching them, having had limited experience with casual friendships, but would eventually just start showing up at the Hanged Man or whenever to seek them out, by that point they realize that he actually really does wanna be around them.
  • I also think Fenris would be hyperviligant and cautious around the crew for quite a while, it would ease off slowly, slower than even he wants. He trusts them in battle, but for a long time is suspicious about their questions or motives (damn like someone gets him something and he side eyes them for a week trying to figure out what thats supposed to -mean-) but I think he would desperately want to be able to let go of that and just trust them and feel like a part of the group and for a long time its a frustrating tug of war in his head until he finally feels it happening naturally. 


If I work hard, mother and Varania get a nicer supper. 

Sunday, June 12th
“I… I remember you. We played in our master’s courtyard while Mother worked. You called me…”

Young Fenris/Leto day. Before the lyrium. What are some headcanons you have about Leto’s life? Have a fic about his relationship with his mother and Varania?

I feel like Leto was a hardworking and ambitious boy. He worked to make sure that his sister and mother ate well. Yet I think that he was still as honest back then as he is in game and that got him in trouble. If someone was wrong he would say so. If someone was lying he would call them out, even his masters. This resulted in many harsh punishments for the child but he never really learned. Inside he had actually wanted to push harder but he knew there was only so far he could go before they would turn to his mother and sister to pay for his misdeeds. 
Yet this was exactly what Danarius liked about him. The tenacity and sheer force of will such a small boy had. 


Some peeps have been asking for a Dragon Age 2 Dad post so here is…Dad Age 2

Fenris is “has a grudge against the GPS for some reason, helped you dye your hair during your ‘edgy’ phase, gets more worried about you than he wants to let on but doesn’t want to blow up your phone and isn’t very good at texting so instead you just get hourly texts of ‘?’ or ‘?????’ when you’re out,” Dad.

Sebastian is, “taught you to dance by letting you stand on his shoes, is always up before anyone else in the morning and reading scriptures with a cup of coffee, frequently asks if a movie is getting too scary for you,” Dad.

Anders is “couldn’t sleep a wink that one time you got sick and you woke up with like six bottles of gatorade next to your bed ‘so you don’t get dehydrated’, read you old and dry texts on human rights and freedom when you were fussy because those put you to sleep in minutes, ‘Five hours of homework daily is an injustice and I will be having a word with the school council!’” Dad.


What if Fenris’ tattoos are actually a gallium-lyrium alloy to lower toxicity

Gallium is a relatively body-safe metal that is liquid at skin temperature, and it’s silver-colored–the actual color of Fenris’ tattoos. If it’s an alloy, there’d only need to be a much smaller and less toxic amount of lyrium in the tattoos.

Imagine pregnant Hawke


In the interlude years between Acts 2 and 3

• Aveline always sticking around as a bodyguard, glaring down anyone who might make trouble.
• Merrill constantly coming up to Hightown with burned cookies (that Hawke loves) and Dalish tricks and stretches and remedies.
• Anders always fussing over how she’s feeling, how she’s eating, how much weight she’s gained.
• Varric and Isabella making bets on when the baby will come (which Aveline ends up winning).
• Fenris lurking at Hawke’s side like an angry cat, showing her love and affection and making every excuse for her to refrain from doing anything even mildly strenuous.
• Gamlen sneaking into the manor when Hawke’s out to help Bodahn and Sandal restore the Amell nursery.
• Carver/Bethany sending a box of those little cream chocolates that Hawke loves every few weeks, not knowing that her stomach now rolls at the thought of them.

Just… Pregnant Hawke!

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