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some of my favourite headcanons revolve around Obi-Wan being a complete Nerd every day of his life (especially since I don’t see people talk about Obi-Wan’s hobbies much if at all)

  • From a young age he always has his nose in a book (or holobook I guess but w/e Obi-Wan would be the pretentious type to prefer ‘real’ books) and his room is just filled with them. He gets upset if anyone disorganizes them or say, uses them as a coaster. You know, what other younglings and padawans do with their books.
  • He is curious. So curious about everything
  • always the first to point out a culture’s customs (because he knows everything about everyone it seems) so Anakin doesn’t accidentally offend anyone during their mission 
  • He is the Egon “I collect spores molds and fungus” Spengler of whatever group of friends he’s hanging out with and they just don’t understand how excited he can get over discovering a new plant/animal species or experiencing a new culture or exploring a planet with a unique atmosphere like pls Master Kenobi it’s a weed it’s not that exciting – but I’ve never seen a strain that has teeth before!
  • takes home samples for further study ofc
  • he has journals full of drawings and notes from his studies that he scribbles in during down-time on other planets and it’s actually super useful information
  • it drives Anakin up the wall
  • just look at how AFFRONTED Obi-Wan is in this scene from TCW when Anakin stomps on a goddamn brain worm

like damn obi you’re in a situation where you could literally have parasites crawl into everyone’s brains and make them zombies subservient to a Discount Xenomorph queen and you were just thinking about how fast you could get home and study that thing


look at him, his day is ruined

#he totally adopts small animals and pretends it’s just so he can study them#he complained about all qui-gon’s strays but lbr he’s a sucker for needy lifeforms#i just love the idea of obi-wan surrounded by weird plants and animals and fungi and making detailed studies on them in his free time#it’s the Nerdiest#and also just being so enthralled by other cultures and languages#and being totally respectful and appreciative of all the different cultures in the Republic#also what if he gardens in his free time too omg#I just like thinking of Obi-Wan’s hobbies tbh#his nerdy and peaceful hobbies so pure#obi wan#commentary

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