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Does Varric

ever actually call Fenris “Broody” ??

Because I’ve only heard “elf” and I’m pretty sure that’s it?

Yeah he only calls Fenris “elf.” “Broody” was something fans came up with and then it somehow popped up on the DA Wiki??? but “elf” is the canon nickname

Yeah. He teases him in banter about being broody or about what he perceives to be a brooding temperament, but he never actually uses the word as a nickname. He just says, “elf.”

This is super evident in the Alone quest if you tell Fenris not to kill Varania and Varric is in the party, and Bartrand was killed during Family Matter back in Act 2. He’ll approach Fenris and say, “Elf–Fenris, this is the last thing you want to do, trust me.” He calls him by his name rather than the nickname to indicate how serious he is about it.

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