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Йо-хо-хо, попугай и бутылка рома))


Finished some old stuff again x)
Drawing Isabela is really fun


Day 4 –

Do any of the other companions help Hawke with his reading/writing lessons?

Other than Hawke i could always picture Varric and Isabela helping Fenris with his reading lessons.

Varric would be teaching him how to read with one of his books, while Isabela would probably make him read a naughty book.


Felt like drawing a fancy dress gown, so here’s Isabela dressed up a little from her usual!


Some post-Acen DA2 love ❤


Couldn’t help myself from sharing. I made this cuties for Fandom Battle x) 


It’s FANART TIME! 😀 actually it was just some face and expressions practice, but well. I’m not really good with fanarts. Aveline, Isabela, Fenris and Merrill from Dragon Age 2!




isabela caps

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