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it takes about a week of following the hawke sisters around for varric to finally see the older one smile.

even at his most charming, the most he gets out of her at first is a shift from surly and suspicious to what would be called “neutral” on anyone else’s face, though bethany assures him it’s a good sign from her sister.

“i think she decided if she seemed unfriendly to everyone, they’d leave us alone and wouldn’t look too closely at father and i,” bethany confessed to him once, while a few steps away hawke frowned thoughtfully over the lowtown swordsmith’s booth. “but she’s really kind, i promise.”

they’re in hightown later when bethany says, “i had a twin brother, carver.”

varric is no good at vulnerabilities, his own or other people’s; if he can pass a joke off over them he does, and if he can’t he just ignores them and leaves the ‘dealing with’ for another time. bethany’s a sweet kid, and varric can tell she’s still grieving. she doesn’t deserve to have her pain ignored, so maybe he can make her smile instead.

“i’m sorry about your brother,” he says sincerely, then, “do you want mine? i’ve got a spare.”

bethany shakes her head and huffs a little laugh, which varric is willing to count as a win, then turns to glance over hubert’s overpriced goods to hide her face.

when varric glances up at marian, she’s watching them with an expression so foreign on her it takes him a moment to realize it’s a smile of her own. “thank you,” she says, softly enough that bethany doesn’t seem to notice.

after that, she frowns a lot less around him.



The cute lyrium prince and sarcastic dragon wannabe. (Fenris and Marian)

@rannadylin and @anidragon gave me the inspiration to do these. Please give both blogs a look. Rannadylin does a lot of art appreciation, has an amazing fanfiction running that you absolutely must see, and has an amazing OC, Metis. Anidragon has done some very wonderful couples using dolldivine.


I borrowed @serpentsshipmate‘s Marian Hawke again for our jazz club modern AU. Just a silly bit of sibling rivalry between her and Carver 🙂


      Marian woke to the sound of a creaking floorboard just outside of her bedroom door – almost as if someone was trying to sneak down to the bathroom without waking her up. She swore and threw her blanket aside, nearly tangling her legs in it and tripping in her haste to get across the room. Just as she reached the door, she heard the thud of running footsteps suddenly bursting down the hall.

      “No you don’t, Carver!” she shouted, flinging her door open and pelting after him.

      “You were asleep!” he yelled over his shoulder. Marian gained on him quickly, her speed being the only advantage over his size. He tried to block the hallway with his broad shoulders, but she slipped past him at the last second, slamming the bathroom door in his face and locking it immediately. 

       “Marian!” he bellowed, pounding his fists against the door. “That’s not fair, you’ve had the shower first every day this week!”

       “Too bad,” she sang, turning the water on and dropping her pajamas to the floor. “You were too slow again!”

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marian caps


I can’t believe that 5 years ago the world was gifted with the most amazing protagonist in the history of protagonists. A++++


Now on Redbubble!

I made a Redbubble shop! So far all that’s in it is Fenhawke chibis (priorities, right?) but I will expand it as I draw more things to put in there!


I’m seeking the Champion.
Which one?

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