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Since I’m curious and the “audience participation” meme invited questions: How did you come up with the character of Metis? Did you know you wanted Fenris to run into his father from the start of your series, or did the character develop in some other way?

Oh yeah, it all started with a crazy plan to find Fenris’ father! Probably because that’s the one family member we never hear about in canon, so I guess I was curious and decided to answer my own questions. 🙂 Actually, at first I had planned that storyline separate from the red lyrium warriors, so part 4 was going to involve Fenris wanting to find out who his father was and thinking he might get Dorian to help track him down, then talking himself out of it and not even asking, but then Hawke would ask him for help anyway and Dorian would write letters and…honestly it was not much of a plot, was it? And then I realized the vague “Venatori are making warriors with Fenris-style markings but with red lyrium” plot could be combined with the father-searching and that was the seed that grew into Warriors Such As.

So then I was brainstorming for what sort of a person Fenris’ father could be, and all I really knew was I wanted him to be a mage (because Varania, and also irony), and he had to be an elf given Dragon Age’s version of half-elves being human to all appearances, so Fenris couldn’t have been fathered by a human; and there was a long list of rejected names and dithering over whether he had been a fellow slave or (because mage) a laetan (or even altus, if elves can be) and whether he’d willingly abandoned Fenris’ mother and the kids or whether Fenris and Varania even had the same father…

Honestly there were so many ways that could have gone wrong. I’m rather glad he turned out as he did. A lot of his character is meant to be a foil to Fenris, really; gentle where Fenris is brash; cheerful where Fenris is broody; but also his response to, and way of dealing with, the trauma he’s endured is meant for a contrast. (Yet another reason why I think I’m going to have to write out his and Mara’s backstory in more detail now…)

Audience participation meme here, if you want to ask me things!

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