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This is @rannadylin‘s Grey Warden, Ranna Cousland. I was super inspired by an image of a red haired woman I saw and thus, here we are. 😀

btw I’m doing a giveaway if anyone’s interested. 😉


This is @rannadylin‘s Grey Warden, Ranna Cousland. I was super inspired by an image of a red haired woman I saw and thus, here we are. 😀

btw I’m doing a giveaway if anyone’s interested. 😉

Oh right it’s Friday and…I guess Beginner Art Friday is still a thing? Have, therefore, this sketch of Metis I’ve been attempting to color in the phone app. Probably not done with it but, hey, it’s Friday, time to show progress!

And now there are young!Metis and Mara dolls.

For inspiration. Because I have stories to write about these precious Seheron elves back in the day. 🙂

For the OC Ask Meme: Numbers 1, 5, and 15 for Lisbet Hawke <3

Yay, thanks for asking!

I should warn that the more I write Lisbet, the more inconsistent I find her…I think actually she’s just changed very gradually over the course of fanfic from what she was like in the confines of the game. She was mostly a blue Hawke in game, but her sense of humor has been coming out more and more in the later stories I’ve written (can I blame that on the children? parenthood can have that effect, right?) and sometimes I’m not sure if I’ve started writing her horribly out of character or if she just has depths yet to explore. I hope the latter! I also hope I haven’t totally revised her character with these answers… 😀

  • 1:What’s something other characters will notice first about your character?

Before you get to know her, Lisbet Hawke seems
aloof, sometimes even cold. Come to know her better and you realize she’s
actually intensely compassionate (which is why she’s often found meddling and
trying to solve everyone’s problems) but she’s also quiet and guarded around
strangers (probably in part the habit of an apostate), and calculating, ever
the strategist. She’s not exactly shy, but she is more introverted than most
Hawkes – usually diplomatic and tactful, her “purple Hawke” side showing up
more in stressful situations when she is at her wit’s end or when she is around
friends, comfortable enough for bad jokes.

  • 5:What kind of transport does your character usually use?

Canon Lisbet walks everywhere; not many other
options at first (and after the trip from Ferelden to Kirkwall she’d prefer to
avoid ships, thankyouverymuch) but even after the Deep Roads when she can
afford more elaborate transportation, she’s just in the habet of walking

Now if it were a modern AU Lisbet (oh dear,
might that become a thing?) where transportation options were more varied, I
think she’d have a fondness for trains. Maybe that’s just because I’ve never
traveled by train myself but my mom used to talk about taking a train to visit
relatives and she made it sound like quite an adventure.

  • 15:What’s one thought, idea, goal, dream, or desire that your character is most ashamed of having?

In her lowest moments, Lisbet sometimes wishes
she’d not been born with magic. She’s a little paranoid about her powers and
their pitfalls. Objectively, she knows that her control is exceptional, her
skills are useful, a mage is who she is and she is content and will make
the most of it; but sometimes apostasy seems more trouble than it’s worth and
she daydreams of being quite mundane.

Ask about my OCs!


  1. Does Varric have a nickname for them that he never mentioned to Cassandra?
  2. What is the most striking thing about your Hawke’s appearance?
  3. What does your Hawke miss most about Ferelden?
  4. What is your Hawke’s proudest achievement?
  5. How does your Hawke spend a typical Saturday night?
  6. What is your Hawke’s biggest pet peeve?
  7. Who is the person your Hawke respects the most, and why?
  8. Is your Hawke a good cook?
  9. Is your Hawke a forgiving person?
  10. What (if anything) is your Hawke self-conscious about?

Answering for my canon Lisbet Hawke:

Varric have a nickname for them that he never mentioned to Cassandra?

Ironically, “Spider”. Lisbet
Hawke is somewhat of a strategist, occasionally calculating and ruthless but
mostly just a particularly well-meaning busybody (a.k.a. professional big
sister, just ask Carver) who is convinced that a little bit of personal
involvement plus the wielding of the influence one hoards up as Champion of
Kirkwall can contrive to make the world a better place. Varric teased her once
about plotting out her benevolent meddling like a spider weaving its web.
Lisbet, with the typical Hawke aversion to spiders, fussed too much about it so
the nickname stuck. She Does Not Approve in strong enough terms, however, that
he usually tucks the word away, to appear only when he’s exceptionally annoyed
at Hawke, or when she’s in a good enough mood to let it pass.

is the most striking thing about your Hawke’s appearance?

Hmmm. If we’re looking for a
singular physical trait I suppose one might note the freckles, or her
olive-green eyes, or that almost orangeish, coral-pink shade of her lipstick
that I never quite managed to replicate (sigh) for DA:I Hawke. But the defining
feature for Lisbet as a character is that she considers herself quite plain.
That was my original intention in the character creator, to avoid anything too
striking and make an ordinary-looking Hawke for once. I thought I had managed
that, but then she grew on me…At the start of each act she’d get a new hairdo
in the Emporium (the coral lipstick was an emporium upgrade too) and, well,
Lisbet aged quite well. (Essentially, the oftener Fenris called her a beautiful
woman, the more she started to believe it.)

does your Hawke miss most about Ferelden?

Family; she’s nostalgic for
the days of having both her siblings to boss around, and both her parents to go
to with questions. But…that’s not so much a thing about Ferelden, is
it? Chance and circumstance had them living in that country while she was
growing up, after all. For Ferelden’s own attractions, she misses the sense of
community in Lothering, where one knew one’s neighbors and could count on them
for a favor or to watch your back. (Until they found out about the apostates in
your family, of course. That always ruined it; but at least in Lothering they’d
managed to go many years without hitting that point, and she could pretend
everything was normal and the neighbors were friendly and she really misses the
Wintersend dances and the town meetings where Carver inevitably almost got into
a brawl with the baker’s son and the market where she’d spend more time
chatting with the butcher about his mabari’s pups than haggling over the

is your Hawke’s proudest achievement?

Keeping her son Malcolm alive
to adulthood. It was [will be] not an easy task. That kid’s got a taste
for adventure. Blink and he’s halfway down the road, making friends with a
mangy mutt or tumbling down a steep stair into Darktown. As he gets older,
there’s nothing he won’t try, no dare he’ll turn down, and also he inherited
his mum’s, ahem, bossiness (I refer you to the comments on Varric’s nickname
for her) and has a tendency to, e.g., tell off a group of bullies picking on a
littler kid and then get himself nearly beat up too. (Nearly, because he’s also
a heady combination of charming, quick, and clever that gets him out of scrapes
almost as often as into them. He can dodge a bully’s blows all while aiming
some particularly cutting remarks and get him so riled up he ends up howling as
he shakes out his fist after slamming it into the wall while Malcolm laughs and
vanishes around a corner…)

does your Hawke spend a typical Saturday night?

Reading with Fenris, even
(especially) when he’s long past needing instruction. Or listening to Fenris
read to their kids. Or reading to Fenris and the kids. Or planning out
their Sunday morning (see, re: bossiness). (Hehe, I’m not sure Lisbet is really
all that bossy, I think I’m expanding that trait the longer I work on
these questions…)

is your Hawke’s biggest pet peeve?

Mages who make other mages
look bad. She’s very cautious about her magic, almost paranoid even, and the
preponderance of blood mages, abominations, and general magical idiocy in
Kirkwall only exacerbated that. She got so fed up with finding misuse of magic
around every corner – making it all the harder for Hawke and her apostate
friends to carry on business themselves – that she ended up siding with the

is the person your Hawke respects the most, and why?

Her father, whose lessons on
magic she realizes, later in life, were also lessons on living as a responsible
and good person. His death when she was barely out of childhood (or her teens?
What is the canon timeline on that anyway?) leaves him a little larger than
life in her memory and his loss is one she still feels strongly, even after
Bethany and Leandra are taken from her too.

your Hawke a good cook?

She’d like to be, but
mastering one’s magic under an apostate father’s watchful eye, and then growing
up to basically run errands for everyone in Kirkwall, leaves little time
to hone one’s kitchen skills. There have been some experiments in baking
that didn’t end horribly, but let’s just say it’s a good thing she employs

your Hawke a forgiving person?

If she can see and sympathize
with the reasons behind a person’s offense, yes. Fenris, for example – she was
hurt when he left her after that first night, but it was clear he was hurting
even more. Isabela too – in Lisbet’s playthrough I actually didn’t manage to
get her friendship high enough for her to return after act 2, but I headcanon
that she did, eventually, and it was harder for Lisbet to forgive that
given the serious consequences, but she could sympathize with Isabela’s drive
for survival. Anders though – Lisbet saw his act of revolution as yet one more
mage feeding people’s fears about magic. Between feeling betrayed by a friend
and fearful of what more harm he would cause in the midst of the chaos he had
ushered in, she ended up killing him. (She and I both sometimes still regret
that decision.)

(if anything) is your Hawke self-conscious about?

She always feels out of place when called upon to act her
noble status. Her mother may have been an Amell, but Lisbet was raised as a
country girl and an apostate and is never comfortable among Kirkwall’s (or
anywhere’s) nobility. She doesn’t like appearing in front of crowds, either, or
having to dissemble for the sake of politics: one of many reasons she didn’t
hold the office of Viscount long before stepping down.


  1. When did your mage’s magic first manifest?
  2. Did they try to keep it a secret from their family/close friends?
  3. Has their magic ever hurt anyone by mistake?
  4. Which spells came naturally and which were more difficult to learn?
  5. What is their favourite spell?
  6. Do they put a lot of time into studying magic?
  7. What attracted them to their specialization?
  8. How does your mage get along with other mages?
  9. Does your mage have any sympathy for Templars?
  10. Do they consider magic a blessing or a curse?

Answering for my OC from Warriors Such As, Metis!

  1. When did your mage’s magic first manifest?

Metis worked with plants from
a young age and always had a knack for it, so it’s difficult to pinpoint when
that knack really became magic because no one really picked up on it
till he was already a slave, gardening for Licinius. At some point some
overseer on the estate noticed the vines growing rapidly whenever Metis was
tending them, and asked what sort of magic he was using to make them so
unnaturally productive, and Metis looked at him blankly and said something
along the lines of “That’s not natural? But they’ve always grown like that for
me!” and that’s when they realized they had an incaensor on their hands.

they try to keep it a secret from their family/close friends?

Alas, he was already
separated from his family at that point. There was no keeping it a secret from
his friends or anyone else among his fellow slaves, though, because having
magic in his veins made him desirable to the master as a source of blood for
certain spells. If anything it made him a bit of a pariah among the slaves.

As for before his knack was
known to be magic, no, it wasn’t anything he kept a secret, but still no one
really made the connection. It was a magic that expressed itself rather subtly,
after all, at least until he went to the Circle for proper training and learned
to do other spells and not just randomly leak magic into the vines and things.

their magic ever hurt anyone by mistake?

Once Licinius knew about it,
Metis, like the other incaensors among the slaves, had to undergo some
basic training to use it safely, and yes, during those training sessions there
were accidents. Partly because the apprentices Licinius put in charge of them
didn’t really care to prevent injury to slaves or anything, so they weren’t all
that helpful as teachers about warning the trainees of what could happen. They
taught some of the basic fire and ice spells, all of which was frightfully new
to a young man whose magic had always sought plant life when left to its own
devices, and there was an incident with a fireball going wild and catching on
one of the apprentices’ robes that earned Metis more lashes than might seem
reasonable to anyone but a Tevinter (that apprentice always was particularly
vain about his robes).

It’s possible that incident
wasn’t entirely by mistake.

spells came naturally and which were more difficult to learn?

Nature magic – encouraging
plants to grow, calling them to where he wants them to be, especially vines –
has always been Metis’ forte. Spells of earth and stone too – rock armor,
earthquake, stone fist, that sort of thing – he was quick to learn. Healing was
more difficult but calling to the life in sentient beings was similar enough to
calling to the life in a plant, once he figured out the differences, he made
that leap and quickly became a fairly competent healer. Fire and ice, beyond
the most basic spells of those types, are trickier, and he never quite mastered

is their favourite spell?

Hmmm well, he uses vines a
lot both in and out of combat, but I think his favorite thing might be the
spell in Sapling, making the single blossom bloom early when he
planted the tree for baby Mara. He probably did the same sort of thing with the
other family-trees he’s planted.

they put a lot of time into studying magic?

Maker yes, he is (or was) a
researcher at the Circle of Minrathous and a sublime nerd. Prior to Warriors Such As he was engaged in research into the red
lyrium, which is one reason Maevaris called on him to investigate the situation
in Seheron.

attracted them to their specialization?

He was a farmer’s son. His
father noticed Metis’ affinity for plants early on and when the boy was about
eight years old, he put him in charge of a few fruit trees near the house. Each
year Metis’ corner of the farm grew, tree by tree and vine by vine,
responsibilities expanding as he showed both a skill for it and a willingness
to work. So it might be more that his magic was attracted to the plants than
the other way around, and whenever it first manifested it just latched on to
what he was constantly doing anyway. By the time he knew he was actually using
magic there, there was no question of seeking any other specialization.

does your mage get along with other mages?

Metis gets along well with
anyone who’ll let him, really, mage or not. He likes having fellow mages to
talk shop with though.

your mage have any sympathy for Templars?

Well it’s different in
Tevinter, so…hmmm. Having ended up in the south with the Hawkes, I suppose
the first contact he’d have with Templars would be former ones in the
Inquisition like Cullen and Carver. And, you know, rogue ones causing trouble
during the mage/templar war but by the time Metis shows up in Hawkquisition,
months after Corypheus is dead, I don’t think there was as much of that going
on maybe? So…I think from his perspective, southern Templars are basically a
curiosity more than a threat. But from an academic standpoint he’d have
sympathy for their cause and purpose. I mean, he’s seen plenty of magic out of
control in Tevinter, but then he’s also seen many wonderful things done with

they consider magic a blessing or a curse?

Hm, well, magic was responsible for 1) giving him such a
knack for gardening, and that was his profession for many years, so yeah it
kept him alive; 2) drawing his master’s notice so that Metis had to undergo
not-rigorous-enough training that was more of a frustration than a joy and the
only reward for it was being one of those special slaves kept around for their
blood when Licinius had spells in mind that a mage’s blood might be more
effective for; 3) bringing him to Maevaris Tilani’s attention when he used his
magic to save her life during the Qunari attack, which resulted in his freedom
and his training at the Circle; 4) giving him a purpose in life as a researcher
trying to do something about the red lyrium; 5) saving many a friend’s life,
including those on the Inquisition team in Warriors, including his son. So
yeah, on the balance, it’s a blessing. Also he can do that quick-blossom trick
to impress the children. 🙂

11 and 15 for Fenris, Lisbet, and Malcom, please!

Oooh these are fun ones. Thanks for asking!

11. What’s playtime like? What kind of games does the character tend to play with the children? Are they GOOD at it? 😀

As soon as he could crawl Malcolm liked to play the game of “How far from Mum and Da can I get before they catch me!” and never quite lost his love of that trick. For a kid who never stops chattering when he’s within eyesight, he can be alarmingly quiet when he’s found a good hiding place and will wait them out for hours before he gets bored or hungry enough to give up on being found.

As he got older though, Malcolm adored every sort of board game, card game, game of skill or chance he could discover. Varric had him playing Wicked Grace (of a sort, gambling being forbidden by Hawke) by age six. Malcolm also HATES to lose at any sort of game, so he’s utterly ruthless. He and Fenris both learned to play chess from Metis (at around the same time…) and did Malcolm ever crow when he managed to beat his grandfather at it before Fenris did! (Metis, for all his gentle good-naturedness, is pretty ruthless in board games too and never would just let the boy(s) win.)

Adding a younger sister, Mara, to the mix meant that playtime involved a lot of make-believe because he could boss his little sister around in assigned roles. Mara’s her brother’s shadow and compliant enough, but she’s nowhere near the natural thespian he is, so playtime also often involved a lot of lecturing Mara about how she was supposed to play a role, while she just looked on thoughtfully.

15. Is there a toy/book/game the character is almost as excited about as the child (or even MORE so than the child? :D)

Lisbet’s very fond of the book of children’s tales Josephine gave her during her first pregnancy, especially one called Andraste’s Gift to the Dragon, but Malcolm never cared for that one near as much as she did. He likes The Big Blue Mabari much more.

Fenris developed a fondness for a set of building-blocks gifted to Malcolm by Aveline and Donnic, and could often be found still carefully aligning some elaborate tiny edifice long after Malcolm had lost interest in playing with Da and run off to pester his mother or find a good hiding place.

Ask me about my characters and their kids!

Number 13 for Malcom, and number 21 for Metis & Kid!Fenris.

Yay, thanks for asking!

13. Does the character have any meaningful items they pass on to their children? Like an old toy, or a piece of jewelry, or some other family heirloom?

Unlike either of his parents, Malcolm grows up to be a Rogue, so he has little use for his parents’ old weapons and such, as if Fenris or Hawke could ever retire enough to pass down their weapons anyway, heh. But one day Fenris sits him down, gives a very serious speech about how Malcolm needs to remember that his actions reflect upon the Hawke/Amell name, etc. etc., most of it went over Malcolm’s head actually, but at the end of it Fenris presented him with the Amell crest that he used to wear along with Hawke’s red favor (the favor, now very tattered, Fenris still wears). Something about this tangible piece of his parents’ history got through to the boy. Malcolm incorporated the heirloom crest into a dagger sheath and just may have kept out of trouble a little more after that.

21. Talk about a time when the children got into trouble!

Hm…well Metis never met Fenris (or even knew he had a son) till he was an adult so can I talk about Metis & kid!Varania? 

I…am totally going to steal a story from my own childhood for Varania, just because my Dad, like Metis, is a gardener and so this was the first thing that came to mind. 😀 Not long before the slaver raid that separated Metis from his wife and little girl, Varania, around three years old at the time*, considering herself a Big Girl Now and ready to pull her own weight in the harvest and help out with the family business and all, went out to the orchard to help collect the apples. She did this by whacking all the branches she could reach with the biggest stick she could find. This might have actually been a clever and effective method, had it not been so early in the season that all the apples were as yet unripe. Metis was uncharacteristically furious at first, for money was tight in those days and every apple counted, but the humor of the situation struck him when he was explaining what had happened to Mara later that night after Varania had been sent to bed early. And at least it wasn’t the peaches.

*I think I was actually four myself when this happened, and it was a baseball bat. I remember nothing of the incident, but Dad sure likes to tell the story. I have no idea why I decided to harvest apples with a baseball bat, but I’m sure Varania had good reason.

Ask me about my characters and their kids!

What is Metis favorite color? Favorite type of plant and/or favorite type of fruit tree?

He is definitely partial to peaches! His magic relies a lot on vines too, so I suppose ivy and/or grapevines would be favorites of a sort. 

Favorite color, I’m less sure of: he wears a lot of green, but his very favorite might be the shade of lavender Mara wore at their wedding, because he’s sentimental like that.

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