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So I’m being PRESSURED to make this post… 

but yeah, I need more Dragon Age blogs to follow. 

So please reblog if you post mostly/all Dragon Age, and in the tags write your favourite characters so I know what your blog’ll be like! Yay! 😀 

To celebrate your follower milestone, maybe you could write some slice-of-life kind of scenes for your favorite DA friendships?


He didn’t make a noise as he slid into the pew, but
Sebastian smiled anyway.

“Not a word,” Fenris growled, low under his breath. He
grabbed a hymnal quickly, snatching it from its resting place like it might
flee at his attention. Occasionally he still had trouble with some of the
verses, but he had a good ear for music, and caught on quickly.

Sebastian was smiling around the hymn he mouthed as he
glanced at the elf, snowy head bowed as he quickly flipped through the pages
for the appropriate place. In the dim flicker of Chantry candlelight, he almost
looked to be blushing.

“You really fit four
in there?” Merrill squealed, and Aveline paused, lowering herself into her

“What are you telling the girl now, slut?”

Isabela’s expression was pure trouble, the wild call of
things unknown awake in the lively flush of her cheeks and the wind in her
hair. She had a head start on the other two women; Aveline counted no less than
three empty tankards at her elbow.

“If you wanted to hear the whole story, you shouldn’t have
been late,” Isabela said, waving over a waitress. “Something with a kick for my
friend, sweet thing. We have plenty of work ahead of us if we’re going to get
that stick out of her ass before morning.”

“C’mon, Blondie, again?”

“I told you, I have important work to do,” Anders’s voice
was sharp, irritated. Hunched over the scarred, wobbly table that passed as his
writing desk, the feathers of his coat on end, he looked more to Varric like a
grumpy turkey than a dangerous apostate.

He doubted the mage would find the comparison amusing.

“Come on,” Varric said again. “I know revisions can be a
bitch. That’s why you need to get out, stretch your legs. When’s the last time
you saw the sun?”

Scratching out something on his manifesto, Anders reached for
a clean page. “Has it turned green?”

“Well no.”

“Then why do I need to see it.”

Varric huffed, pulling up a chair. “You know, I remember
when you used to be fun.”





I don’t really have strong feelings about Sebastian, but I am intrigued by his friendship with Fenris. 

I’ve seen people say that this “friendship” is really just manipulation, an attempt to save more souls for the Maker, but I’d kind of rather think it’s genuine. I like the thought that Fenris has his own friends. 

My Hawke isn’t particularly close with Donnic or Sebastian, but they are both Fenris’s friends. He has friends of his own, independent of Hawke, which is indescribably cool to me.

I do have thoughts on this. While I do think Sebastian’s attempts might look a bit manipulative, I also believe he genuinely likes Fenris and wants to help him the only way he knows how. And his offer for Starkhaven is coming from the heart, in case Fenris wants to move on from Kirkwall, but doesn’t have a direction, a goal. Remember Fenris’ uncertainty about the future vowen into his arc? Sebastian is offering an alternative if Fenris ever wishes to take it.

And imho, Fenris forming independent friendships is the most precious part of his process of recovery and his character arc. It shows that even as damaged as he is, he can still become a whole person again.

I have so many fenris & sebastian feels. like… I see how you could read it as Seb being manipulative/just trying to save souls, but I think that’s a negative read on Seb’s character in general? like Seb has plenty of flaws, but he’s way too brash/self-absorbed to really stay manipulative like that for long. & I think Fenris would be aware and call him on it way sooner. 

I love Fenris & Seb’s friendship because Seb is the only one (obvs except Hawke, depending on playthrough) who discusses Fenris’ trauma with him and then actively tries to help him through it. Yeah he tries to help him through it by encouraging him to go to to church, but I don’t think that’s Seb being manipulative so much as Seb volunteering the main thing that’s worked for him in his life. Like his faith in the Maker & contact with Elthina is what’s kept Seb as together as he is about the death of his family. Whether you go friend or rival with him, his faith is an integral part of him & keeps him grounded in the world. It seems only natural that any attempt he makes at helping someone through trauma is going to involve reference to that faith. 

Also ultimately Seb reinforces to Fenris what no-one else (again maybe except Hawke) does, which is that what he did under Danarius’ command isn’t his fault. And he does so by listening to Fenris’ confession of guilt and then absolving him. I think it’s a really important friendship/set of background conversations for both of them because its like… Fenris’ hostility towards someone is met with genuine compassion, and the end conversation (where it’s inferred Fen actually went to a service) implies Fenris took on what Seb said on some level and let himself be absolved.

and as much as I love Hawke/Fenris, it’s great to have someone who isn’t Fen’s lover also reinforce that it’s not Fenris’ fault. It moves Fenris’ absolution away from being something that Hawke is offering b/c Hawke is wonderful and amazing, and towards something which is objectively true b/c it isn’t his fault.

wow ok i had even more fen & seb feels than i thought.


Dragon Age II Fanart



rmbr that time sebastian called himself fenris’ friend and fenris didn’t deny it

rmbr that time sebastian said “we cannot abandon our friend in his hour of need” and sounded absolutely horrified at the idea of fenris being given back to danarius

rmbr that time fenris joked that if seb started praying they could rescue tallis and hawke quicker and seb played along

rmbr that time sebastian and fenris had a discussion abt how the darkspawn were invented and it was laid out as being a long deep topic and not shallow banter

rmbr these things


Fenris: I can’t decide if it is certainty you have, or blindness.
Sebastian: (Chuckles) At least you can’t decide.

Trying to practice some expressions and push through my fever. I was just thinking about that part of a conversation between Fenris and Sebastian as I drew it.


I’m reading through some Seb dialogues and it’s just… Isabela and Merrill and Sebastian are all… so fond of each other? Like, there’s a lot of teasing and needling, but there’s also a lot of good humour:

Merrill: It’s a good thing you’re here, Sebastian.
Sebastian: Oh? Why do you say that?
Merrill: You’re so shiny! Much better than a torch.
Sebastian: I did swear an oath to carry the Light of the Maker wherever I go. Grand Cleric Elthina will be so proud.

Sebastian: You’ve been watching me all day. It’s getting a little… distracting.
Isabela: Merrill’s right. Your armor is shiny. I can see myself in it. Look! …Shit. Oh, shit. Is that a wrinkle? Is that a wrinkle between my brows?
Sebastian: Um. I don’t see—
Isabela: Hold still!

Isabela: And you’ve all been wondering why I don’t wear pants. So much less toxic goo to clean off.
Sebastian: I should have thought of that.

Sebastian: What do the Dalish teach about the creation of the darkspawn? I mean the Chant of Light says it was the hubris of magisters trying to compete with the Maker. But you don’t believe in the Chant of Light…or the Maker. What do you believe?
Merrill: Well, we don’t get into many details but we’re pretty sure it’s the humans’ fault.

Isabela: It’s been years, and not once have you tried to get me to repent or turn to the Maker.
Sebastian: Preaching seldom works, Isabela. To change a person’s heart, one has to lead by example.
Isabela: Huh. That makes sense. I can respect that.
Sebastian: I grew weary of the strings of nameless lovers and the nights full of mindless pleasure. You will, too.
Isabela: That’s the cruelest thing anyone’s ever said to me! I think I’m going to cry.

Merrill: I’m so nervous! What if I do something wrong and embarrass us? I always do something wrong.
Sebastian: You’ll be fine, Merrill.
Merrill: But I don’t know anything about human manners! What if I use the wrong fork? And then accidentally stab someone with it. That sounds like the sort of thing that would happen to me.
Sebastian: Just act annoyed that they bled on your dress. Nobody will even notice.

…it’s just. Delightful. 

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