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Fenris, Hawke, and their Little Bird


Series of one-shots featuring Fenris and Garrett Hawke post-Inquisition. Fenris discovers a small elven girl abandoned in the snow by slavers. He saves her and brings her along, and she becomes part of a family when he reunites with Hawke. 

Fenris, Hawke, and their Little Bird


Fenris and Hawke Romantic Sticker

Starting to stretch more and more into the other DA games. Plus it gives me another excuse to draw my grumpy elf. But these are my new DA stickers for my next show in April


Happy Endings

Part of the Series: Fenris, Hawke, and their Little Bird.

(3095 words) by


Rating: Teen

Relationships: Fenris/Male Mage Hawke

Characters: Fenris, Male Mage Hawke, Original Character, Anders, Merrill

Additional Tags: Small bit of angs, Fluff, Happy Ending, Kidfic

Chapter Summary:

Beth spends the afternoon with Anders and Merrill, and meets a new friend. A letter comes for Fenris, and the past is closer than they thought.


“finding a baby and accidentally keeping it” is one of my very favorite tropes


Anyone know any good MHawke and Fenris fanfiction?

I mostly look for FHawke/Fenris fics, but the following MHawke authors have impressed me nonetheless: @lingering-nomad @kaerwrites @rifamicros and @mnemosyneawrites‘s Little Bird series.

You can also follow @fenhawkearchive; we reblog fic & art of both Hawkes.


Fenris and Hawke stickers large


It was Fenris’ turn last time, now it’s Hawke’s! happy belated Valentine’s!

Pretty sure the messenger’s going to start demanding extra pay to make up for all the cavities he’s getting delivering these super sappy poems……

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