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Seheron headcanons

I’ve got a lot of backstory for young Metis and his wife
Mara roughed out in my head and, in order to get it down in writing, I’ve been
doing some Seheron world building. So I present to you a few of my Seheron
headcanons (mixed in with the few actual details I’ve managed to find in canon), for
discussion, and for batting around ideas in hopes my lovely followers have
Seheron thoughts to add?

  • It’s mainly jungle, but there are some
    settlements named (on maps, by Iron Bull, in the comics, etc.). Major
    towns/cities mostly are inhabited by the Qunari occupying the island and the
    Qun converts (mostly elves, former slaves liberated by the Qunari or
    descendants of that generation of elves?) that work with them, but some
    settlements would presently be under Tevinter control. Tevinter and Qunari
    forces fight back and forth over the larger cities/ports. Smaller settlements,
    more inland, are mostly farming communities. Fog Warriors, the true natives of
    Seheron, live mostly to the north, in camps easily relocated when the Qunari or
    Vints get too close.
  • In some of the smaller villages, natives live in
    tree houses because that’s safer than the jungle floor. Think the tree
    platforms in JoH?
  • Tevinter ruins can be found in many places,
    dating to before the Qunari conquest; modern Seheron people live in the shadow
    of the ruins, the way Roman aqueducts and other such structures are scattered
    throughout Europe and the Mediterranean. In some towns, ruins have been
    converted/rebuilt into modern homes or other buildings, like the apartments
    above the Theater of Marcellus in Rome, etc.
  • Crops/food tends towards: fish; tropical fruits;
    spices. I believe Bull mentions bananas at one point, and there’s some mention
    of hot cocoa coming either from Seheron or Par Vollen so cacao beans are
    presumably a thing. Coffee? Papaya? Pomegranate? Cinnamon? oh yeah, I found a Sten dialogue mentioning farmers with neat rows of cinnaon and nutmeg trees, so that’s a thing.
  • Most of the natives (Metis included) have former slaves among
    their ancestors
  • Seheron has an oral,
    not literate, culture
    (because I figure that if Leto’s mother had learned
    to read before becoming a slave, she’d likely have taught the kids to read, at least Mara definitely would have; and
    I don’t think losing his memory in the lyrium ritual would have also erased skills like that). There are epic poems
    recited by Homer-like bards/skalds; there are poetic lists used as mnemonic devices,
    like the herb-lore rhyme Metis recites in Warriors.
    People have good memories out of necessity because they can’t write down things
    like grocery lists.


Someone asked for Fenris in Seheron, so I drew him with the Fog Warriors. 

(There’s no way he didn’t go on a few raids with them…)


So, Morrigan’s epilogue makes me think that the next Dragon Age game will take us to Weisshaupt Fortress in the Anderfels for more Grey Warden shenanigans. And that’s fine, I love me some blood drinkers, but you know what would be really neat? Seheron. 

I mean, it’s on the other side of the continent from anyplace we’ve been before, smack dab in the middle of a centuries old conflict between the Qunari and the Tevinter Imperium. And we have that Codex entry, found in Watcher’s Canyon, about the Fog Warriors fighting to preserve their culture against two Empires who refuse to even acknowledge they exist. That’s a lot of dramatic potential without even tearing a hole in the sky! 

Let me be a Fog Warrior is what I’m saying. 

Who knows, maybe it’ll be both. The Anderfels are right across the sea there. All I’m saying is: Fog Warrior. Let me war in the fog. 



Character backgrounds from the Dragon Age RPG, also useful for making interesting PCs and OCs.

See Part 1

See Part 2


Text from the Dragon Age RPG.


da keep lore + countries

-i’m surprised to see ferelden described as “primitive,” since culturally it seems to be at a similar level to other nations. and how do they define “civilizing,” anyway?

-the anderfels officially scares me. i don’t think i want to find out what they mean by “sinful debauchery.” and what happens if you’re a non-andrastian warden? nothing good, i’m sure.

-we need to know more about rivain. what kind of pantheism? how does the matriarchal structure work? and what on earth are the goods that would never be sold in conventional shops…

-who are the fog warriors? there’s a lack of lore about them, and considering thedas’s complicated racial interactions, i’d like to know more. i had thought they were qunari, but apparently not.

Small Headcanon About Dragon Age


I know that Seheron is canonically a humid, tropical island. But I can’t help thinking that it’s the Thedas equivalent of Australia.

Like between the Imperium, the Qun, Fog Warriors, and Tal-Vashoth, the natives also have to deal with war against Emus, kangaroos cutting through traffic, koalas having sex outside their windows, huntsmen spiders in their drinks, and explaining their slang to the poor, confused beresaad patrolling their ports.

I also hc Bull having gotten bit by an Inland Taipan and being horrifically sick for days. So ever since, whenever he sees a snake he just goes, “Nope!”

On the upside, I also picture Fenris totally having a pet Quokka.

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