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So, do we have any information on Sebastian’s parents? 

#ln writes#i have this hc that his mother was antivan#and it would really help my fic if i could make him related to josephine

we don’t know if his mother specifically was antivan, but as per this codex we know seb has antivan blood

“The blood of Queen Asha runs in the veins of the Empress of Orlais, the Prince of Starkhaven, the King of Nevarra, and seven of the Dukes of the Anderfels; even some magisters of the Tevinter Imperium have ties to the Antivan royal family.”

so yes go ahead and make him related. good concept

tfw someone tells you your headcanon is backed by canon:

Thank you! This has made my whole week.

very happy i could help! btw, i dig the idea particularly of having him related to josie. they’re both sweethearts & would get along great, and with seb having lost his entire family it’d be really nice for him to have her as a distant cousin or something. he deserves to have at least some family somewhere still

Sorry for the spam, but I just…have to…squee about this:


Look at their profiles and tell me those noses aren’t related.


Josephine Montilyet, Klimt inspired.


She does so much for us.


Advisors just got Powerpuffed!

I may have too much time on my hands…

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The Sunflower



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