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Do I look like a Captain yet?

Captain Linett has reached level 23, and I am enjoying her new journey to this point. But what do all those new skills and things matter compared to making sure her wardrobe survived the career change? One of the first things I did with the new Landy Linett was to write down the pieces of all her favorite outfits on Nimrodel, and then attempt to recreate them on Landy. Turns out that I must’ve never picked up the Snow Dusted Boots and Gloves on Landroval as I thought I had, nor the Elven Cloth Jacket – all elements I used in Linett’s “Ranger” outfit on Nimrodel. So that outfit, which you see here with the green pants and yellow vest, is still in progress. But I was able to recreate passable versions of most of the others, and here they are! The only thing is…here’s my captain…looking very much like a LM. 🙂 Well, let’s just presume that though she changed careers, she still knows her lore and is a fine scholar! Wait…she’s actually an Explorer…oh, the mounds of crafting mats my alts have been getting in the mail this week…

Captain Linett's Wardrobe

Captain Linett's Wardrobe

Linett’s New Career

Dilemma: My Landroval LM, Lennidhren, has long now surpassed my original LM on Nimrodel, Linett, as my main. The Lonely Mountain Band has kept me so active on Landroval that I have sadly neglected Linett, who now languishes at 65 on Nimrodel.

Recently, Locney was looking for a surname for his minstrel Thyn on Landroval. When Loc mentioned that he’s a man of Bree – Linett’s hometown – I suggested Redfern as a fine Breelander surname, and so Thyn became Linett’s ne’er-do-well cousin. But with Thyn on one server and Linett on another, family reunions would be tricky. I thought about just transferring Linett to Landroval, since I never play her on Nimrodel now. But it’s pricey…and I’m not crazy about having two of the same class on the same server. I have a feeling that transferring my 65 LM to Landroval would mean she’d still never see playtime. And my alts on Nimrodel would lose access to Linett’s lovely home in Falathlorn…though of course that may not matter much, what with the “not seeing playtime” thing.

Solution: It’s time for Linett’s career to take a new direction. On Landroval I have one of every class save Captain and Guardian: Apparently I am not so into the heavy armour, hm? Well, make that every class save Guardian. After all these years working as a researcher in the Scholar’s Enclave of Duillond (that’s where she met Lennidhren, by the way), Linett has become a Captain. What she’s a captain *of* is yet to be discovered, but she seems to be enjoying getting away from the library enough to indulge in a whole lot of shouting. Meanwhile, if she does get the urge to head back to the books…her job on Nimrodel remains that of a lore-master. While this re-roll may have been inspired by Locney, it is not so to the extent of deleting a high level character to make way for the new class. 🙂

So Linett has gone from this:

Nimrodel Lore-master

To this:

Landroval Captain

I’m not entirely sure I got the right head-shape on the new character, but other than that I think she came out looking like the same person. 🙂

Linett on MME!

Well, it’s been more than half a year since my last blog post… /shame! Like so many of the blogging community at my.lotro, I’ve been disheartened by all that is broken there. That combined with a very busy school year and the launch in August of the Ales and Tales Podcast – well, blogging (apart from podcast show notes) has fallen low on my to-do list. Anyway, I’m giving the new MME blogs a try now.

So, how about a status update? Since the last time I blogged…
– Linett has gone into retirement, sort of, at 65 on Nimrodel, because I’ve been keeping so busy with the Lonely Mountain Band on Landroval. I don’t think I’ll change the blog’s name to Lennidhren’s Lore though. I’m quite attached to Linett even if I don’t play her now…
– Linett has, however, taken on a new career…as a Jedi Sage in SWTOR.
– The Ales and Tales Podcast is up to 21 episodes now! And we’ve recorded 29, just have the editing still to do on 8 of them.
– I’ve still got a LOTRO Hat Knitting project in mind…to recreate hats from the game in knitted form, complete with progress updates on the blog and hopefully writing up the patterns here too. But alas! I’ve got so much other knitting in progress right now – gloves for my sister, a hat for my mom, several pairs of socks, a sweater I REALLY want to get finished so I can wear it while it’s still cold out – that I haven’t found time yet to start on those hats. However, if you see a LOTRO hat you’d particularly like me to knit, comment with a picture! It might just inspire me to get this project started!


Unfortunately, I have no Ales and Tales writeup for you this week, as this Monday I was with family for Christmas and couldn’t handle the A&T lag on my netbook. Someone who was there, post some pictures pretty please? 🙂

Instead, I offer the first chapter in a collaborative story project that was born from the Winter Blogmoot at the home of poor absent Telwen. Though we’ve since heard from Battlemaiden, we’re going ahead with the fictional search. I open with this chapter, and will be creating a Table of Contents page here to keep track of the chapters each writer adds. (There are eight so far, and if you want to join us in writing, feel free to do so at the google group!)


By Ranna Dylin

A flash of coppery hair. A girl’s laughing voice, singing along to the strumming of a lute. She turns, and her grey-blue eyes meet mine, for just a second, before—

Linett woke up, suddenly, with the image burned in her memory but without any idea what the dream had been about. There was something familiar about the singer, though. Was it someone Linett had met, or just caught a glimpse of, a glimpse now risen to the surface as she slept? She could not shake the feeling that she should recognize the girl with her lute and her copper hair.

It was a bit early yet, but she rose anyway, unable to sleep again with this mystery prying at her. It occupied her thoughts as she stopped by the kitchens of Duillond for a breakfast muffin; it distracted her all morning as she tried to carry on with her research tasks in the Scholars’ Enclave. It troubled her so that she barely noticed when the elf Lennidhren, senior researcher, drew near.

“A message has come for you,” Lennidhren said, jolting Linett from her reverie. The elf handed her an envelope, smiling, and drew up a chair nearby. “Good news, I hope.”

“You know,” said Linett, breaking the seal and trying to look stern, “in Bree we have a saying: Curiosity killed the cat.”

“Ah, but I am no cat,” Lennidhren pointed out, “so I think there is no danger. And after all, we would not be researchers were it not for our excessive curiosity, would we, my dear?”

Linett conceded the point with a grin and a nod as she unfolded the letter and quickly read through it. Then the grin vanished and she sat up straighter and read through it again, more slowly. Lennidhren tilted her head and frowned in concern but sat silent until Linett finally found her voice.

“From my cousin Linnore,” she said. “And now…now I remember. That face. Lennidhren, I dreamed of a woman last night, a minstrel who seemed so familiar, I’ve been trying to remember her name all day. It seemed so important somehow, yet it wasn’t much of a dream, just a glimpse of her really. But I remember her now. Linnore knows her better than I. And it seems…she’s gone.”

“Gone?” the elf prompted.

“Linnore writes that Telwen, that’s the minstrel’s name, I remember now, had invited a few friends to her house but they arrived to find it boarded up. And it seemed to have been unoccupied for some time, too. She travels a lot, Telwen – a family of traveling bards, performing in town after town. That’s how I remember her, I think, for we met when their show came to Bree some years back. Ah, but she was still just a girl then; she must be a grown woman by now. She might be on the bards’ circuit again, but for her house to be abandoned even as she invites friends there…”

Lennidhren nodded. “Something isn’t right.”

Linett rose suddenly from her desk and gathered her cloak from its hook, her staff from where it leaned against the wall. “I must see this house.”

It wasn’t far to Telwen’s home, a stately abode in a Falathlorn neighborhood near the refuge of Duillond. Linnore met her there, summoned by a message Linett sent ahead with her raven-friend, though the bird seemed to pout at being used as a carrier pigeon, and would not quite look at Linett when it arrived with her cousin at Telwen’s house.

Boarded up the house was indeed, and a note on the door indicated that it was to be reclaimed by the Housing Commission for delinquency of payments.

“Can Telwen have fallen on hard times, and been unable to afford the payments?” Linett asked.

Her cousin shook her head. “As far as I know, she owned her home outright. Shouldn’t have been any payments left to make. This notice – I think it’s to cover something. I don’t know if there even is a Housing Commission in her neighborhood.”

Linett tried to force the door but found it too firmly boarded for that. So the two of them started searching the grounds for any clue. But it was Frigga the raven-friend who found what they sought. Its loud caw drew Linett’s attention, and she looked up to see the raven flying down from a hole in a hollow tree, with a bit of paper tucked in its beak.

Linett took the crumpled paper from Frigga and unfolded it carefully. It seemed to be a page torn from a book, with words carefully handwritten. Names. She showed the list to Linnore.

“I recognize some of these,” her cousin said. “Hey! Even my own name! And these – they were here for the party too. Maybe it’s some sort of guest list?”

“But is it Telwen’s writing?”

Linnore shrugged. “I couldn’t say for sure. But here’s one that wasn’t at the party. And another. I’ll warrant they’re friends of Telly’s, though. Don’t you think?”

It seemed as good a theory as any other they could come up with then. “The first thing to do,” Linett decided, “is to find these friends. You write to the ones who were at the party. I’ll take the list back to Duillond and see if we can track down the rest. Between us all, maybe we can find out just what’s become of this bard.”

Caroling at the Prancing Pony

Last night the lovely ladies of the Tinnu uin Galadhrim of Nimrodel got together in Bree for a holiday jam session, making merry with yuletide carols that entertained a few of the passersby. I will send you to Tuiliel’s excellent writeup for more of the details; for my part, I will simply offer thanks to the random minstrel who, some time ago, drive-by mentored Linett in the skill of playing Cowbell when she was standing at a mailbox and did not even realize it was happening. Having that uncommon skill meant it was what I got to play for most of the songs. Christmas carols do sound rather merry with more cowbell. 🙂

We hope to do a repeat performance later this Yule season, especially as our dear minstrel Digger was taken ill and could not join us this time. So watch for Tinnu caroling yet to come!

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The Tinnu Take on the Giants

Sounds like a sports headline or something. Well, some of those giants do have a mean *kick*…

So anyway, over on Landroval, Lennidhren is still working her way up through the levels and generally just has to cheer on her fellow Lonely Mountain Banders from a distance whenever there is a kin run of any sort of end-game instances. But Linett’s new kinfolk on Nimrodel, the Tinnu uin Galadhrim, have begun to venture into the stronghold of Helegrod, so finally I can say that I have experienced a raid. 🙂 Last Friday was our first attempt (well, I think so. First I took part in, anyway) and it went well enough that we did it again tonight. It went a good bit smoother with experience this time, although we only did one quest in each wing to collect the Helegrod marks, instead of completing the whole raid. I do hope someday we’ll do the whole thing, just so I can see it, but it would certainly be a time-consuming endeavor!

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Long ago I posted about my new favorite mob, the Fiery Grims of the Flaming Deeps. Well, they have been superseded. Meet my new favorite mob – the Dun Ox.

Why am I so fond of this big guy? For one reason only: The highly amusing animation that occurs when Linett stuns him with a Light of the Rising Dawn. Usually the mob will just kind of stand there, with shoulders slumped if they’re a bipedal type, or in a crouch if they’re of the four-footed variety. Not this one. The Dun Ox performs a rolling-side-to-side maneuver that makes him look a bit, well, drunk, and cracks me up every time.

I tried to get pictures of the Dun Drunk Ox but this is the best I could do. Someone needs to shoot a video of it. Maybe I’ll figure out how…

Linett, Chicken-Friend

If only the game granted titles for the brave players who set out to escort little chickens on their travels across Middle-earth, Linett would now have the title of Chicken-Friend, or something of the sort. Last weekend (my, it takes me forever to write things up during the school year…) she was adventuring out in Enedwaith (more on that momentarily) when kin chat (did I mention Linett joined a kin? At Falathlorn Day a couple of weeks ago, she became a member of the Tinnu uin Galadhrim after visiting Tuiliel’s house with them and then having them over to Linett’s place as well) revealed that our young Jenikki was currently engaged in the series of Chicken play quests at Sandson’s Farm. Upon learning this, it was decided that our feathered friend could do with a skilled escort to see her safely to her next destination. So it was that Jeorl, Tuiliel, and Linett converged upon Evendim, where we found the brave little bird making her way toward Tinnudir.

Not only is Jenikki a quick little chick, she swims amazingly well no matter how waterlogged her feathers may be!
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A Beautiful Day in the Falathlorn Neighbourhoods

I think Falathlorn Day might be LOTRO’s first cross-server player created event – or at least the first one since I’ve been taking part in such. By that I mean, not just that players from other servers roll an alt to attend as they do for, e.g., Weatherstock or Ales and Tales, but that the event was designed to take place on any and all servers all at once. Three servers took part in it today, and it tended to be kinship based on each server, with the Rangers of Ithilien hosting parties at three members’ houses on Elendilmir, the Tinnu uin Galadhrim on Nimrodel at the homes of Tuiliel and Linett, and the Lonely Mountain Band on Landroval at our kinhouse, Aerlinnbar. While I wish we had seen more participation from outside of the kinships (although there was a bit more of that before we all started recruiting each other’s cross-server alts…heh. 🙂 ), the parties were a great success, with creative, fun events that varied from house to house enough that even those of us like Gaiagil and I who attended on all three servers did not get bored. So I think the event fulfilled its purpose of showing what can be done in the housing areas and, hopefully, showing that they are important to players!


Gaiagil hosted the first party at her home in Merillant. My Elendilmirian alt, Linise, stopped by the Bird and Baby just this morning to learn how to fish when she heard that Gaiagil planned to give a tour of the best fishing spots in her neighbourhood!

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Emergency Fun

One of the sillier moments I’ve experienced in the beta this far – and one of the first at which I thought “Oh I can’t wait for NDA to be lifted so I can share these screenshots!” – was the Emergency Party in the 21st Hall. I suppose in theory it was for stress testing, but my computer at least failed to be terribly stressed about it (and I routinely crash during Ales and Tales, so…)

We (at least those who’d copied over characters high enough to enter Moria) responded to a world broadcast alerting us to an “Emergency Party for Emergency Fun” to be held in the 21st Hall asap. Linett, still decked out in the summer festival dress she’d traveled in from Nimrodel to Bullroarer, made her way there while Mireleth, whom I’d been leveling on Bullroarer for feedback on the level 20-30 range, took a well-earned break.

As people arrived there was a bit of music going on, and Linett showed off her dance moves since she never gets to do that at Ales and Tales.

It was a well attended party for being so Emergency!
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Blogger Gatherings!

Click the button for reports from the 2010 Spring Blogger Gathering, hosted by Linett of Nimrodel!

Berethron of Brandywine hosted the 2010 Summer Blogmoot.

The Winter Blogmoot was held on December 4, 9 p.m. EST at the home of Telwen of Silverlode.

Next up: The Spring Blogmoot of 2011 shall return to Nimrodel with Tuiliel (Whart, aka user-1027520) hosting! Linett is looking forward to another local moot!



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