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Ooh, fun thought:

So there are all these parallels between Solas and the Maker, right?

So what if Andraste’s message was misinterpreted over the years (and via wartime propaganda even during her own life) and the Bride of the Maker was actually a prophecy?

Referring, of course, to a woman who would win the Maker’s regard so highly that she stopped him from condemning the other people of the world to suffer for their sins. Not Andraste herself. A vision she saw, of what would need to happen in order to stop the end of the world one day.

Ok whoah, @feynites you are blowing my mind with this! I actually like it a great deal. Far more than I should because it gives me hope of redeeming the Egg. 


Anders looked up as
his door opened.

“What—oh. It’s
you two,” he said sourly, as Fenris stepped into the clinic, with
Merrill right behind him.

Fenris grimaced at
his tone, but Merrill was holding the door open for Hawke—who was
carrying a wooden crate, one that hid his face from view.

“Anders, you’re
going to be—so happy! Or at least, very surprised!” Merrill said.

“Am I?” Anders
said, watching as Hawke set down the crate on one of the cots with
undue gentleness.

“I want one, and I
want to name it Feathers, Anders, promise me,” Merrill said

“What are you on
about?” Anders said. Hawke turned to face him then, but—with the
most peculiar look on his face.

“What is it,
Hawke?” Anders said, coming quickly to his side. What could be in
the crate, that was so fragile that Hawke had been holding it like it
was made of glass?

Hawke said nothing,
his amber eyes glued on the box. Then he shook his shaggy head and
turned to Anders, a faint smile on his lips.

“Well. We
certainly live in a time of wonders,” Hawke said finally. “You
can open it, but gently now.”

Anders burst into a
disbeliving laugh, one that trailed off as the other three stared at
him. Anders harrumphed and turned to the crate that was indenting the
cot’s thin mattress with its weight.

“Maker, I’m a
little afraid,” Anders said, rubbing his hands together and
slipping his fingertips beneath the lid.

He had it most of
the way off when he caught a glimpse at what was inside, and the lid
slid off the rest of the way to clatter onto the floor.

Anders was struck
dumb. Hesitatingly, he reached inside, but retracted his finger
before he could touch the side of a grey shell.

“Hawke,” he
said, his voice sounding strange even to his own ears. “Where…where
in Thedas did you find…are these what I think they are?”

“Not only that,
but the Arishok had them, and
gave them to Hawke!” Merrill
burst out.

would he…” Anders let his voice trail off as Hawke’s face took on
a mulish look. “Never mind, I don’t want to know. Maker,” he said
again, looking inside the crate.

six grey-hued griffon eggs lay cushioned on
a bed of soft straw.


Does anyone else really want the latest Dragon Comic to end with Marius about to take on the entire Venatori or what have you and he kicks down the door to break into their secret meeting only to find that the room is positively littered with corpses.

Like there is a ludicrous amount of gore

And standing right in the middle is Fenris


“Writing” and “Maevaris” are in the same sentence. Is this enough to confirm she is going to be in the next game??? :OOO

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