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Here’s the canon height line-up for DA2, for anyone who is wondering. 

When I actually manged to catch Fenris standing up straight, he was taller than Aveline. 

The redhead man is my male Hawke. I don’t play default!male Hawke, but I tested this with a couple of custom male Hawkes, and they all fell in third place. The female Hawke is the default female Hawke. 

I did have to load three different games to get all of these, since Sebastian, Bethany, and Carver can never be at Fenris’ house (where I took these caps) at the same time. That does show with the men in particular, as some of the zooms are slightly different. However, I lined the characters up wherever I wasn’t sure. 

I also couldn’t get Tallis in it at all. If with the computer skills wants to put her in there and see where she’d fall (I’d guess right below Merrill), be my guest. 

So, the Kirkwall crew from tallest to shortest is: Carver, Anders, m!Hawke, Sebastian, Fenris, Aveline, Isabela, f!Hawke, Bethany, Merrill, Varric. 


Things That I Found Whilst Going Through the DAO Epilogue Wiki That We Should Remember


The City Elves

  • No matter what, a Bann is elected to rule the Alienage and the City-born elves gain more rights, freedoms and their own personal militia.
  • However some years later human resistance culminates in a mob outside the landsmeet that stones the Elvhen Bann to death.
  • The Crown has to crack down on the resulting Elvhen/Human riot and tensions continue.
  • The exception to this, however, is if Soris becomes Bann. He marries a human woman and the entire Alienage is so outraged that he runs away to Orlais.

The Dalish Elves

  • If they participated in the Battle of Denerim, they earn newfound respect and are genuinely welcomed into Fereldan Lands.
  • If Lanaya is the new Keeper then she is well respected amongst both the Dalish and the Fereldan Court. All Dalish clans turn to her to resolve disputes between them and Fereldan Humans.
  • They are gifted the land around Ostagar and in time many Dalish Clans moved to the area. However, they were still wary of human neighbours, and peace only remains if Lanaya is the Keeper.
  • If the Werewolves are freed of the curse they remain together, name eachother family and take on the surname ‘wolf’. Eventually they become the most successful animal trainers in Thedas and every year they light a candle for the Lady of the Forest.

The Circle

  • One way or another, the Ferelden Circle is eventually granted autonomy. However that happens faster if a Mage Hero dies or asks for it as a boon.
  • If neither of these occur and Dagna is sent to the Circle then she inspires mages from all over Thedas to establish a new Circle of Magi in Orzammar itself. Orzammar is entirely willing to harbour apostates and this sparks talk of the Divine making a new Exalted March
  • As well as this, if the Circle is not granted autonomy, Greagoir steps down once the tower is rebuilt. He retires to become a brother of the Chantry, eventually dying from an illness after refusing treatment. Cullen then becomes the Knight Commander and apparently ruled the Circle with fear.
  • If, however, the Circle is given autonomy then Cullen eventually suffers a psychotic episode where he kills three apprentices before being restrained by fellow Templars. He escapes from prison later.

The Dwarves

  • Gorim tells an Aeducan warden that he wishes to take up position as their Second again, if they will have him.
  • Bhelen as King increases trade with the Surfacers, loosens Caste restrictions and the Casteless were permitted to take arms against the Darkspawn in exchange for new freedoms. This actually pushes the Darkspawn line back and old Thaigs are reclaimed.
  • If Branka lives he initially allows her subjects to create golems, willing or not. However when she eventually refuses to produce them only for him, he assaults her Fortress and lays seige for some years until he gives up and withdraws.
  • However his excessive amount of enemies in court force him to dissolve the assembly entirely and place himself as a lone Ruler. A Tyrant, some might say.
  • Harrowmont, on the other hand, passes a law excluding Casteless from the commons. This sparks a rebellion and the slums are essentially turned to rubble. The Assembly remained behind Harrowmont, however.
  • If Branka lives then Harrowmont initially provides her with willing volunteers in order for the Golems to crush Bhelen’s rebellion. Eventually however, he refuses to continue using Dwarven souls for the practice. But the Deep Roads needed Golems, so raids were conducted on the surface to kidnap humans and elves for the golems. This sparked a small war between Orzammar and Ferelden which quickly lead to Orzammar’s doors being sealed shut.
  • Later on Harrowmont’s health begins to fail, either by poison or frailty. When he dies, the Assembly descends into infighting.
  • If Branka dies then the Smiths eventually find the Anvil of the Void and try to create a Golem. They succeed, using a spirit of the Fade, however the Golem goes mad and kills a number of Shapers. The technology is labeled as extremely dangerous.

Queen Anora and the Crown

  • If Loghain dies killing the Archdemon, Anora asks the Warden if they can tell her anything about his death.
  • She also erects a statue of him glaring down at the Orlesian Embassy to symbolise his redemption and in the end people remember him as the hero he was, not the villian he became.
  • If Loghain is killed at the Landsmeet, she still erects the statue, but she is one of only a few to visit it. Still, she does this every year, placing flowers at his feet.
  • As Queen she ushers in a new age of prosperity with swathes of trade agreements and a rebuilt capital. The Army is restored completely, laws were passed to encourage freeholders to produce larger harvests and she builds a University.
  • If she is married to Alistair, Loghain lives and the Warden becomes a Chancellor, then she is the only one whom will speak to the Warden. They argue a great deal, but she usually wins. Still the Warden is very popular in Ferelden and holds a lot of influence. 
  • If the Warden marries Anora then with their combined prowess, they usher in a new Golden Age for Ferelden, not seen since King Calenhad first united the barbarian tribes.
  • If she remains Sole Ruler then she contines to rebuff advice of marriage, even ignoring the suitors whom visit her Court. She claims, ‘all of them fall short of the bar she measures them against; that of her father.’
  • The Chantry refuses to accommodate Ferelden’s ruler if they grant the Circle autonomy. 


  • If Loghain and the Warden live then Anora manuveores him into leading Grey Warden recruitment efforts.
  • If the Warden dies then he performs this task diligently for some years until the taint wears too hard on him and he travels to Orzammar for his Calling.
  • If Marjolaine is dead and Leliana is hardened, she is asked to head up an investigation into the darkspawn. The ruler wishes to know how far they go in the Deep Roads and where the broodmothers can be found.
  • Wynne can accept a position at court to advise the Throne and help improve the lot of Mages in Ferelden.
  • If the Warden is dead then Oghren accepts a position as a General in the Ferelden Army. He sobers, gets clean, marries Felsi and cries when his first child is born. He names them after the Warden.
  • If the Warden is dead then Zevran tries to avoid the Crows but eventually takes the fight to them. After four masters disappear, the crows choose Zevran as their leader.
  • If Alistair is exiled and leaves the Wardens, he leaves on a rivaini ship. An attempted coup to overthrow Anora a year later borrows Alistair’s name but he does not appear to be involved.


  • If Connor is killed and Isolde lives then she bares Eamon a second child, a daughter. However, she dies in labour. The girl is named Rowan, after Eamon’s sister, and when she exhibits magic she is sent to the circle.
  • If Kaitlyn is given a small fortune for the Sword at redcliffe, then she takes Bevin and goes to Denerim. She opens a Foundry with the money and becomes very wealthy. Eventually she meets Teagan again, by chance, and they marry a little later.


so as an aspiring classicist (slash medievalist) i like roman history A Lot, and i read about it A Lot, and over time i’ve come up with A Lot of reliable resources for studying it. 


ancient sources:

  • the history of rome (livy) – covers from rome’s (obscure, semimythological) early history all the way up to the reign of augustus. long, dull, but relatively worth it.
  • lives of the twelve caesars (suetonius) – deals with the lives of julius caesar through to emperor domitian. fair warning: people don’t call suetonius an ancient gossip columnist for nothing, so take him with a grain of salt.
  • annals (tacitus) – reign of tiberius to reign of nero, everyone loves this one.
  • de bello gallico (julius caesar) – caesar’s own record of his campaign in gaul, aka roman war propaganda. short but important part of roman history.


i’ve read most of these and been recommended the rest, but they reflect my own interest in specific subjects. you can find a more comprehensive list here.



Let me link Yall’ to this holy grail.
I present to you Character Design Reference
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I couldn’t even include all of the reference boards this blog contains on this photoset. That’s right! There’s EVEN MORE! There are pages and pages of them! It is an inspiration treasure trove!
Bookmark this link!
Fill your life with inspiration!


The posterize technique is useful for any situation really. If you’re having a hard time identifying shadow shapes, it’s perfect. I use it especially for things like drapery. 

I just made a patreon and I’ll have in depth tutorials for each illustration I make, consider supporting me! B) 


Interactive Map of Thedas v.2.0

An update! A bit later than I anticipated because I discovered that tumblr removes input fields from custom pages and had to find another hosting solution.

New Features:

  • Ability to hide/show features (borders, labels, etc.)
  • Deep Roads Map (many thanks to higheverrains, who allowed me to extrapolate from their Deep Roads theory and add it as a feature to the map! It is hidden by default but can be viewed by checking “Show Deep Roads Map” under Show Features.)
  • Two different distance grids (each with 30km/60km versions based on average walking/riding distance in a day) based on different theories.
  • Labels on the oceans and seas!
  • Added a handful of additional locations from DAI

Improvements / Bug Fixes:

  • Zooming in/out functions more smoothly now
  • West Hill is now in the correct location (… also thanks to higheverrains)
  • … Rivain no longer gets chopped in half when you zoom in on it.

Coming Soon(ish):

My next goalpost is to refactor some of the code to make the map load more quickly. Once that is complete, I’ll probably gradually move into adding additional detail based on the location maps from DAI. Let me know if you are interested in helping out! (No coding experience required, just a basic image editor and some patience)

Interested in seeing more?

Let me know what you’d like to see! If you go the extra mile and give me rough coordinates for the location on the map + the zoom factor you were viewing it at when you got the coordinates, I can have it up much more quickly!

Let me know if you see any incorrect/outdated information.

View the New Map Here



Word Counter – Not only does it count the number of words you’ve written, it tells you which words are used most often and how many times they appear.

Tip Of My Tongue – Have you ever had a word on the tip of your tongue, but you just can’t figure out what it is? This site searches words by letters, length, definition, and more to alleviate that.

Readability Score – This calculates a multitude of text statistics, including character, syllable, word, and sentence count, characters and syllables per word, words per sentence, and average grade level.

Writer’s Block (Desktop Application) – This free application for your computer will block out everything on your computer until you meet a certain word count or spend a certain amount of time writing.

Cliche Finder – It does what the name says.

Write Rhymes – It’ll find rhymes for words as you write.

Verbix – This site conjugates verbs, because English is a weird language.

Graviax – This grammar checker is much more comprehensive than Microsoft Word, again, because English is a weird language.

Sorry for how short this is! I wanted to only include things I genuinely find useful.

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