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First Lines Meme

Tagged by @therealmnemo for a writerly meme:

List the first lines of your last 20 stories. See if there
are any patterns. Then tag 10 of your favorite authors!

  1. “This is it?” Metis asked, glancing around at the small
    collection of monuments outside the city limits. (Ave
    Atque Vale
  2. Varania returned to a tavern in disarray. (Beneficium
  3. “Well,” said the voice Fenris least expected to hear on this
    job, from the place he least expected to find her. “Fancy meeting you here.” (Quis
    Custodiet Ipsos Custodes
    , which is technically still a WIP until I figure out what to do with its final chapter)
  4. When the moment arrives, the signs are evident and all
    preparations are in place. (Sapling)
  5. Dust flew, as feet bare and booted pounded across Skyhold’s
    training circle. (Hawkquistion Part 4: Warriors Such
  6. The years have not been kind, but we have been kind to each
    other. (Oak and Linden)
  7. It has plagued him as long as he can remember, the question
    that can never be answered. (Nosce Te Ipsum)
  8. “It’s only rain, Hawke,” Fenris sniffs when she balks at the
    open doorway. (OTP
    prompt 29, Which one holds the umbrella over both of them when it rains?
  9. Carver Hawke hated being compared to his elder sister. (OTP
    prompt 15, Which one screams about the spider and which one brings the spider
  10. “You have pretty eyes,” Hawke hears Isabela purr,
    distracting Fenris from whatever he was trying to ask her. (Oculus Animi Index)
  11. There is a moment when Merrill’s heart skips a beat and she
    thinks, Oh. And she thinks, I love him. And, when did
    that happen?
    Parva Sunt
  12. He blames himself. (Cineri Gloria Sera Est)
  13. What madness has overtaken Serah Hawke? (Amantes Sunt Amentes)
  14. It’s been a long day. (Lights Out)
  15. Three times Carver started to walk away from the door. (Placebo)
  16. “P..p…pa…” The boy’s breath stirred his dark
    hair away from his eyes as each repetition of the syllable grew more forceful
    with his frustration. (Paradox)
  17. The mabari had taken to following Varric around. (Hawkquisition
    Part 3: Patchwork Families
  18. “Really, my dear,” the former First Enchanter drawled in her
    superior tone of voice, “you’re little better than a hedge mage, aren’t you? (Hawkquisition
    Part 2: The Apostate’s Templar
  19. “Still a day or so till we hit the Imperial highway at
    Montfort, my lady,” the Warden recruit said all too cheerfully as Lisbet Hawke
    scraped yet more of the mud of the Nahashin Marshes from her boot. (Hawkquisition
    Part 1: To Remain at Your Side

And apparently those 19 are all the Dragon Age stories I
have yet written! Actually I’m kind of surprised it came that close to 20…I am
easily distracted from things I intend to write. 😦 So for slot 20, I could
give you the first line of one of my much older LOTRO stories…or I could give
you the first line of the current WIP. Let’s go with the WIP, a story titled “Stray”,
since that is a Dragon Age story. And I’m just gonna include the whole first
paragraph since you can’t yet click a link to read the whole rest of this one!

20. Imagine: You are eight years old. Smaller than the other
boys your age, perhaps, but stronger and quicker too; you’ve been training with
a bow since your first birthday, claims Uncle Varric, and Aunt Isabela promises
a knife for your tenth birthday, no matter how Da scowls and Mum argues with
her when she says so. You’ve scuffled with children bigger than yourself and
come out unscathed (at least until Mum found out), so you’re sure you can
handle the knife. Aunt Merrill’s been teaching you to find your way in the
wilderness, too, and you could make the trip to Sundermount all on your own if
Da would allow it.

So now I’m supposed to see if there are any patterns? Hm…well,
only 7 of the 20 open with dialogue. Exactly half of them are in present tense
and half in past tense, which is interesting because I never really wrote
stories in present tense before starting on Dragon Age fic, I don’t think. I
guess I have taken to that technique more than I realized. (It also doesn’t
quite count for #20 because the story does not continue in present tense after
the first few paragraphs which are sort of setting the scene…) One of the
stories opens in first person (Oak and Linden) and one in second person (the
WIP, but that also doesn’t quite count because it goes back to third person
after that first few paragraphs…you’ll see soon, I hope!), but overwhelmingly
third person is my preferred voice. I don’t usually like reading stories in
first or second person either, so I do use them sparingly, only when the story
really seems to demand it. In both those cases, actually, I had started writing
the first draft in third person as usual and it just wasn’t working out. I
switched to first person for Oak and Linden, and I added that second person
intro for Stray, and it clicked. That was how those particular stories needed
to be told.

And now to tag some people! @theherocomplex @lyriumrebel @kaerwrites @jawsandbones @quinnlocke @lypreila @slothquisitor
@spirrum @glyphron-dragon-age @servantofclio – if you wish to, have at it! Don’t feel
obligated to list 20 stories or to sit it out if you don’t have that many,
either…I mean I had to round it out with either a WIP or a really old fic, so
do what works for you! Open tag to anyone else who wants to do this as well,
feel free to claim a tag from me.


I made a quiz that tells you which character trope you fit best. There’s ten different results! Feel free to take it!

Reblog in the tags what you got!

Favorites Meme

I really should catch up on the memes and things I’ve been
tagged in, huh? Sorry, lovely people who have tagged me! I do appreciate the
thought but also I am a horrid procrastinator… 😀 Anyway, here’s one that @elcapitan18 and, previously, @glyphron tagged me for.

rule: Tag 10
people you want to get to know better. (I’m tagging: @broodywolf @therealmnemo @quinnlocke  @lypreila @gerundsandcoffee @knitterling @maker-preserve @lunaahawke @lyriumrebel @fairandfatalasfair but only if you want to, and
apologies if you’ve already done this one and I’ve lost track in the length of
time it took me to actually complete it myself!)

favourite anime/mangas: Ah…have I ever even seen one? Does Dawn of the Seeker count as an anime?
Let’s say yes. Seriously, I can’t think of anything else; this is just not my

favourite video games: Dragon Age obviously; currently playing Witcher
3; other RPG favorites (because that IS my genre) included Kingdoms of Amalur:
Reckoning; Mass Effect; Jade Empire; KOTOR and KOTOR2; also for many years I
played MMOs, especially LOTRO and SWTOR; and in the non-RPG genres, MONKEY
ISLAND is the best and funniest game series ever. Also any and every game by
Spiderweb Software for some old-school and funny RPGs.

favourite books: C.S. Lewis’
Till We Have Faces is my forever fave
(I even wrote a paper on it for an English class when we had leeway to pick any
British author…). Also love his Space Trilogy, and as for Narnia, WELL it was
the series I reread nearly every year of my childhood since I was seven, so
yeah it’s up there. Lord of the Rings
too (er, as a fave, not as being so frequently reread, though I have been
through it a few times at least but didn’t start on it till, what, age 13 or
so?). To Say Nothing of the Dog which
I started rereading last summer and really ought to get around to finishing
again…I think fanfic distracted me, ahem. Recent faves: SIX OF CROWS Six of Crows six of crows for sure. Also really
enjoyed the Winner’s Curse trilogy
and The Infernal Devices trilogy
which is much much better than the Mortal
series but I liked that too.

favourite tv shows: Anything I
watch nowadays is via Netflix or Amazon, but that’d include…Doctor Who; Once
Upon a Time; Star Wars: Rebels; and um, Girl Meets World because along with my
sister I was a big fan of Boy Meets World in our formative years and I am
nostalgic. Also it’s just so cute. 😀 Also if it counts, I am now hurrying to catch up on Critical Role!

favorite movies: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Princess Bride,
and the eternal classic of family reunions, which says a lot about my family’s
sense of humor: What’s Up Doc?

last song I listened to: Um…the
bit of Fenris’ Theme that is my phone alarm for when I need to take my
nighttime insulin dose? Or whatever chorus Mom was practicing on Friday
for today’s worship service (she’s the church pianist and I am the flutist and
my sister is the drummer). For as much as I like music—and play it—I don’t
really think to put something on to listen to that often.

first language: American English; second languages include Latin
and French and one year in high school’s worth of German. (My school only
offered three years of French so when I’d finished that I took German I as a
senior for fun. Started Latin in college and now I teach it! Teaching French
next school year too…it’s been six years since I actually taught French so I’m
brushing up on Duolingo over the summer. :-D) 

This is a lovely meme, which I’ve done a time or two in the
past with various lists of lovely things. But right now it is summer and I’m at
my parents’ and one thing that certainly makes me happy at this time of year is
my dad’s garden, so here are at least
five pictures of happy produce.

(N.B.: Whether Metis’ gardening is inspired by my Dad’s
garden or whether I like Dad’s garden better because of Metis’ gardening is
anyone’s guess. The world, i.e. me, may never know. I think they probably feed
off each other a bit at this point though…)

Getting to know you meme

it’s Memorial Day, I can take time and do a memey thing. 🙂

Rules: Tag 20 followers that you want to know

Tagged by: @dragonifyoudare

Name: Rebecca

Nickname: Becki

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Virgo

Height: 5′2″

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Favorite Color: Purple (and Gold. JCL

Time rn: 8:37 am

Average Hours of

Lucky Number: 4

Last Thing I Googled: I…don’t even remember. Nothing so far this morning…

Fav Fictional
lately. I don’t know if I’ve made that clear on this blog… 😉

Blankets I Sleep With: Usually just a quilt 

Fav Artists/Band: The Piano Guys

Dream Trip: Yet another school
trip to Italy because I have the best time showing my students around the
classical sites!

Dream Job: Writer

When did you make this
well, the oldest posts in the archive are from May 12, 2015 (it’s over a year
old?! I missed my blogiversary?!) when I started posting my first
Hawkquisition story
here via links to the chapters on Deviantart. I’m pretty
sure I was following blogs before that but I don’t seem to have posted or
reblogged anything before that point.

Follower Count: 373. Time for a follower giveaway soon? I’ve
been knitting extra Fenris dolls for Etsy… 🙂

Posts: an even 6500 as of this moment!

Who are your most
active followers: 
@iamnotheretobeproductive @brightskiesonmymind @servantofclio

When did your blog
reach its peak: 
The Hug
Your OC Day
post has passed 650 notes in just three days so that might be
it. I feel accomplished now. 😀

Why did you get
think I heard about it from a DA fan group on Facebook, some members shared
their tumblr links and I ended up making an account to follow them, but lurked
awhile before posting anything myself.

Do you get asks on a
daily basis:
no. What’s that even like?

Why did you choose
your url: 
Dylin is a go-to screenname of mine, borrowed from a concept for a Star Wars OC
years ago that never ended up getting used so I just appropriated her name. I’ve
used Ranna or variations of it for various game characters (Ranna Cousland, my
canon Warden although she was my 4th play through; Rhannah Redfern,
smuggler and my first OC to hit level 50 in SWTOR; also a Ranna in Kingdoms of
Amalur) although honestly I use Linett more often for said characters (Linett
Redfern, my first LOTRO character, a lore-master on one server then recreated
as a captain on another; Linett Hawke my first Hawke; Linett Trevelyan, my
first Inquisitor, and wasn’t that awkward when Linett Hawke showed up at
Skyhold and I’m like “Hey we have the same name!”). So anyway you’ll also find
me online under the Linett screenname sometimes, or Durandir which was a
character concept for a LOTR OC when I was very very young. So totally a Mary

I tag: (nowhere near
the 20 followers the rules call for, :-p) (Only if you wish to, of course!)
@therealmnemo @broodywolf @quinnlocke @lunaahawke @lypreila @servantofclio @nyessagaming @iamnotheretobeproductive @gerundsandcoffee @brightskiesonmymind @broody-lyrium

A Dragon Age Meme

I was tagged some time ago by @unwritten-fantasy.
High time I got caught up on the meme tags! 🙂


1) Always re-post the rules.

2) Answer the questions given by the person who
tagged you.

3) Give 11 questions of your choice to the people
you tag

4) Tag 11 people

I’m going to skip 3 and 4 actually: I hereby
declare open-tagging, anyone who wants to participate can claim a tag, and just
answer the same 11 questions because I’ve procrastinated answering these long
enough and am not going to delay longer to write 11 more questions of my own,

Who are your favorite non-companion character’s from each game?

Origins: Teagan, Duncan, Anora, Gorim (temporary
companions count right?)

DA2: Flemeth (technically in all three games but
I like her best in this one), Orsino, Bodahn, Sandal, and Orana

Inquisition: Josephine, Dagna, Bram Kenric

2. Favorite game in the series, and why?

Dragon Age 2, for the story with all its
surprises and setbacks and the Sisyphean nature of Hawke, and for the fantastic
companions who are there as Hawke’s friends moreso than a team saving the world
from peril.

3. Favorite moment in the series? (Cutscene,
banter, lore, etc.)

Man there are too many. Hm…well, the disaster
at Ostagar was the scene that hooked me on the series in the first place, when things
got real
. The moment the Chantry blew up was a similar hook, especially
since I was romancing Anders on that first playthrough and was thoroughly
flabbergasted. 😀 The refugee Inquisition singing “The Dawn Will Come” was the
hook for me in DAI, such a powerful use of music. And there are a zillion
favorite banters so let’s not even start on that!

4. What’s your favorite location? (From any of
the games)

Hm, I do love the Emerald Graves! So much lore
and so much green. In real life I am an indoorsy hermity person but in game I
love the outdoors, heh.

5. Who would win in a fight: your Warden, Hawke,
or Inquisitor, and why do you think so?

Well if we’re going with my canon trio of Ranna
Cousland, Lisbet Hawke, and Thayer Trevelyan…um probably Ranna, because she’s
the scrappiest and possibly the most determined, Thayer would not take the
fight seriously enough, and Lisbet would…actually Lisbet might just freeze
the both of them and walk away. Does that count as a win?

6. If you could be any character from the series,
who would you be and why?

I’m probably Josephine, the frilliest, most
introverted Antivan ambassador ever. As for why: I have the organizational
skills and the tact for her job, and my personality’s more or less a blend of

7. Think about your favorite DA OC. Why are they
your favorite?

Well currently that’s Metis, because he is a ray
of sunshine in a pretty dark world.

8. Preferred party for each game?

I honestly can’t think of one, as I tend to vary
my party a lot for the sake of banter triggering, plus it varies by who my main
character is/what class they are, e.g. if I’m playing a mage I’m less likely to
have multiple mages on my team, etc.

9. What’s your favorite Origins background?

I played a character through each origin story
once just to see that part, but I think I still prefer the Aeducan origin most,
and that was my first Warden!

10. If you could live in any country in Thedas,
where would it be?

I think Antiva would be a fascinating place to
live, so long as you’re not someone likely to get targeted for assassination..

11. You get to make a party of your favorite
characters from the entire series. Who do you choose?

Hmmmm am I picking them just as my favorite
characters or in terms of building a decent party? Heh…Well, let’s say
Alistair, Fenris, and Cassandra then. Looks like I’d better be playing a mage
or rogue because apparently the warrior characters are all my faves!

Get to Know Me

All right, time for a meme, tagged by @dualwieldingtymber in this one!

Tag 9 People you want to know better: (Only if y’all want to of course, and if you want to and I didn’t tag you, feel free to claim a tag too!) @therealmnemo @quinnlocke @broodywolf @emma-trevelyan @lyriumrebel @theherocomplex @whatthefawxblogs @gerundsandcoffee @maker-preserve

Relationship Status: Old Maid 🙂

Favorite Color: Purple

Pets: Not allowed in my apartment complex, sadly, so I get my kitten fix at my parents’ house on the weekends.

Wake-Up Time: 5:30ish am most school days. Not much later on the weekends, lest I have too hard a time waking up on Monday.

Cats or Dogs: Always been a cat person. I romanced Anders on my first DA2 play through for that reason primarily. 🙂

Coke or Pepsi: Ick. Tea. Quality, loose leaf tea in a diffuser that gives it room to unfurl properly, steeped at the proper temperature for the type of tea it is and for the proper length of time, not so long it becomes bitter. Tea done right is the best. I am a total tea snob.

Text or Call: Email? Actually texting’s great now that I have a phone that makes it feasible. Old phone was so tedious to text with, but I hate phone calls even more. Welcome to my introverted world.

Chapstick or Lipstick: Usually chapstick but every now and then I Make An Effort. I’m more likely to make an effort with nail polish though.

Last song I listened to: Um I think it was some sort of remix of Rey’s Theme on a tumblr post. Otherwise it was the Dragon Age mix cd I made for my car because apart from that I don’t usually remember to put music on, which is weird since I play an instrument (flute) and I quite like many genres of music. I just like quiet more, at least in the evenings after school.

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