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A fun comic I made based off what I learned about the Julio-Claudians from my Art History class…Roman emperors were kind of hilarious, omg. They’re a bit more based off their likenesses than, say Himaruya’s emperor designs (but I like those too haha). I sent it to my Art History TA and she really liked it eheheh



so as an aspiring classicist (slash medievalist) i like roman history A Lot, and i read about it A Lot, and over time i’ve come up with A Lot of reliable resources for studying it. 


ancient sources:

  • the history of rome (livy) – covers from rome’s (obscure, semimythological) early history all the way up to the reign of augustus. long, dull, but relatively worth it.
  • lives of the twelve caesars (suetonius) – deals with the lives of julius caesar through to emperor domitian. fair warning: people don’t call suetonius an ancient gossip columnist for nothing, so take him with a grain of salt.
  • annals (tacitus) – reign of tiberius to reign of nero, everyone loves this one.
  • de bello gallico (julius caesar) – caesar’s own record of his campaign in gaul, aka roman war propaganda. short but important part of roman history.


i’ve read most of these and been recommended the rest, but they reflect my own interest in specific subjects. you can find a more comprehensive list here.




Augustus describes the second triumvirate like one of those group projects where one person has to do all the work because everyone else is a slacker but really it was one of those group projects where one person does all the work because they don’t trust the other members to live up to their standards

[Augustus voice] you can’t give Antony and Lepidus the same grade as me I did all the work 

antony: now that caesar’s dead i’m going to move to egypt, declare myself a god, and start a civil war
octavian and lepidus: why
antony: he was like 85% of my impulse control

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