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I need good FenHawke fic suggestions, can someone help me???

We have a fic rec list at @fenhawkearchive (but…I just noticed…we need to actually add links to the titles, oops! however you might also try our tags there:)



Does anyone have any recs for good Fenhawke fics that don’t treat Anders like shit, or involve love triangles or whatever?

I’m really in the mood to read some Fenhawke, but finding a fic with those standards is sadly difficult.

@mnemosyneawritesLittle Bird series is a good place to start, with Fenris & male Hawke raising a little girl who refers to Anders as Uncle Anders and goes to him for magical training in one chapter.

Fenris, Hawke, and their Little Bird


Series of one-shots featuring Fenris and Garrett Hawke post-Inquisition. Fenris discovers a small elven girl abandoned in the snow by slavers. He saves her and brings her along, and she becomes part of a family when he reunites with Hawke. 

Fenris, Hawke, and their Little Bird


Happy Endings

Part of the Series: Fenris, Hawke, and their Little Bird.

(3095 words) by


Rating: Teen

Relationships: Fenris/Male Mage Hawke

Characters: Fenris, Male Mage Hawke, Original Character, Anders, Merrill

Additional Tags: Small bit of angs, Fluff, Happy Ending, Kidfic

Chapter Summary:

Beth spends the afternoon with Anders and Merrill, and meets a new friend. A letter comes for Fenris, and the past is closer than they thought.


“finding a baby and accidentally keeping it” is one of my very favorite tropes


Anyone know any good MHawke and Fenris fanfiction?

I mostly look for FHawke/Fenris fics, but the following MHawke authors have impressed me nonetheless: @lingering-nomad @kaerwrites @rifamicros and @mnemosyneawrites‘s Little Bird series.

You can also follow @fenhawkearchive; we reblog fic & art of both Hawkes.

I didn’t know that hawris was specific to male hawke. I’ve just seen it used and assumed it was a different way to write fenris x hawke of any kind. I’ve never seen that it wasn’t until just now, I’m probably not the only one.


Ngl there’s a misunderstanding in the fenhawke fandom? It should be an effort of both fandoms (FHawke & Mhawke) to make sure every people who join the fandom get to know they have their own tag?

Mostly to avoid ship wars or drama? Because as you said most people who joined fenhawke fandom now don’t know about it.

Hawris is for MHawke and FHawris is for FHawke btw.

Just a note…on the @fenhawkearchive we’ve generally been tagging fhawris for f!hawke, and mhawris for m!hawke. Not that our tagging system affects what shows up in tag searches mostly, because we’re reblogging things and a search of tumblr at large would go by the original posters’ tags, but we just like the idea of balancing fhawris with mhawris to avoid confusion. And we use the fenhawke tag for all of the above. 🙂

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