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I’m not suggesting assassins, but,


DA:O characters amusing themselves on night watch shifts #3: Zevran and Leliana tossing cards into a helmet.


Aedan Cousland | Headcanon Meme

★ sad headcanon requested by @madameinquisitior

Survivor’s Guilt is a hell of a thing. 

Actually more of a bittersweet one, faith turned out to be very important to my Warden.




Lady Leliana, Nightingale of the Imperial Court

Dragon Age Theory: Leliana’s Mother was Dalish




Hear me out, it makes sense: 

Leliana knows a traditional Dalish song. Her mother was taken in as a servant by Lady Cecile and that’s one of the only jobs elves can get in Orlais. 
Her mother was Fereldan, so why did she run away? Was it because she bore the child of a human and her Clan turned her away?

That’s just my theory.

Oh, also: Andraste’s Grace, the flower you can give her that reminds her of her mother is found in the Brecilian Forest and Alienage.

Leli’s mom being Elven would make her entire dialogue with an Elven warden a lot less offensive too.

She doesn’t realise she’s being offensive, and she’s just trying to bond with someone she views as ‘her people’.

Also, the only other Bard bard we see in DA is an elf, Katriel. I wouldn’t be surprised if most Bards are elves or elf-blooded.


Advisors just got Powerpuffed!

I may have too much time on my hands…

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