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First Lines Meme

Tagged by @therealmnemo for a writerly meme:

List the first lines of your last 20 stories. See if there
are any patterns. Then tag 10 of your favorite authors!

  1. “This is it?” Metis asked, glancing around at the small
    collection of monuments outside the city limits. (Ave
    Atque Vale
  2. Varania returned to a tavern in disarray. (Beneficium
  3. “Well,” said the voice Fenris least expected to hear on this
    job, from the place he least expected to find her. “Fancy meeting you here.” (Quis
    Custodiet Ipsos Custodes
    , which is technically still a WIP until I figure out what to do with its final chapter)
  4. When the moment arrives, the signs are evident and all
    preparations are in place. (Sapling)
  5. Dust flew, as feet bare and booted pounded across Skyhold’s
    training circle. (Hawkquistion Part 4: Warriors Such
  6. The years have not been kind, but we have been kind to each
    other. (Oak and Linden)
  7. It has plagued him as long as he can remember, the question
    that can never be answered. (Nosce Te Ipsum)
  8. “It’s only rain, Hawke,” Fenris sniffs when she balks at the
    open doorway. (OTP
    prompt 29, Which one holds the umbrella over both of them when it rains?
  9. Carver Hawke hated being compared to his elder sister. (OTP
    prompt 15, Which one screams about the spider and which one brings the spider
  10. “You have pretty eyes,” Hawke hears Isabela purr,
    distracting Fenris from whatever he was trying to ask her. (Oculus Animi Index)
  11. There is a moment when Merrill’s heart skips a beat and she
    thinks, Oh. And she thinks, I love him. And, when did
    that happen?
    Parva Sunt
  12. He blames himself. (Cineri Gloria Sera Est)
  13. What madness has overtaken Serah Hawke? (Amantes Sunt Amentes)
  14. It’s been a long day. (Lights Out)
  15. Three times Carver started to walk away from the door. (Placebo)
  16. “P..p…pa…” The boy’s breath stirred his dark
    hair away from his eyes as each repetition of the syllable grew more forceful
    with his frustration. (Paradox)
  17. The mabari had taken to following Varric around. (Hawkquisition
    Part 3: Patchwork Families
  18. “Really, my dear,” the former First Enchanter drawled in her
    superior tone of voice, “you’re little better than a hedge mage, aren’t you? (Hawkquisition
    Part 2: The Apostate’s Templar
  19. “Still a day or so till we hit the Imperial highway at
    Montfort, my lady,” the Warden recruit said all too cheerfully as Lisbet Hawke
    scraped yet more of the mud of the Nahashin Marshes from her boot. (Hawkquisition
    Part 1: To Remain at Your Side

And apparently those 19 are all the Dragon Age stories I
have yet written! Actually I’m kind of surprised it came that close to 20…I am
easily distracted from things I intend to write. 😦 So for slot 20, I could
give you the first line of one of my much older LOTRO stories…or I could give
you the first line of the current WIP. Let’s go with the WIP, a story titled “Stray”,
since that is a Dragon Age story. And I’m just gonna include the whole first
paragraph since you can’t yet click a link to read the whole rest of this one!

20. Imagine: You are eight years old. Smaller than the other
boys your age, perhaps, but stronger and quicker too; you’ve been training with
a bow since your first birthday, claims Uncle Varric, and Aunt Isabela promises
a knife for your tenth birthday, no matter how Da scowls and Mum argues with
her when she says so. You’ve scuffled with children bigger than yourself and
come out unscathed (at least until Mum found out), so you’re sure you can
handle the knife. Aunt Merrill’s been teaching you to find your way in the
wilderness, too, and you could make the trip to Sundermount all on your own if
Da would allow it.

So now I’m supposed to see if there are any patterns? Hm…well,
only 7 of the 20 open with dialogue. Exactly half of them are in present tense
and half in past tense, which is interesting because I never really wrote
stories in present tense before starting on Dragon Age fic, I don’t think. I
guess I have taken to that technique more than I realized. (It also doesn’t
quite count for #20 because the story does not continue in present tense after
the first few paragraphs which are sort of setting the scene…) One of the
stories opens in first person (Oak and Linden) and one in second person (the
WIP, but that also doesn’t quite count because it goes back to third person
after that first few paragraphs…you’ll see soon, I hope!), but overwhelmingly
third person is my preferred voice. I don’t usually like reading stories in
first or second person either, so I do use them sparingly, only when the story
really seems to demand it. In both those cases, actually, I had started writing
the first draft in third person as usual and it just wasn’t working out. I
switched to first person for Oak and Linden, and I added that second person
intro for Stray, and it clicked. That was how those particular stories needed
to be told.

And now to tag some people! @theherocomplex @lyriumrebel @kaerwrites @jawsandbones @quinnlocke @lypreila @slothquisitor
@spirrum @glyphron-dragon-age @servantofclio – if you wish to, have at it! Don’t feel
obligated to list 20 stories or to sit it out if you don’t have that many,
either…I mean I had to round it out with either a WIP or a really old fic, so
do what works for you! Open tag to anyone else who wants to do this as well,
feel free to claim a tag from me.


Summer writing? I think it’s time

So it’s been an unusually busy summer so far with various projects I didn’t have time for during the school year taking priority, and it’s been a while since I did much writing, having finished Warriors Such As back in February and only produced a few short fics here and there since then. (I mean I still have plans to write a part 5 of Hawkquisition as well as a Metis/Mara backstory, but it’s still all at the brainstorming and extensive note-taking stage ‘cause such is my writing process, I guess…)

Anyway, the priority projects are winding down and I think now’s a good time for me to start writing fic a little more regularly. (Yay!) So I have a prompt game in mind, because audience participation is always enjoyable (right? right? Join in, show me I’m not imagining it?). Instead of the usual sort of “choose a prompt and pairing” type of meme, it’s a game I did a while ago when I was playing LOTRO and writing stories for the My.LOTRO blogs (oh those were the days!), which produced the delightful In the Mirror which my lore-master told one week at Ales and Tales; but it’s also a game I learned back in high school from a creative writing project my wonderful 11th-12th grade English teacher did, and that time it produced the marvelous little fable of The Ant and the Spinach Leaf

In short, it involves combining random elements into a
story; random in that each element is suggested by a different person. So to
play along you suggest an element for the story, and then I combine three
suggestions and find a way to make the story work. For In the Mirror, for
example, I had to combine a haunted mirror, Barliman Butterbur, and dragons…and
I ended up with a haunting (heh) encounter at the Prancing Pony, hearkening
back to Silmarillion lore about the fall of Gondolin, that I had so much fun
telling at Ales and Tales around Halloween time. The Ant and the Spinach Leaf
tale…I don’t even remember now what the three elements I had to use were, but
one of them was “a mean-spirited slug” and the spider was probably another and
anyway it all worked out quite delightfully.All right, enough rambling intro for now; I’m going to write
up the actual prompt game rules in a separate post so it’s rebloggable if
anyone else wants to try it out too. And then…we’ll see what we get!


Beneficium Accipere Libertatem Est Vendere

by @rannadylin

She should be grateful that at least he had spoken civilly to her tonight. She would be grateful, and go.

Except that his hand came to rest on hers, and he looked her in the
eye again. “Perhaps I am not the only one changed by the years, sister.”

She frowned. “Me?”

“I remember little of you,” he admitted. “I thought meeting you
again, reconnecting with my past, would bring a sense of belonging,


He glanced across the table, where Hawke sat talking with Varric.
Across the room, Isabela jabbed a finger erratically at Aveline,
underscoring some point she was trying to make, while the Guard Captain
crossed her arms and shook her head and her husband stood hiding a smile
behind his hand. Merrill, Sebastian, Anders had already all departed,
yet their presence too seemed implied in the gaze Fenris swept across
the room, taking them all in, the friends he had made in his freedom.
“But,” he continued at last, “the past was not the place to find that.
Whatever you and I were in the past, Varania, I…would like to get to
know you as you are now.”


My Stories


Master list of the Hawkquisition series, to be updated when new stories are added:

Part I: To Remain at Your Side

Hawke arrives at Skyhold without her Fenris? Surely he didn’t willingly let her go off alone. So she must have left without telling him. He’s not going to be pleased when he finds out! This is what happens next, as Hawke travels to Weisshaupt, reuniting along the way with her lover, family, friends, and the Inquisition itself…

Read it at: DeviantArt  |  |  AO3


Part II: The Apostate’s Templar

Carver escapes the red lyrium-tainted templars of Kirkwall by escorting Merrill as she leads a ragtag group of elven refugees away from the Free Marches. In Ferelden, they uncover a source of red lyrium; the Inquisition investigates and Hawke insists on coming along.

Read it at: DeviantArt  |  |  AO3


Part III: Patchwork Families

Merrill’s patchwork clan has grown and they return with Hawke to Skyhold just in time for the baby to be born. Meanwhile, Skyhold is abuzz with preparations for Divine Victoria’s coronation and the Inquisitor’s wedding – but danger lurks amidst the festivities…

Read it at: DeviantArt  |  |  AO3


Part IV: Sins of the Father (coming soon!)

Abstract (description may change once I write the actual story):

New father Fenris is troubled that, even with the scattered glimpses of his pre-branding past that he has regained, he still has no memory of his own father. Dare he ask a Tevinter mage to help investigate? Dorian would be glad to, but is it worth the cost?

Read it at: DeviantArt  |  |  AO3  (links coming soon…)

Part V: Warriors Such As (coming soon!)

Abstract (description may change once I write the actual story):  Fenris was once told that even in the Imperium, warriors with markings of his sort were rare – with the implication that he is not unique. When the Inquisition spies sight a group of Venatori traveling with a warrior marked like Fenris, but with red lyrium, Hawke may have to take her turn being the one left behind while Fenris travels into danger to help the Inquisitor investigate.

Read it at: DeviantArt  |  |  AO3  (links coming soon…)

Drabbles and One-Shots

I think I might actually combine Parts IV and V…have some ideas for that so hopefully I’ll return to writing this series soon, now that school is well underway!

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