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Rome celebrates its 2769th birthday today, 21st of April!


Known as Natale di Roma, the annual birthday celebration is based on the legendary foundation of Rome by Romulus in 753 BC. According to the legend, Rome was founded by the orphaned twins Romulus and Remus, who were suckled by a wolf. After a dispute with his twin brother Remus, Romulus murdered him and named the newly founded city after himself.

Every year the people of Rome dress up in traditional clothes and reenact historical events for the Eternal City’s birthday.

Useful articles about the legendary founding of Rome


On April 19th I made bread

Latin graffiti in Pompeii (CIL IV.8792)

life fast die young, Romans

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4/19 bake it

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I want to explain about the Catullus poem (101). Catullus wrote poem 101 for his brother who died in the Troad. Nothing at all is known of the brother except his death. Catullus appears to have travelled from Verona to Asia Minor to stand at the grave. Perhaps he recited the elegy there. I have loved this poem since the first time I read it in high school Latin class and I have tried to translate it a number of times. Nothing in English can capture the passionate, slow surface of a Roman elegy. No one (even in Latin) can approximate Catullan diction, which at its most sorrowful has an air of deep festivity, like one of those trees that turns all its leaves over, silver, in the wind. I never arrived at the translation I would like to do of poem 101. But over the years of working at it, I came to think of translating as a room, not exactly an unknown room, where one gropes for the light switch. I guess it never ends.

Anne Carson, from Nox

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what got you to like classics?
and if you are a magister or magistra, why did you become one?

Ut breviter dicam: Great first teacher, great literature, great languages. 😍

Oddly enough I first fell in love with the sound of Latin, via some software that read CLC texts out loud as you learned them. So then I started taking it in college and had more fun student teaching it than my actual major (English; I was able to split my time and student teach in both) so I became a Latin teacher. Two things keep me teaching it (besides the awesome kids who show up to learn it): JCL, and the amazing Latin literature we get to delve into.

the signs as Latin phrases

Aries: dulce bellum inexpertis – war is sweet to those who have never fought.
Taurus: abusus non tollit usum – misuse does not remove use.
Gemini: credo ut intelligam – i believe so that i may understand.
Cancer: ave atque vale – hail and farewell.
Leo: pulvis et umbra sumus – we are dust and shadow.
Virgo: minima maxima sunt – the smallest things are most important.
Libra: amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus – love is rich with both honey and venom.
Scorpio: veni, vidi, vici – i came, i saw, i conquered.
Sagittarius: carpe diem – seize the day.
Capricorn: beatus homo qui invenit sapientiam – blessed is the man who finds wisdom.
Aquarius: aut viam inveniam aut faciam – i will either find a way, or make one.
Pisces: crede quod habes, et habes – believe that you have it, and you do.

40 Reasons To Learn a Dead Language


Really, I could be good with just no. 1 “Because it’s eccentric.”

40 Reasons To Learn a Dead Language


Sibi parat malum, qui alteri parat.

He who contrives evil for another is contriving evil for himself.

(From Bestiaria Latina Blog.)

Laura also says:

It’s one of those karma things! The orange cat is going to experience some kind of payback… eventually. This is one of the sayings collected by Erasmus in his Adagia. For Latin students, this is a good one for remembering that dative of alter is alteri. 🙂

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