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A Writing Game: Prompt by Committee


Let’s play a prompt game! I like to call it “Prompt By

Here’s how it works:

  1. To play, message me with ONE thing you want me
    to include in a story.
  2. It could be an object…a specific character, be
    it NPC or OC… a place…just about anything.
  3. For example, the last time I played this, when writing
    LOTRO fanfic
    , I got suggestions such as “a haunted mirror,” “Barliman
    Butterbur,” and “Dragons!”
  4. Maybe you want to suggest something that you
    would just love to see a story about—or maybe your suggestion is as silly as “a
    mean-spirited slug” with the goal of making the story more interesting as I
    have to work to fit it in. 🙂
  5. For every three
    words I get from three different people, I’ll write a short fic that has to
    include all three of those elements.

That’s it! I look forward to seeing your suggestions…and figuring out how to make them fit together!

Update: I’m still working on my first committee prompted fic and it’s going along swimmingly (and that has nothing to do with the suspicious pool of water that was one of the prompts, hehe)! In fact it’s past 4500 words now because I think I’ve forgotten how to write short one-shots or something and this fic is definitely going to be the intro story to a long fic I’ve been wanting to write. 😀 I probably should be writing Hawkquisition part 5 (concurrent with Trespasser) first because this long fic is more like Hawkquisition part 6 but I am the muse’s servant and I’ll write what I can when I can, right?

Anyway this is just a reminder that I’m still taking prompts for this game. I have one prompt for the next fic after this one I’m writing now; need two more people to chime in to get the three prompts the game calls for! So if you have an idea of something you’d like to see in one of my Fenhawke family stories (or something totally random you want to challenge me to fit in, ha), send an ask and I’ll save it up for the next installment!

And in the meantime, have a snippet from the current WIP:

Mal couldn’t sit still at dinner. Not even Papa Metis’ tale of the
adventure Auntie Mae had sent him on that day could undistract the boy from the
memory of kittens. Da and Mum exchanged a knowing look as Mal wriggled in his
seat and finally blurted out, “Can I be excused?”

Da regarded him with an eyebrow raised. “You’ve not finished your

“I’m full.”

“Too full for dessert?” Mum grinned.

Mal wavered. “Well…”

“I believe Orana’s been experimenting with some sort of
combination pie,” Papa Metis said. “Peach and blueberry.”

Ordinarily such a combination would have won his full attention,
but at the moment the word peach only put him in mind of a tiny bundle
of orange fur down in Darktown. Mara had liked that kitten so much. Papa would
like it too, Mal was sure; it was as orange as Metis’ favorite fruit and nearly
as red as both Metis’ and Mara’s hair. Surely such a kitten was meant to
be part of their family.

“Don’t want pie,” Mal muttered, too stricken by the unfairness of
abandoning the kitten to the undercity to be distracted by mere sugar.

Mum’s eyes narrowed. “Are you feeling all right, Malcolm?”

“Fine,” he huffed, but Mum’s eyes narrowed even further as Da and
Papa turned to look at him too. “Just wanna go out and play,” Mal wheedled,
widening his eyes as winsomely as he knew how.

Da hid a smiile behind his hand and Mum sighed. “Two more bites of
your turnips, then you can go.”

Mal brightened. “Aw. Just one bite?”

Three more bites of your turnips,” Mum
amended, fixing him with a stern glare befitting their family name. Mal groaned
and gave up, forcing down the requisite three bites. Then, when Da nodded in
approval, he slipped from his seat and scurried out the door.

Writing is underway!

…and thanks to my three prompters for this round of the committee prompt game, it shall include the baking of bread, a suspicious pool of water, and a litter of kittens! So far we’ve just got to the kittens point though, so here is a tiny preview wherein not even Hawke can probably tell which of her children is speaking which line as they talk over each other so fast in their eagerness to beg for a kitten.

There were four of them, mostly grey, one the color of the ripe peaches on Papa’s favorite tree. The mother cat, white with grey patches, purring as her brood kneaded greedily at their dinner, cast a shrewd yellow eye at the children as they approached. Her tail twitched, but when they kept a fair distance, she seemed to relax, shifting to give the kittens more space in the crate.

“There you are,” came Mum’s voice as she caught up with them. “Oh!” She noticed the feline family holding their attention. “Hello again, Jasmine,” she greeted the mother cat, bending to pat its head – a gesture which met with the cat’s approval; she thrust her head to meet Mum’s hand, purring louder.

“How do you know her name, Mum?” Mal asked, inching closer to run a finger down one tiny grey back while Mum had the mother cat’s attention.

“Oh, Merrill named this one years ago,” Mum answered, scratching behind the cat’s ears. “I’m surprised she’s still around. Cats in Darktown…”

“She likes you,” Mara giggled, following Mal’s lead and poking carefully at the orange kitten.

“She should!” Mum grinned. “Most of the cream Anders used to put out for her came from my kitchen, after all.” And then Mum suddenly looked sadder than anyone so near to a purring cat ought to look, and stood, brushing her hands over her knees. “All right, we’d best be getting home now.”

“But Mum!”

“Can’t we –”

“Why don’t we have a cat, Mum?”

“Oooh, can we have a cat, Mum?”

“Yes! Can we take a kitten home?”

“Can I take the orange one?”

“Let’s name it Peach!”

If you’re doing TMI Tuesday. What would Metis’s theme song be? Does he have any concerns for Fenris, like for some of his habits? Is there anything he really would like to know about concerning Fenris’s and Hawke’s relationdhip, since she’s human?

Hi Glyph! I don’t
usually do TMI Tuesday (mostly because I’m a little paranoid about getting
asked something wildly inappropriate and feeling uncomfortably obligated to
answer anyway because I set myself up for it with a TMI Tuesday post) but I
certainly don’t mind answering these, even if it is now Friday. 😀 (Also,
apologies for not getting to it till Friday, but school is finally out and my
grades are turned in and I am celebrating the start of summer break by

Metis’ theme song: Hm, I
am horrible at thinking of songs relevant to anything because I hardly ever
listen to music. But Metis’ overall tendency to optimism and perseverance did
bring this one to mind:

I am sticking with that
one mainly because I can’t think of any good gardening songs right now, ha.

His concerns for Fenris:
He’d have been VERY concerned if he’d found Fenris a few years earlier, with
all the brooding and the hate he couldn’t overcome and the suspicion of magic, but
Fenris is actually at a pretty good place in his life when he meets Metis. Life
with Hawke has mellowed him, he smiles more often, and his primary focus is
that high-speed-toddling-disaster-waiting-to-happen known as baby Malcolm, so there’s little time to brood.
Fenris’ occasional recklessness in combat worries Metis, though. He and Hawke
often lament this together, father-and-daughter-in-law mage healers that they
both are. Oh, and coming soon in Hawkquisition Season Five, when Varania joins
the cast, Metis will be VERY concerned with the friction and tension that
remains between her brother and her. I don’t have as much of that fic planned
out yet as I’d like but there’s one very clear scene in my head of Metis
bemoaning his children’s constant arguments to a patiently sympathetic Hawke,
expressing hopes that his grandchildren will get along better, and being teased
by Hawke that he clearly grew up as an only child if he didn’t realize how
normal sibling rivalry is (though perhaps not on the Fenris & Varania level
at that point in the story), and then regaling him with tales of the quarrels
she and her siblings had growing up.

What he’d like to know
about Fenris’ relationship with human Hawke:
Hm, I don’t think he’d really be
curious about the private details or anything. Metis accompanies them back to
Kirkwall and from then on he’s around Hawke at least as much as he is around
Fenris, and he’s clever enough to take the measure of their relationship as it
plays out before his eyes, you know? He can see that Fenris is happy (that
moment when they disembarked in Jader after the Seheron adventures, the look on
Fenris’ face when he first recognized Hawke come to surprise them on the docks…)
and that Lisbet’s constant tension, of managing responsibilities of the
children and household and even the demands of the city that still fall on her
so many years after first being called Champion, eases when Fenris is near. He
sees them argue from time to time, too, but with respect and devotion no matter
how much their perspectives on the matter at hand may differ. In short, it’s
clear to Metis that they see and treat each other as equals despite their
differences in race and life history. If anything I suppose he’d be curious
about the adventures that brought them together and forged such a friendship
between them before he knew them. (Fenris, normally reticent on his past, grows
more comfortable sharing such stories over time as he learns to trust, as we
see with his conversations with Hawke in game…by the time they reach Jader I
think Metis has heard most of the history of Fenris’ time as a slave, but it is
Hawke who tells him more of the stories of his time with her.)

My Stories


Master list of the Hawkquisition series, to be updated when new stories are added:

Part I: To Remain at Your Side

Hawke arrives at Skyhold without her Fenris? Surely he didn’t willingly let her go off alone. So she must have left without telling him. He’s not going to be pleased when he finds out! This is what happens next, as Hawke travels to Weisshaupt, reuniting along the way with her lover, family, friends, and the Inquisition itself…

Read it at: DeviantArt  |  |  AO3


Part II: The Apostate’s Templar

Carver escapes the red lyrium-tainted templars of Kirkwall by escorting Merrill as she leads a ragtag group of elven refugees away from the Free Marches. In Ferelden, they uncover a source of red lyrium; the Inquisition investigates and Hawke insists on coming along.

Read it at: DeviantArt  |  |  AO3


Part III: Patchwork Families

Merrill’s patchwork clan has grown and they return with Hawke to Skyhold just in time for the baby to be born. Meanwhile, Skyhold is abuzz with preparations for Divine Victoria’s coronation and the Inquisitor’s wedding – but danger lurks amidst the festivities…

Read it at: DeviantArt  |  |  AO3


Part IV: Warriors Such As (Tumblr Masterpost)

Fenris was once told that even in the Imperium, warriors with markings of his sort were rare – with the implication that he is not unique. When the Inquisition learns of a group of Venatori creating warriors marked like Fenris, but with red lyrium, Hawke may have to take her turn being the one left behind while Fenris travels into danger to help the Inquisitor investigate.

Read it at: DeviantArt  |  |  AO3  


Drabbles and One-Shots

  • Paradox: Fenris/Lisbet Hawke. Teaching their son to read, a vocabulary lesson calls for an example closer to home.
  • Placebo: Carver/Merrill. Kirkwall’s templars are taking red lyrium; Carver seeks out Merrill for help.
  • Lights Out: Fenris/Lisbet Hawke. On bedtime habits.
  • Amantes Sunt Amentes: Fenris and Lisbet are lunatics in love. (Takes place between chapter 1 and 2 of To Remain at Your Side, listed above.)
  • Principia Parva Sunt: Merrill tries to identify the beginning of her falling in love with Carver, but beginnings are too small to bother with. (Concurrent with The Apostate’s Templar)
  • Cineri Gloria Sera Est: What if Hawke had not survived the Arishok duel? Fenris blames himself…
  • Oculus Animi Index: Hawke is obsessed with Fenris’ eyes. (Aren’t we all, a little?)
  • OTP prompt 15 for Carver and Merrill: 

    Which one screams about the spider and which one brings the spider outside?

  • OTP Prompt 29 for Fenris and Hawke: 

    Which one holds the umbrella over both of them when it rains?

  • Oak and Linden: Fenris/F!Hawke. For AU day of Fenhawke Week 2,

    A tale and a translation from Ovid’s Metamorphoses: the myth of Baucis and Philemon in the persons of Hawke and Fenris, in their retirement.

  • Nosce Te Ipsum: Fenris/F!Hawke. Hawke’s role in Fenris’ path to self-discovery. Podficced too!
  • Sapling: Metis prepares for the birth of his granddaughter. (Fenris/Hawke)
  • Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes (WIP, ¾ chapters posted): Fenris/F!Hawke, married with children and still getting into trouble.
  • Beneficium Accipere Libertatem Est Vendere: Fenris/F!Hawke as seen by Varania when Hawke and Varric persuade her to stay in Kirkwall and try meeting with her brother again
  • Ave Atque Vale: A preview of Hawkquisition part 5 or a one-shot that fits somewhere after it, depending on how part 5 goes when I actually get it written…This features Varania bringing Metis to Mara’s grave, mourning, closure. It is a sad.

What would be your OCs(whoever, all of them) favorite dinosaur?

Hehe, I am giggling so hard right now as I ponder this question! Hm…well Lisbet, being a Hawke, would probably pick a pterodactyl as that’s PRACTICALLY A DRAGON (although she’s not perhaps as dragon-obsessed as the usual Hawke trope, but still. It’s a flying reptile. What’s not to like?)

For Lisbet! ✯, ♞, ♟!

Oh dear I had to think a bit for these! (Which is good, that’s the whole point, right? 😀 Thanks for asking!) 

✯ – religious beliefs

Lisbet is
Andrastian and just a tad more than nominally. It’s hard to be a regular at
Chantry services when your family boasts three apostates, you know? But she
finds comfort sometimes in the liturgy and the thought that maybe
a Maker exists, though she’s skeptical that he’s exactly what the Chant makes
him out to be.

♞ – a time they’ve felt powerful

Healing isn’t
her magical forte, but it was important to her to hone skills that were more
than destructive (while there are certainly productive and creative uses for
the ice magic that comes easiest to her, mostly she gets to put frost spells to
practice in combat and after a while it gets dreary, freezing people all the
time when they annoy you, even if they’re annoying you with pointy objects and
battle cries…). She practiced intently to be able to offer a helping hand more
effectively than just chilling a bruise. She felt so powerful the first time
her healing spells actually saved a person’s life – a farmhand hired to help
Malcolm with the harvest in whatever town they’d settled in for those years, a
boy on the cusp of being Hawke’s first crush. Until the accident with the plow
horse left his leg badly mangled and ribs cracked*, with Malcolm away from the
farm. Until Lisbet stretched her magic to its limit, keeping soul and body
together till every bone was knit back in place just right. It was fortunate
he’d been unconscious for the whole process, totally unaware of the magic
keeping him alive. After that she kept the friendly lad at arm’s length,
fearing to let slip what she had done if he should ever prove curious about how
he’d survived the accident, but at least he lived, and they didn’t
have to find a new hometown in a hurry because of her power. Overall, she
counted it a win.

♟ – a time they’ve
felt powerless

Hm so many
obvious moments in canon – e.g. every family member’s death, right? It’s tough
being a Hawke. But aside from those stories that every Hawke more or less
shares, let’s see…It was one of the occasions when the Hawke family had to
spontaneously relocate. Lisbet’s magic had manifested just months before. Being
cautious by nature and having taken to heart the lengths the family had always
had to go to in concealing Malcolm’s apostasy, Lisbet trained quietly with her
father, careful not to show any sign of her fledgling powers in public, but
ever more elated and excited at the things she was learning to do, and in her
growing control of her magic.  Then, entirely unrelated to Lisbet’s
powers, mere coincidence drove them scurrying from that town: someone Malcolm
had once known spotted and recognized him, and the family didn’t dare wait
around to see if he’d called the templars. Lisbet groused about how useless
magic must be if the two mages in their family couldn’t just put their
powers to use against one possible tattler. Her chorus of “it’s not fair”s
got her pulled up to ride by her father in the front of the wagon for a
heart-to-heart about choosing one’s battles, so in the end it wasn’t so bad,
feeling powerless. “The truest power we have is the power to choose the wisest
course,” her father’s words stuck with her throughout the years.

*pun on “crush” TOTALLY UNINTENDED I just realized on rereading this before posting that it could be read that way *smacks head* Sorry…

For the OC Ask Meme: Numbers 1, 5, and 15 for Lisbet Hawke <3

Yay, thanks for asking!

I should warn that the more I write Lisbet, the more inconsistent I find her…I think actually she’s just changed very gradually over the course of fanfic from what she was like in the confines of the game. She was mostly a blue Hawke in game, but her sense of humor has been coming out more and more in the later stories I’ve written (can I blame that on the children? parenthood can have that effect, right?) and sometimes I’m not sure if I’ve started writing her horribly out of character or if she just has depths yet to explore. I hope the latter! I also hope I haven’t totally revised her character with these answers… 😀

  • 1:What’s something other characters will notice first about your character?

Before you get to know her, Lisbet Hawke seems
aloof, sometimes even cold. Come to know her better and you realize she’s
actually intensely compassionate (which is why she’s often found meddling and
trying to solve everyone’s problems) but she’s also quiet and guarded around
strangers (probably in part the habit of an apostate), and calculating, ever
the strategist. She’s not exactly shy, but she is more introverted than most
Hawkes – usually diplomatic and tactful, her “purple Hawke” side showing up
more in stressful situations when she is at her wit’s end or when she is around
friends, comfortable enough for bad jokes.

  • 5:What kind of transport does your character usually use?

Canon Lisbet walks everywhere; not many other
options at first (and after the trip from Ferelden to Kirkwall she’d prefer to
avoid ships, thankyouverymuch) but even after the Deep Roads when she can
afford more elaborate transportation, she’s just in the habet of walking

Now if it were a modern AU Lisbet (oh dear,
might that become a thing?) where transportation options were more varied, I
think she’d have a fondness for trains. Maybe that’s just because I’ve never
traveled by train myself but my mom used to talk about taking a train to visit
relatives and she made it sound like quite an adventure.

  • 15:What’s one thought, idea, goal, dream, or desire that your character is most ashamed of having?

In her lowest moments, Lisbet sometimes wishes
she’d not been born with magic. She’s a little paranoid about her powers and
their pitfalls. Objectively, she knows that her control is exceptional, her
skills are useful, a mage is who she is and she is content and will make
the most of it; but sometimes apostasy seems more trouble than it’s worth and
she daydreams of being quite mundane.

Ask about my OCs!

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