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To complete the Disney prince/Chantry boy collection 😀





Sebastian is so genuinely good. Like the way that he can be taunted and mocked in-game by other members of the team can be horrendous, but the reason he gives for staying and fighting alongside Hawke? “I’ve never had so many opportunities to help people!” Just, oh my gosh.

tbh that’s one of my favorite banters and i had the misfortune of someone twisting it into something it wasn’t the last time i talked about it but like. it’s so so so exemplary of his character. sebastian just wants simple, good things he wants to help people and he wants to be a decent leader and he wants himself and the people he cares about/kirkwall as a whole to be happy and safe and if that means fighting alongside hawke he will like he owes hawke his life and he continues to give hawke just that if you let him


Have a year old sketch of Seb wearing highlander gear when he’s home in Starkhaven


sebastian vael


Listen… LISTEN… he deserved more…


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