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Writing is underway!

…and thanks to my three prompters for this round of the committee prompt game, it shall include the baking of bread, a suspicious pool of water, and a litter of kittens! So far we’ve just got to the kittens point though, so here is a tiny preview wherein not even Hawke can probably tell which of her children is speaking which line as they talk over each other so fast in their eagerness to beg for a kitten.

There were four of them, mostly grey, one the color of the ripe peaches on Papa’s favorite tree. The mother cat, white with grey patches, purring as her brood kneaded greedily at their dinner, cast a shrewd yellow eye at the children as they approached. Her tail twitched, but when they kept a fair distance, she seemed to relax, shifting to give the kittens more space in the crate.

“There you are,” came Mum’s voice as she caught up with them. “Oh!” She noticed the feline family holding their attention. “Hello again, Jasmine,” she greeted the mother cat, bending to pat its head – a gesture which met with the cat’s approval; she thrust her head to meet Mum’s hand, purring louder.

“How do you know her name, Mum?” Mal asked, inching closer to run a finger down one tiny grey back while Mum had the mother cat’s attention.

“Oh, Merrill named this one years ago,” Mum answered, scratching behind the cat’s ears. “I’m surprised she’s still around. Cats in Darktown…”

“She likes you,” Mara giggled, following Mal’s lead and poking carefully at the orange kitten.

“She should!” Mum grinned. “Most of the cream Anders used to put out for her came from my kitchen, after all.” And then Mum suddenly looked sadder than anyone so near to a purring cat ought to look, and stood, brushing her hands over her knees. “All right, we’d best be getting home now.”

“But Mum!”

“Can’t we –”

“Why don’t we have a cat, Mum?”

“Oooh, can we have a cat, Mum?”

“Yes! Can we take a kitten home?”

“Can I take the orange one?”

“Let’s name it Peach!”


11 and 15 for Fenris, Lisbet, and Malcom, please!

Oooh these are fun ones. Thanks for asking!

11. What’s playtime like? What kind of games does the character tend to play with the children? Are they GOOD at it? 😀

As soon as he could crawl Malcolm liked to play the game of “How far from Mum and Da can I get before they catch me!” and never quite lost his love of that trick. For a kid who never stops chattering when he’s within eyesight, he can be alarmingly quiet when he’s found a good hiding place and will wait them out for hours before he gets bored or hungry enough to give up on being found.

As he got older though, Malcolm adored every sort of board game, card game, game of skill or chance he could discover. Varric had him playing Wicked Grace (of a sort, gambling being forbidden by Hawke) by age six. Malcolm also HATES to lose at any sort of game, so he’s utterly ruthless. He and Fenris both learned to play chess from Metis (at around the same time…) and did Malcolm ever crow when he managed to beat his grandfather at it before Fenris did! (Metis, for all his gentle good-naturedness, is pretty ruthless in board games too and never would just let the boy(s) win.)

Adding a younger sister, Mara, to the mix meant that playtime involved a lot of make-believe because he could boss his little sister around in assigned roles. Mara’s her brother’s shadow and compliant enough, but she’s nowhere near the natural thespian he is, so playtime also often involved a lot of lecturing Mara about how she was supposed to play a role, while she just looked on thoughtfully.

15. Is there a toy/book/game the character is almost as excited about as the child (or even MORE so than the child? :D)

Lisbet’s very fond of the book of children’s tales Josephine gave her during her first pregnancy, especially one called Andraste’s Gift to the Dragon, but Malcolm never cared for that one near as much as she did. He likes The Big Blue Mabari much more.

Fenris developed a fondness for a set of building-blocks gifted to Malcolm by Aveline and Donnic, and could often be found still carefully aligning some elaborate tiny edifice long after Malcolm had lost interest in playing with Da and run off to pester his mother or find a good hiding place.

Ask me about my characters and their kids!

Help. The allure of is irresistible. I slipped and made Hawkes. 

With the mabari is Lisbet Hawke, my canon Champion. The other two are her and Fenris’ kids, Malcolm and Mara.

(Why is Hawke a cheerleader? It was…the reddest outfit available, I guess?)

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