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Hey Bioware, can I get an Ameridan and crew book/comic please? Pleeeeeeease?


“Andaran atish’an.”

There’s such subtle nuance in the way Thalon tilts his head. He knows somehow without having to ask that the man before him is Inquisitor Ameridan, and he knows this man deserves his respect. More than that, Ameridan is an elven mage, Thalon’s elder, someone he would have called hahren if they had lived in the same time. Yet even as he bows his head, Thalon maintains eye contact – they are two equals before one another.

Ameridan returns his greeting with the same unquestioning respect, knowing that no matter how Thalon came to hold the title Inquisitor, he bears a weighty burden on his shoulders. He greets Thalon in Elvhen as one of the People without hesitation, as a brother, and there’s a light in his eyes that says he’s comforted to see that one of the elvhen has carried forward his legacy.

Finally, there’s Solas in the background, watching Thalon, as if observing the way the Inquisitor interacts with this elf from another age. I wonder what Solas might be thinking here – about Thalon and the heritage he bears of his ancestors, about Ameridan and the lost legacy of Andraste among the elves, about the hundreds of years of elven history that he has missed during his long slumber.

Three generations of elven men stand before each other – the elf of Arlathan, the elf of Halamshiral, and the elf of the Dalish clans. There’s such damn powerful symmetry in that…and gods, it makes me ache.

what you can fight


Solavellan SFW

“Fight well, Inquisitor. I am honored to have met you.”

Keela takes a step forward but it is too late. The body of Ameridan drifts apart and with his passing the dragon bursts from its chains. Blinding light and a wave of pressure knock her from the rocky perch and cast her to the ground below. Air leaves Keela’s lungs in a rush and it takes a hard few moments to find her feet.

When she does the dragon awaits. They glare at one another, hunted and huntress, before it gives a defiant roar so fierce Keela feels it knock through her bones. The beast gives her one final look before spreading its wings and climbing from the temple and into the night.

“We need to stop the dragon. It still carries the spirit of Hakkon,” Cassandra says and Keela watches the warrior charge forward, but she cannot follow. Weight pushes down upon her shoulders and drops her to her knees. Her long staff clatters against the frost covered floor and slides beyond sight. “Inquisitor?”

Keela stares at the mark on her hand. It is quiet, sullen, the green retreating deep within her so it almost appears black, torched like all the answers she desperately sought since arriving in this land. There are no tears in her eyes, no frown of discontent perched upon her lips. There is only a heavy nothingness that smothers. She wants to scream and cry, to run and fight, but it doesn’t matter. What does any of it matter?

“She’s hurt,” Cole says.

“I did not see her sustain any serious injury.” Cassandra moves closer, searching for wounds with concern across her brow.

“It’s not on the outside,” he replies and Keela jerks her head back and forth.

“Don’t, Cole. You won’t help.”

Fabric rustles as Cole shifts with unease. “But it can’t stay locked inside.”

“Don’t!” Her voice echoes across ice and rock and she can hear the desperation in the return.

“Keela.” Solas’ fingers are gentle beneath her chin as he lifts her eyes towards his. There is understanding and compassion in his gaze, but the burden inside her only seems to grow at the sight of him. Her somniari.

She was supposed to find something solid to stand on by investigating Ameridan’s history. All she finds is a fractured mirror of her own life. She feels shattered, small, empty. “They took everything from him, from us. They changed everything. Nothing he did mattered.”

“What happened to Inquisitor Ameridan will not happen to you,” Cassandra proclaims with her strong conviction. “I admit what has come to light here has been somewhat hard to swallow, but all of Thedas will learn the truth. I will be sure of it.”

“Facts will be forgotten as pages crumble or become twisted by those who remain to hold the quills,” Solas says. “Implausible truths transform into legend until mortals become heroes or fiends, gods and monsters. These are things you cannot control, as my countless journeys through the Fade can attest. Put them from your mind, vhenan.”

Such things are easier said than done, but Keela does not resist as he helps her return to standing. His hands remain wrapped around her arms, calm and comforting. “The past cannot be changed nor the future foreseen. You cannot fight the passage of time, but you can fight a dragon.”

There is a smile perched on his lips and a challenge within his gaze. It builds and builds inside her chest and spreads through her limbs. The burden of it all is still there, yet she remembers her own strength. She will not be broken by this weight and she need not carry it all alone.

Her fingers reach up and return the embrace, squeezing tight. “Yes. Yes that I can do.”


After the events of Jaws of Hakkon, a statue of Inquisitor Ameridan is erected in Skyhold, along with a plaque detailing the truth of his disappearance, and the names of his comrades.


Today’s warm up before commissions. I want a spin off or an official comic or whetever for Ameridan and his companions



Sketching Ameridan and Telana feels again. Telana’s face is not canon, because we don’t actually see her in game (or have her description anywhere… I think?)

lies on the floor


Jaws Of Hakkon 2 by shalizeh

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