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Beneficium Accipere Libertatem Est Vendere

by @rannadylin

She should be grateful that at least he had spoken civilly to her tonight. She would be grateful, and go.

Except that his hand came to rest on hers, and he looked her in the
eye again. “Perhaps I am not the only one changed by the years, sister.”

She frowned. “Me?”

“I remember little of you,” he admitted. “I thought meeting you
again, reconnecting with my past, would bring a sense of belonging,


He glanced across the table, where Hawke sat talking with Varric.
Across the room, Isabela jabbed a finger erratically at Aveline,
underscoring some point she was trying to make, while the Guard Captain
crossed her arms and shook her head and her husband stood hiding a smile
behind his hand. Merrill, Sebastian, Anders had already all departed,
yet their presence too seemed implied in the gaze Fenris swept across
the room, taking them all in, the friends he had made in his freedom.
“But,” he continued at last, “the past was not the place to find that.
Whatever you and I were in the past, Varania, I…would like to get to
know you as you are now.”



Between The Lines
by the lovely @tarysande

“I’ve read them.”

She grinned. “When do you find the time?”

He thought of words portioned out like morsels of food,
words held hostage, words stolen. He thought of all the books he’d held
over the years: the ones with fine, embossed leather covers; the ones
half-falling apart; the ones missing pages. Some he’d loved and some
he’d hated; all had changed him, in their ways both subtle and
shattering. He’d been mocked and questioned and sometimes admired, but
always, always he’d come back to books, to knowledge, with the thirst of
a dying man desperate for the water only words could provide.

He marked his place with a pretty ribbon he’d earlier
freed from her hair and set the book down beside the bed before turning
to face her, mirroring her pose. “I make the time,” he said. “It is… I
find it essential.”




I began posting this with full intentions to add my usual dose of sarcasm, but it was actually pretty impressive.  So now I’ll just behave myself and share this with you all.




I sing/sang second alto, basically deepest female voice, in a choir.  So I can appreciate the hell out of this.  I’d also like to know how they did this.  Is this for church?  A special performance?  ALSO ORGAN ACCOMPANIMENT YES 100% APRROVAL.

I think my only caveat is the soloist, could have sounded more confident and steady.  However I understand that recordings can REALLY mangle a performance if not done right which is probably what happened here.  (Then again, my pseudo-adopted mother throughout college was opera sopranoist o I may be biased…)

Last Song you listened to




@mysdrym tagged me to say the last song I listened to!

End Credits by Eden
(TBH the whole Eden album)

I tag @bianca-says-hello @cullentouchedthebutt @sportivory

Thank you for the tag @xenianyx 

Lush life by Zara Larsson

The song just makes me really happy!

(Also: Slow down by Douwe Bob, gotta give that shoutout)

I tag:
@crystallisedrain, @elvhen-apostate-hobo, @littlemagepackage, @keyko-zen, @klarionred and @quinnlocke !

ooh I have to really think about this, I had Pandora playing at work the other day and it was one of those nights where every single song was perfect. I think the last one that played was Seabound – Scorch the Ground, but for some reason I want to say could have also been VNV Nation – Standing. Either way both songs make me ridiculously happy and give me Dragon Age feels.

Tagging @broodywolf, @emma-reblogs-shit, @therealmnemo, @rannadylin, @theherocomplex

HAHAHA well, since I just finished teaching today’s classes, the last song I listened to, by popular demand of my Latin I class, was this excellent thing:

Oh, and since I was so amused by the timing that I just had to post this from my phone while still at school, I neglected to tag anyone. So YOU ARE TAGGED! Yes you, if you’re reading this, feel free to join in.


First performance in 1,000 years: ‘lost’ songs from the Middle Ages are brought back to life.

An ancient song repertory will be heard for the first time in 1,000 years this week after being ‘reconstructed’ by a Cambridge researcher and a world-class performer of medieval music.
Now, after more than two decades of painstaking work on identifying the techniques used to set particular verse forms, research undertaken by Cambridge University’s Dr Sam Barrett has enabled him to reconstruct melodies from the rediscovered leaf of the 11th century ‘Cambridge Songs’.

After piecing together an estimated 80-90 per cent of what can be known about the melodies for The Consolation of Philosophy, Barrett enlisted the help of Benjamin Bagby of Sequentia – a three-piece group of experienced performers who have built up their own working memory of medieval song.

Read more


Rey’s Theme John Williams

Just amazing, Williams is on another level

Curse the Darkness, or Create a Light, by Jon Kohen


Hey people, I mentioned earlier this evening that I’m featured on my friend’s EP. And it came out pretty awesome and I’m really excited and proud to have been apart of the making of this music.

So here are some funky fresh beats. Have a listen!!!

Curse the Darkness, or Create a Light, by Jon Kohen


Another old midi recovered from my college days. This is a motif for Tycho Celchu of Rogue Squadron novels/comics.

Recovered from an old CD: Winter, a song I composed back in college (in midi format, in Noteworthy Composer) for Winter Celchu of the Rogue Squadron comics/novels.*

*also I’m calling her Winter Celchu because I can’t even remember at this point what her maiden name was…she married Tycho eventually, right?


I am in the mood for some Ecce Gratum because Spring Break has at last begun. 🙂

And oh, the list of creative productivity I’d like to tackle while there are no lessons to plan or papers to grade:

  • Finish Doll-Hawke’s knitted outfit
    • eta: Not finished but I got a decent amount of her tunic done at least!
  • Knit the giveaway prize Doll-Fenris
    • eta: Body is all knitted! Head is knitted but not yet stuffed, and I need to make the core thingy that goes in the neck for support/to make it poseable. Then embroider the tattoos, and facial features, crochet elf ears, and make the wig/hair and clothes.
  • Maybe knit a Doll-Metis for myself too 😀
    • And now thanks to Fenhawke Skype I also want to knit a doll Punk Fenris with jacket inspired by @fawxdraws‘ latest art, and a mermaid Fenris doll inspired by @therealfrankenberry‘s latest obsession…but those will all have to wait till these giveaway dolls are done.
  • Knit the peacock shawl I’ve promised my best friend for her birthday (I have about eight rows done so far…)
    • eta: Now up to row 27! This is definitely not a pattern I can knit on autopilot, but it is pretty in this sparkly yarn.
  • Um, maybe also seam the finished pieces of the sweater I finished knitting months ago…
    • eta: no progress whatsoever. 😦
  • Also block the Ever the Wind Shawl I recently finished knitting!
    • eta: Blocked, now I just need to get better pictures than the blocking pic below…
  • Finish writing Quis Custodiet
    • eta: This may not get finished this week, but I did get a bit of progress on the chapter…about 287 words of progress. It’s slow going.
  • And maybe come up with drabbles for the prompts I never got to during Fenhawke week. 😦
    • eta: Finally found an angle I like for one of them! Got a few paragraphs down last night, let’s see if I can finish it today.
    • eta 2: Done! Beneficium Accipere Libertatem Est Vendere turned out way longer than a drabble (three chapters…22 pages…) but it’s swell. Varania reconciliation! Always one of my favorite tropes!
  • Write a Kirkwall High teachers AU for Take Your Fandom to Work Day!
  • Alternately I could do a Modern Pastor Sebastian AU; as a Preacher’s Kid I know that line of work nearly as well as teaching…
  • Plan out and start writing Hawkquisition Part 5
    • eta: Ideas are still pretty vague; some of them made it down in the plotty notebook though.
  • Learn to play Fenris’ theme by ear on my flute, record it, maybe even transcribe the whole arrangement in midi form just ‘cause (I have a head start on this. I can already play by ear the Mage Pride part of the medley with it. I’ve worked on Fenris’ theme too but can never quite remember how it starts when I’m not actually listening to the track.)
    • eta progress: I sounded out a lot of it on my flute last night and got the first bit of the main theme down in the transcription software. There’s a lot going on in the background though…will I actually go to the effort of transcribing all the parts? We shall see…
    • second eta: I’ve transcribed the main theme part and some of the background bits too, and recorded flute on the main theme over the original mp3. It’s a little rough but I think I can check this one off anyway!
  • Finish the sketches for Metis’ Herb-Lore Book (Crystal Grace is all I’m missing) and maybe write some more lines of the poem so I have reason to sketch the rest of the Thedosian plants. And when they’re done I’m thinking of a drabble about his creation of the book to go along with the pictures…
    • eta: The pictures for the herbs mentioned in the rhyme as included in Warriors Such As are finished (and published on the Dragon Age Tavern as “Leaf and Root: The Herb-Lore Rhyme”), but I’ve also been researching more of the plants, thinking of adding some lines & sketches to the poem…
  • Draw something for the April Fools Fandom Bodyswap. Count the herb-lore book for it? Or actually draw my characters?
    • eta: Metis art accomplished! I still might digitally line & color the headshot sketches though…
  • Catch up on the AO3 Marked for Later list! I’ve set so many interesting-looking stories aside when I didn’t have time to read right then…
    • eta: Never gonna be finished with this list but I did get through a few stories this week.
  • Also finish the print books I have out from the library before they’re due and I have to give them back with only a few chapters read. 😦
    • eta: Finished reading Queen of Shadows! Now reading Ice Like Fire, but I’m not loving it. However this ominous note did appear in my email today:
  • Perhaps work on my latest DA:O playthrough (Tabris this time!) so I can go on to a new DA2 playthrough…
    • eta: Got a bit of Tullien Tabris’ playthrough done; now finished with the Fade puzzles, back to liberating the Circle Tower…
  • Oh and I’ve got Emmen’s DA:I playthrough to finish too!
    • Haven’t touched DA:I yet this week; maybe that’s what I should do today, on the last day of spring break…
    • Except I also need to finally do lesson plans. And taxes. 😦

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