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Dragon Age 2 gets Powerpuffed

Bonus – Justice Anders:


DA 2 Crew!!


Let another story begin


I cleaned up this piece a bit and now it’s available on Redbubble c: 


consider: warden!carver receiving a care package of satinalia gifts from the kirkwall crew:

  • money + small (hawke family) heraldry pendant from hawke. mb they pull and have a sword commissioned and sent to him because they have the estate, and the gold, and it’s time to spoil their last remaining family
  • good sword polish/care kit from fenris because he knows the importance of weapon maintenance
  • merrill learns to knit and sends him two scarves and two sets of gloves. red and black seems to be the hawke colors, but he’s a warden so maybe she thinks he likes blue and silver instead
  • seb has to ask hawke and merrill because he doesn’t know carver that well, but carver still appreciates the special bound copy of Brother Genitivi’s works, particularly due to the exhaustive Ferelden history featured within because as much as he pretends, Carver is still both a proud Ferelden and a huge nerd
  • aveline sends boots and a really long letter demandign to know if he’s eating, if he’s taking care of himself, if anyone’s giving him any trouble.
  • isabela sends him something that is absolutely not safe for work at all, but she also sends a nice sized bottle of aquae lucidius which earns her +30 rivalry with hawke
  • varric sends him advanced copies of his latest story, and tells him not to show anyone. hawke is jealous.
  • i have no idea what anders would send so someone who knows him better can suggest smth that’d be great

Blogger Gatherings!

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The Winter Blogmoot was held on December 4, 9 p.m. EST at the home of Telwen of Silverlode.

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