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So I’m being PRESSURED to make this post… 

but yeah, I need more Dragon Age blogs to follow. 

So please reblog if you post mostly/all Dragon Age, and in the tags write your favourite characters so I know what your blog’ll be like! Yay! 😀 


(I’m really bad at fighting dragons)

December 15, 2014 by @coelasquid

I think we can all agree Clanboss Goathucker is the best character in the game


Another Patreon Monthly request, from @byunlenne ^_^ The request was for chibi advisors, so here we go! Teeny Secrets, Forces, and Connections to support the Inquisitor ^_^ They will get the job done with SUPER cuteness!


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Warriors Such As: Chapter 2

Summary: Fenris is summoned to the Inquisitor’s War Table for his input on the lyrium markings – but the Inquisitor may be asking too much for Hawke.

Word count: 956



Read it here or on: DA  |  AO3  |

If you missed Chapter 1, it’s here!  

Or check out my Fic Masterpost if you haven’t read the previous installments in Hawkquisition and want to catch up (for answers to pressing questions like why are hawke and fenris in the inquisition? and how did they get back together after she left him behind in da:i and all anyway? and what’s this about a baby?!)

Hawkquisition Part 4: Warriors Such As

Chapter 2

Wherein an expert is required

stood gathered around the War Table, waiting, watching as Hawke entered,
balancing Malcolm on her hip, with Fenris following a step behind. Thayer
Trevelyan grinned and nodded to them. Beside him, Josephine smiiled and waggled
her fingers at the baby. Commander Cullen looked up briefly from the map spread
out on the table, on which the elven woman beside him was in the middle of
pointing something out.

“Ah, here you are!” Thayer waved
them over to the table. “Just in time. Something’s come up, and we could use
your input, Fenris.”

“Mine?” he cast a skeptical eye at
the map.

“Charter,” Thayer nodded to the
elven woman. “Go over it again, will you?”

Nodding, the elf called Charter
gestured again to the map. “The Venatori are up to something in Seheron.”

“Seheron?” Fenris frowned. “I’m
told I was born there, but…”

“Were you?” Thayer rested a finger
on his chin. “I don’t suppose…no, probably no connection.”

“Yet I presume there is some
connection to me, or you would not have sent for me,” Fenris said.

Charter nodded, her eyes flicking
between him and the map. “We’ve been in contact with a magister in Tevinter.”
Fenris stiffened; Hawke’s free hand reached out to brush his fingertips.
Charter, nodding as if she had expected his reaction, explained, “She’s a friend
of the Inquisition, someone who’s stood against the Venatori in the
Magisterium. It was Master Pavus that put us in touch with her, back when
Corypheus was alive. She’s…what my department would call a reliable source.”

“You’ve dealt with plenty of
pockets of Venatori resistance since the Inquisitor put an end to Corypheus,”
Hawke pointed out. “What’s special about this one?”

“This group,” Charter said,
“they’ve apparently been…experimenting. On elves, mostly, and there are
unconfirmed reports of a few Qunari subjects. Magister Tilani has an agent in
Seheron who sent her this description.” She bent her head to read from a
well-creased bit of parchment. “‘I have seen many a man taken by the red
corruption, Mae. This is different. They seem to have applied the red lyrium to
the skin in patterns, all over the prisoners’ bodies, from fingertip to toetip
as if to mimic the very skeletal structure itself. Nor is the red lyrium
growing to overtake these people as we’ve seen it do with those who have simply
ingested it; it seems, for now, to remain confined to these elaborate

Fenris’ fists had slowly clenched
as Charter read, but it was Hawke who finally gasped as all eyes turned to her
husband. “Lyrium tattoos?” she squeaked, taking a firmer grasp of Fenris’ hand,
slowly prying his fist open to twine her fingers with his. “But…red
lyrium? Oh, Maker.”

“Maker, indeed,” said Cullen.
“We’ve seen what red lyrium can do to people, but we’ve also seen what…skills
those markings give you, Fenris. The implications, if the Venatori have managed
to combine the two…” he shuddered, shook his head, dropped his gaze to Seheron

“Odds are,” said Thayer, “they’re
planning something big. One of those branches of the cult that doesn’t believe
Corypheus is truly dead, and just won’t give up.”

“After all the times they may have
seen him returned to life, who could blame them?” Josephine asked.

Thayer shrugged. “Well, it sounds
like they’re trying to create an army of elite warriors to bring him back. Or
bring Tevinter back? Or maybe they’ve found a new Old God. You never know with

“Test subjects,” Fenris finally
spoke. “These elves…Qunari. They suffer this ritual, and all for an

Charter winced. “Presumably the
Venatori mean to apply the markings to their own agents once they are sure of
the process.”

“This is wrong,” Fenris growled.

“And extraordinarily bad news for
us if they keep it up,” said Thayer gently. “Both of which are extremely good
reasons why we must put a stop to it.”

“We can send troops to Seheron,”
said Cullen, “but they won’t know what they’re up against. Few of us have
trained against you, Fenris, and even so, you rarely use your markings in

Fenris barked a bitter laugh. “Few
of you would survive the training if I did.”

“Just so,” Cullen nodded. “We could
ask you to brief the soldiers on what to expect. Tell them how the markings
work, what the marked Venatori could do to them…”

“Assuming their skills are the same
as Fenris’,” said Hawke.

“That is the best assumption we can
make at the moment,” said Josephine. “At least, it is a starting point.”

“We need a closer look at these
experiments,” Thayer decided. “We’ll send troops, yes, but we need a scouting
team to learn more. I want to see these Venatori for myself. And Fenris, I’d
like you to be a part of that team.”

“I…” Fenris caught Hawke’s eyes
only briefly before he twisted away, stepping forward to trace a finger over
the map of Seheron. His chin dropped, his eyes squeezed shut, and he finally
answered, “I will go.”

“What?” Hawke burst out. “Then I’m
going too.” Every eye turned to her – except for Fenris, who simply sighed and
remained bent over the War Table. Hawke returned the stares, meeting each gaze
until one by one, the council shifted their eyes – to Malcolm.

“Hawke,” Thayer began, “perhaps
it’s not –”

“We stay together,” Hawke insisted.

“But you have a child to –”
Josephine began.

“I – yes, but – Fenris and I…”
Hawke trailed off, her throat seizing up as tears welled in her eyes.

“Inquisitor,” Fenris said, staring
at the table, “may I have a moment to discuss this with Hawke? In private.”

Thayer cleared his throat. “Take
all the time you need.”



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Played around a bit with a different style of colorization than I usually prefer, giving my massive collection of DAI Screenshots finally an actual use! Also featuring messy lineart.

My Stories


Master list of the Hawkquisition series, to be updated when new stories are added:

Part I: To Remain at Your Side

Hawke arrives at Skyhold without her Fenris? Surely he didn’t willingly let her go off alone. So she must have left without telling him. He’s not going to be pleased when he finds out! This is what happens next, as Hawke travels to Weisshaupt, reuniting along the way with her lover, family, friends, and the Inquisition itself…

Read it at: DeviantArt  |  |  AO3


Part II: The Apostate’s Templar

Carver escapes the red lyrium-tainted templars of Kirkwall by escorting Merrill as she leads a ragtag group of elven refugees away from the Free Marches. In Ferelden, they uncover a source of red lyrium; the Inquisition investigates and Hawke insists on coming along.

Read it at: DeviantArt  |  |  AO3


Part III: Patchwork Families

Merrill’s patchwork clan has grown and they return with Hawke to Skyhold just in time for the baby to be born. Meanwhile, Skyhold is abuzz with preparations for Divine Victoria’s coronation and the Inquisitor’s wedding – but danger lurks amidst the festivities…

Read it at: DeviantArt  |  |  AO3


Part IV: Sins of the Father (coming soon!)

Abstract (description may change once I write the actual story):

New father Fenris is troubled that, even with the scattered glimpses of his pre-branding past that he has regained, he still has no memory of his own father. Dare he ask a Tevinter mage to help investigate? Dorian would be glad to, but is it worth the cost?

Read it at: DeviantArt  |  |  AO3  (links coming soon…)

Part V: Warriors Such As (coming soon!)

Abstract (description may change once I write the actual story):  Fenris was once told that even in the Imperium, warriors with markings of his sort were rare – with the implication that he is not unique. When the Inquisition spies sight a group of Venatori traveling with a warrior marked like Fenris, but with red lyrium, Hawke may have to take her turn being the one left behind while Fenris travels into danger to help the Inquisitor investigate.

Read it at: DeviantArt  |  |  AO3  (links coming soon…)

Drabbles and One-Shots

I think I might actually combine Parts IV and V…have some ideas for that so hopefully I’ll return to writing this series soon, now that school is well underway!

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