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So… I’m reblogging this because I think some people are turned off from reading Magekiller because of the title. 

Please. I feel you on this. When I first heard it announced I was like… really? Something else mage negative? And yeah, as a joke I tweeted about it to the Dragon Age twitter account.

I just have to say though (and if you follow me, you’ve seen all the pro-mage, anti-chantry, Anders defense posts i’ve reblogged or one Anders defense posts I’ve written), I pushed through that and gave the comic a chance. 

Magekiller has been great so far. My only huge criticism currently is that Marius is literally a Fenris stand in, and that with it running into a game timeline (which they’ve not done before. almost every novel/comic takes place outside of or away from game canon for the most part) alongside Inquisition, it’ll start some more canon fights in the fandom… and I just don’t want to see that drama. 

Still, I’ve enjoyed Magekiller, with thing like:

  •  Seeing a former Tevinter slave and a Nevarran noble team up to bounty hunt mages that have gone too far. (Not just slaughtering mages for funsies) 
  • Getting a really good look at Tevinter. Meeting/seeing the Archon, Tevinter entertainment, the slave markets, the libraries, the bath houses. 
  • Getting a small look at Calpernia (so far) and her relationship with Marius.
  • Marius loves Varric’s books. 
  • Seeing regular people dealing with the rifts.
  • Charter recruiting the pair for Inquisition.

I’m not able to get the next issue until Friday, but I’m excited to see Dorian and the Chargers come into the fray. 

So, all I’m asking, is give Magekiller a chance. Yes, it’s poorly named, but it’s a great addition to the canon of Dragon Age. 





Does anyone else really want the latest Dragon Comic to end with Marius about to take on the entire Venatori or what have you and he kicks down the door to break into their secret meeting only to find that the room is positively littered with corpses.

Like there is a ludicrous amount of gore

And standing right in the middle is Fenris


Magekiller thought: what if the reason Marius’s backstory is so similar to Fenris’s is that he’s intended to be the fallback character in DA4 worldstates where Fenris is dead

Dragon Age: Magekiller #1

Oh hey the new comic is 99 cents today instead of the list price $3.99! Maybe I won’t wait for the whole series to be out after all…

Dragon Age: Magekiller #1

Dragon Age: Magekiller #1 Preview: Magic is a cheat

Preview is up for the new comic! It looks intriguing! Minrathous, people!

Dragon Age: Magekiller #1 Preview: Magic is a cheat

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