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Beneficium Accipere Libertatem Est Vendere

by @rannadylin

She should be grateful that at least he had spoken civilly to her tonight. She would be grateful, and go.

Except that his hand came to rest on hers, and he looked her in the
eye again. “Perhaps I am not the only one changed by the years, sister.”

She frowned. “Me?”

“I remember little of you,” he admitted. “I thought meeting you
again, reconnecting with my past, would bring a sense of belonging,


He glanced across the table, where Hawke sat talking with Varric.
Across the room, Isabela jabbed a finger erratically at Aveline,
underscoring some point she was trying to make, while the Guard Captain
crossed her arms and shook her head and her husband stood hiding a smile
behind his hand. Merrill, Sebastian, Anders had already all departed,
yet their presence too seemed implied in the gaze Fenris swept across
the room, taking them all in, the friends he had made in his freedom.
“But,” he continued at last, “the past was not the place to find that.
Whatever you and I were in the past, Varania, I…would like to get to
know you as you are now.”



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