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needed to paint this cutie ♥



guard captain + the most precious blood mage u will ever meet


Hawke did nothing to hide his smile. Varric always described it as a hint of a grin, a glint in his eyes, and a trace of blush on his face, like every time he looked at Merrill he was seeing her for the first time all over again.

Hawke never had the tact for his friend’s prose. He just knew he loved her.

I wanted to draw Niall and Merrill getting married. Maybe I’ll do a photo series. 


and then the DA2 beebs~


A little sketch portrait I cleaned up over lunch. Love this girl’s eyes!

Dragon Age Blogs Ahoy!


So I’m being PRESSURED to make this post… 

but yeah, I need more Dragon Age blogs to follow. 

So please reblog if you post mostly/all Dragon Age, and in the tags write your favourite characters so I know what your blog’ll be like! Yay! 😀 

Stockroom Woes (Carver/Merrill)


Holy crap, a Dragon Age ficlet from Flutie? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?

Just playing around with these two adorable lugnuts, trying to indulge some nostalgic feels and get a sense for their voices again. A sequel, of sorts, to this, an AU college!verse in which Merrill’s a science and public policy major,Carver’s an undeclared science major, and Marian’s the physics genius who’d wise-cracked her way into a 4.0. Enjoy! 


Unlike Marian, who’d scored a full-ride scholarship to U of Kirkwall, of course, Carver has had to bust his ass to pay for school. He keeps a couple part-time jobs: one slinging burgers at Meeran’s, another slinging lasers and spectrometers in the physics department stock room. They don’t usually give those jobs to kids outside the department, but in his interview Carver had apparently impressed the supervisor by knowing the difference between a lathe and a table saw, as if the distinction were some ancient Mayan secret, forever lost to the ages. Of course, to most of these spoiled rich kids, it probably is. But with a famous physicist for a father, Carver had seen his fair share of power tools and soldering irons, and he probably knows more about lab equipment than most of the professors. Those boneheads wouldn’t know their ass from an optical mount. No wonder Athenril hired him.

Of course it had nothing to do, nothing at all, with that one time Marian walked into Meeran’s, wrinkled her nose at Carver’s paper hat, and proceeded to blather on (and on, and on) about how for her baby brother’s sake, she might be able to pull a few strings with her department head.

Stupid Marian. Always helping, always having to be the center of the damn universe. Maker save him from his older sister’s help.

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merrill doodle.

Merrill and Fenris, making flower crowns


It is year one and this is why he doesn’t like her: she’s a blood mage, and he’s a man who has spent years being tortured and controlled by another who bled other’s veins dry to keep his tiny throne of power.

It is year one and this is why she doesn’t like him: he’s dismissive of a past that is their history, a culture that belongs to him, one she has given up so much to persevere, and instead of understanding why this is more than just her life, he calls her a fool and treats her like a child.

They do not talk outside of their journeys with Hawke.

Both of them prefer it. 

It is year three and this is why he tolerates her: she is a blood mage but she only uses her own blood, and while she is a fool of the highest measure, she is a fool who has her heart in the right place. He doesn’t not trust her to practice magic, every man can fall to vice, but he trusts her to watch his back, and tell him when the guards are close to his house. When the Slavers come for him, ready to drag him back, she is one of the first to lash out with her magic to drive them to their graves. She doesn’t not look at him with pity. 

It is year three and this is why she tolerates him: he has gone through so much and his fear of magic makes sense, even though she hates to admit it. After learning of his past, of the man who kept him on a leash, she cannot fault him for being close minded towards blood magic, though she doesn’t approve of it either when he makes his displeasure vocal. On a spring day in the late afternoon, he comes to her about an Elvish word he does not understand. He wants to learn the language. And she wants to teach him. 

They talk once a month, not as friends, but as comrades. When they throw small gatherings, each other is invited. 

It is something close to acceptance. 

It is year six and this is why he respects her: because for all his doubts of her being a fool, she was not the one to crumble to pride, she took precautions to prevent herself from becoming a monster, and while he despises her choice, he knows she is not ignorant of consequences. She protects the elves hunted by slavers in the city with her magic despite the consequences,  and when guards come down to beat on those less strong, she goes out to shout at them into fleeing. She is perhaps one of the best at Wicked Grace, and over the years as she teaches you Elvish, she never mocks your progress. When Danarius comes and the past rushes back at him, she uses her blood magic to break the ties of others he is attempting to control. She shouts abuse at him. And she doe not let him get close to Fenris until Fenris pushes forward to fight.  

It is year six and this is why she respects him: because he has an interest in her culture for all she thought otherwise, and while he has no urge to be a part of it, he wants to understand it, understand others, and that is a leap away from what she ever expected. He helps smuggle letters to mages in the Gallows from loved ones, because while he thinks they belong in Circles, he does not believe they need to be cut off from the outside world entirely. When a mage elf is found among a crowd of freed slaves and Hawke is not there to put down their word, his call is to give them the choice to join the Circle or to leave the city, on just the first one. He watches the Templars change and does not approve, not blind to the corruption despite his own reasonable fears. One week after her Keeper dies, after he calls her an idiot, when he comes by for lessons, he brings flowers. Says he does not apologize for his opinion, but apologizes for the loss and the insult. They are daisies.

The Chantry is in ruins, they are on the run, and this is why he likes her: she gives him a crowd made of flowers from some daisies she found in the field and tells him it looks “fetching.”

The Chantry is in ruins, they are on the run, and this is why she likes him: he wears it. 


A commission for Merrill and (male)Hawke from Dragon Age II I’ve had this game for a while but I’m still stuck at the end of DAO, so I was glad to get to a crack at these characters without skipping ahead!

5×7 Consketch, ink marker and paint on card stock.

Commission Info | Buy Me A Coffee on Patreon | Colt (webcomic)

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