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Master list of the Hawkquisition series, to be updated when new stories are added:

Part I: To Remain at Your Side

Hawke arrives at Skyhold without her Fenris? Surely he didn’t willingly let her go off alone. So she must have left without telling him. He’s not going to be pleased when he finds out! This is what happens next, as Hawke travels to Weisshaupt, reuniting along the way with her lover, family, friends, and the Inquisition itself…

Read it at: DeviantArt  |  |  AO3


Part II: The Apostate’s Templar

Carver escapes the red lyrium-tainted templars of Kirkwall by escorting Merrill as she leads a ragtag group of elven refugees away from the Free Marches. In Ferelden, they uncover a source of red lyrium; the Inquisition investigates and Hawke insists on coming along.

Read it at: DeviantArt  |  |  AO3


Part III: Patchwork Families

Merrill’s patchwork clan has grown and they return with Hawke to Skyhold just in time for the baby to be born. Meanwhile, Skyhold is abuzz with preparations for Divine Victoria’s coronation and the Inquisitor’s wedding – but danger lurks amidst the festivities…

Read it at: DeviantArt  |  |  AO3


Part IV: Warriors Such As (Tumblr Masterpost)

Fenris was once told that even in the Imperium, warriors with markings of his sort were rare – with the implication that he is not unique. When the Inquisition learns of a group of Venatori creating warriors marked like Fenris, but with red lyrium, Hawke may have to take her turn being the one left behind while Fenris travels into danger to help the Inquisitor investigate.

Read it at: DeviantArt  |  |  AO3  


Drabbles and One-Shots

  • Paradox: Fenris/Lisbet Hawke. Teaching their son to read, a vocabulary lesson calls for an example closer to home.
  • Placebo: Carver/Merrill. Kirkwall’s templars are taking red lyrium; Carver seeks out Merrill for help.
  • Lights Out: Fenris/Lisbet Hawke. On bedtime habits.
  • Amantes Sunt Amentes: Fenris and Lisbet are lunatics in love. (Takes place between chapter 1 and 2 of To Remain at Your Side, listed above.)
  • Principia Parva Sunt: Merrill tries to identify the beginning of her falling in love with Carver, but beginnings are too small to bother with. (Concurrent with The Apostate’s Templar)
  • Cineri Gloria Sera Est: What if Hawke had not survived the Arishok duel? Fenris blames himself…
  • Oculus Animi Index: Hawke is obsessed with Fenris’ eyes. (Aren’t we all, a little?)
  • OTP prompt 15 for Carver and Merrill: 

    Which one screams about the spider and which one brings the spider outside?

  • OTP Prompt 29 for Fenris and Hawke: 

    Which one holds the umbrella over both of them when it rains?

  • Oak and Linden: Fenris/F!Hawke. For AU day of Fenhawke Week 2,

    A tale and a translation from Ovid’s Metamorphoses: the myth of Baucis and Philemon in the persons of Hawke and Fenris, in their retirement.

  • Nosce Te Ipsum: Fenris/F!Hawke. Hawke’s role in Fenris’ path to self-discovery. Podficced too!
  • Sapling: Metis prepares for the birth of his granddaughter. (Fenris/Hawke)
  • Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes (WIP, ¾ chapters posted): Fenris/F!Hawke, married with children and still getting into trouble.
  • Beneficium Accipere Libertatem Est Vendere: Fenris/F!Hawke as seen by Varania when Hawke and Varric persuade her to stay in Kirkwall and try meeting with her brother again
  • Ave Atque Vale: A preview of Hawkquisition part 5 or a one-shot that fits somewhere after it, depending on how part 5 goes when I actually get it written…This features Varania bringing Metis to Mara’s grave, mourning, closure. It is a sad.

Hawkquisition 5 Preview: Ave Atque Vale


So I’m still in early planning stages for the next installment of the Hawkquisition series, but a week ago an idea for a scene that simply must occur sometime in that storyline struck me so strongly that I wanted to get it written out while it was yet fresh. Being wary of spoilers, I’ll just mention that part 5 will involve Varania, and at some point they’ll end up in Tevinter because…ah wait, the rest is spoilery (if you haven’t read Warriors Such As yet or don’t know who Metis actually is…) so here is a cut!

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I am in the mood for some Ecce Gratum because Spring Break has at last begun. 🙂

And oh, the list of creative productivity I’d like to tackle while there are no lessons to plan or papers to grade:

  • Finish Doll-Hawke’s knitted outfit
  • Knit the giveaway prize Doll-Fenris
    • eta: Body is all knitted! Head is knitted but not yet stuffed, and I need to make the core thingy that goes in the neck for support/to make it poseable. Then embroider the tattoos, and facial features, crochet elf ears, and make the wig/hair and clothes.
  • Maybe knit a Doll-Metis for myself too 😀
  • Knit the peacock shawl I’ve promised my best friend for her birthday (I have about eight rows done so far…)
  • Um, maybe also seam the finished pieces of the sweater I finished knitting months ago…
  • Also block the Ever the Wind Shawl I recently finished knitting!
    • eta: Blocking now!
  • Finish writing Quis Custodiet
  • And maybe come up with drabbles for the prompts I never got to during Fenhawke week. 😦
  • Write a Kirkwall High teachers AU for Take Your Fandom to Work Day!
  • Plan out and start writing Hawkquisition Part 5
  • Learn to play Fenris’ theme by ear on my flute, record it, maybe even transcribe the whole arrangement in midi form just ‘cause (I have a head start on this. I can already play by ear the Mage Pride part of the medley with it. I’ve worked on Fenris’ theme too but can never quite remember how it starts when I’m not actually listening to the track.)
    • eta progress: I sounded out a lot of it on my flute last night and got the first bit of the main theme down in the transcription software. There’s a lot going on in the background though…will I actually go to the effort of transcribing all the parts? We shall see…
    • second eta: I’ve transcribed the main theme part and some of the background bits too, and recorded flute on the main theme over the original mp3. It’s a little rough but I think I can check this one off anyway!
  • Finish the sketches for Metis’ Herb-Lore Book (Crystal Grace is all I’m missing) and maybe write some more lines of the poem so I have reason to sketch the rest of the Thedosian plants. And when they’re done I’m thinking of a drabble about his creation of the book to go along with the pictures…
    • eta: The pictures for the herbs mentioned in the rhyme as included in Warriors Such As are finished (and published on the Dragon Age Tavern as “Leaf and Root: The Herb-Lore Rhyme”), but I’ve also been researching more of the plants, thinking of adding some lines & sketches to the poem…
  • Draw something for the April Fools Fandom Bodyswap. Count the herb-lore book for it? Or actually draw my characters?
  • Catch up on the AO3 Marked for Later list! I’ve set so many interesting-looking stories aside when I didn’t have time to read right then…
  • Also finish the print books I have out from the library before they’re due and I have to give them back with only a few chapters read. 😦
    • eta: Finished reading Queen of Shadows! Going to return it to the library today and pick up Ice Like Fire which is on hold for me…
  • Perhaps work on my latest DA:O playthrough (Tabris this time!) so I can go on to a new DA2 playthrough…
  • Oh and I’ve got Emmen’s DA:I playthrough to finish too!

Warriors Such As: Fic Masterpost



Let’s gather these chapters in a handy single post, shall we? Especially since, with Thanksgiving break over, I fear updates will slow down again…Here’s everything written thus far for my current Fenris/F!Hawke adventure!


Fenris was once told that even in the Imperium, warriors with markings of his sort were rare – with the implication that he is not unique. When the Inquisition hears of Venatori creating warriors marked like Fenris, but with red lyrium, Hawke may have to take her turn being the one left behind while Fenris travels into danger to help the Inquisitor investigate.

Read it on: AO3 | | DA

Or if you prefer to read it on Tumblr, here’s the chapter listing with titles and synopses:

  1. Wherein parenthood is hard

    Raising baby Malcolm is overwhelming and new parents Lisbet Hawke and Fenris are on edge.

  2. Wherein an expert is required

    Venatori in Seheron are experimenting with lyrium tattoos; Thayer Trevelyan’s advisors convene and send for Fenris.

  3. Wherein an agreement is reached

    Amantium irae amoris integratio est.

  4. Wherein farewells and firsts are spoken

    Hawke bids Fenris farewell as the Inquisition’s expedition to Seheron sets out.

  5. Wherein the ship sails

    En route to Seheron, letters are exchanged.

  6. Wherein Metis meets the Inquisition

    Seheron is not a very safe place for the Inquisitor and friends, but they do find one friend waiting for them.

  7. Wherein the forest is welcoming

    The trek through the jungle begins; meanwhile, interesting developments are occurring at Skyhold…

  8. Wherein Hawke’s worries are not ill-founded. 

    Fenris knows when things are fishy; saarebas are deadly; the jungle is a big place but Harding has lots of scouts looking for our heroes! Also Metis is kind of new to this combat thing.

  9. Wherein the weather interferes. 

    It’s a bad idea to wander around a jungle when you can’t see where you’re going.

  10. Wherein things become clearer

    Fenris’ past catches up with him, in more ways than one, and the Inquisition gains a formidable ally.

  11. Wherein we explore Ath Velanis. 

    Time to see what’s actually going on in that Venatori fortress, as soon as we find a way in through creepy tunnels! It’s all fun and games till someone slips and falls!

So I thought I had edited this last night to add chapter 12, but today it’s not there. And Tumblr’s not letting me edit the post, so here, have an addendum! *grumbles about having to add addenda every time I add a chapter…just let me edit! It’s my own post and I’m not going to change anything the original poster, I.E. ME, would not want changed…*)


Wherein plans change

From opposite sides of the Ath Velanis gate, Thayer and Varric, Fenris and Metis reconsider their course of action.

I can’t decide which would be cuter for OTP Question 29, Carver x Merrill or Fenhawke. Your choice! :3


29: Which
one holds the umbrella over both of them when it rains?

“It’s only rain, Hawke,” Fenris sniffs when she balks at the
open doorway.

Lisbet Hawke frowns and folds her arms over her chest,
warding away the chill from outdoors. “Only six
days straight
of rain, Fenris,” she amends.

“And yet, surprisingly, Kirkwall seems none the cleaner for

“Maybe after the first day it did,” she says, looking over
his dripping shoulder into the courtyard, or the puddle that once was a
courtyard. “At this point, it’s more of a surprise that the whole city hasn’t
floated away.”

“Well, the Hanged Man still stands. Are you coming to Wicked
Grace tonight or aren’t you?”

Lisbet sighs. “Better than another night cooped up here, I
suppose.” She turns to pull on her boots. “But not without an umbrella, at least! Bodahn, have you seen…”

She turns to find her dwarven manservant waiting, arms laden
not just with the umbrella but with a covered basket from which the most
delicious smells waft past the rain-scent. “For Wicked Grace night, messere,”
Bodahn says, holding out the basket toward her. “Orana thought you and your
friends would enjoy some of her muffins.”

“Indeed we shall,” Lisbet says with a smile, filling her
arms with the basket, its warmth a shield against the chill of the still-open
door. But then she frowns at the umbrella still dangling over the dwarf’s arm,
her own hands now too full to –

“Allow me,” Fenris says, stepping forward to take the

“You’re already all wet,” she points out.

He shrugs, opening the umbrella and gesturing her under it
with a half-smile that distracts her for a moment from the way his soaked hair
is dripping over his eyes. “I’d offer to carry the muffins, but then they’d be
drenched, too.”

So they set out, awkwardly, Hawke and the muffins sheltering
under the umbrella that Fenris holds aloft from a cautious distance.  

A distance which, somewhere along the way, shrinks until Hawke
shivers at the sudden drip of water on her neck where he now hovers near enough
to stand under the umbrella with her. Their eyes meet; he starts to back away
again, mouth opening with apologies –

“Wait,” she says, moving with him, now face to face over
steaming sweet muffins.

“I didn’t mean to get you wet,” he leans away even as she
leans closer.

“Admit it,” Lisbet grins, not letting the distance grow, not
in the least, keeping him in her rain-sheltered circle. “It’s nicer under here
with me.”

He arches an eyebrow. “The rain does not bother me.”

“Aha! So it’s not the umbrella
you were inching towards?” She stifles a giggle when his eyes widen, and it’s
hard to tell in this downpour but is that a blush spreading behind the
waterlogged hair clinging to his face?

Then the half-smile returns as he meets her gaze. “It was
not,” he confesses, “the muffins.

She laughs outright; when his smile widens at having made
her laugh, she leans in past the muffin basket to catch his smile in a kiss. It
is a brief and tender thing, without her hands free to reach around his neck,
to catch in his hair and pull him in close, but he does not retreat, holding
the umbrella as steady above the pair of them as his lips are steady on hers.

In the end, she is somewhat damper than anticipated, but
there is a warmth in her bones that chases away the weather’s chill, even as
they walk on through the streets so close under the umbrella that all that side
of her will be damp enough to draw their friends’ questions.

The muffins, at least, remain undrenched.

!!!!!! 15 for carver/merrill!!!!


15: Which one screams about the spider and which one
brings the spider outside?

Carver Hawke hated being compared to his elder sister. No
matter how kindly it was meant, it all sounded to him like “Why can’t you be
more like Lisbet?” Illogical as it might be, even comparisons about how much he
was like Lisbet had this effect.

So Merrill’s muffled laughter at the way he jumped when he
almost stepped on a spider in her tent was not doing much to improve his mood.
Especially not when she giggled, “Oh, Creators, you hate spiders as much as
Hawke does!”

“I do not!” Carver protested, clenching his jaw but keeping
his distance as the creature – not the giant sort they used to have to fight
through on Sundermount, granted, but big
and surprisingly hairy and way too
many legs – scuttled, practically taunting, between him and the exit. “It’s
just a bug, Merrill. It won’t hurt you.”

I wasn’t worried!”
she pointed out in glee.

“Neither was I!” he insisted, breaking himself from where he
had stood frozen, jerking forward to stomp on the thing before he could think
better of it.

“Wait!” Merrill gasped. He thought better of it, freezing
again to glance her way.

“It’s perfectly harmless,” the elf pled, spreading her hands
wide with that innocent look in her wide green eyes that he could never resist.
“Let’s just toss it back out into the forest. There are far too many mosquitoes in Ferelden anyway. Spiders
are natural predators for bugs like that, the ones that really trouble us. Let this one do its job, Carver.”

He finally nodded, but when he stayed put for too long, eyeing the spider
from a distance, Merrill flitted forward and waved a hand at it as if to shoo
it toward the tent flap. At first the spider froze, just as wary of the elf as
Carver had been of the bug. Then it slowly skittered the direction she was
encouraging it to. Then it drifted off to one side instead…and then, suddenly,
came around and headed straight for Merrill.

She shrieked, first with surprise and then with laughter as
she jumped out of its way. To his own surprise, Carver was laughing too as he
watched her dance around the spider, now managing to shoo it a few inches
towards the exit, now skipping back when it wandered too close to her again. “I
thought they were harmless?” Carver threw back at her.

“Well, as long as they’re outside hunting mosquitoes!”
Merrill huffed.

“Look, if it’s going to corner you in your own tent maybe I
should just step on –”

“No! Really, Carver, don’t.”

He sighed. “Fine, then.” And he ducked out of the tent, now
that the spider had stopped guarding the entrance. When he returned a moment
later it was still feinting back and forth with Merrill in that strange dance,
so it was with a smile that Carver finally slammed down over it the bowl that
he had grabbed from the stack by the cook-fire. With a scrap of parchment
shoved under the bowl and some awkward attempts to flip the contraption over
without flinging the spider at Merrill, soon he had the spider out in the wilds
on mosquito duty and a grateful (still laughing) elf in his arms.

“My hero!” Merrill teased. “I promise I won’t tell Hawke a



Rating: G
Word Count: 5732
Pairing: Carver/Merrill (and a glimpse of Fenris/F!Hawke)
Kirkwall’s templars have been taking red lyrium. Carver Hawke knows he can’t avoid it forever, so he turns to Merrill for help.
Set as a prequel to my other Carver/Merrill story, “The Apostate’s Templar”. Also with a glimpse of Fenris/F!Hawke prior to their story in “To Remain at Your Side.”

Read it here or on: AO3 | | DA


times Carver started to walk away from the door. The first time he just chided
himself, “This is stupid. What’s she going to do, turn you into a frog?” and
turned to face the run-down building again, losing count of the minutes he then
spent standing there without really seeing it.

second time, he caught himself as he passed the vhenadahl tree, memories
flashing to life of the time she had lectured him in her lilting voice on the
tree’s significance as he walked her home one night. Lost in the sound of her,
he had heard nothing of what she said, and to this day he had no idea why the
elves made such a big deal of a single tree. He sighed, tugged his gauntlets
more firmly in place, and walked back to her door again, raising a hand to

a third time he was turning away, gauntleted hand falling to his side again
with the door still undisturbed, when suddenly it swung open behind him and he
looked back at the sound of her gasp.

Carver, it’s just you!” Merrill squeaked when she saw his face (red, he was
sure, at being caught standing there like an idiot). “I thought…well, never
mind. I’m glad you’re here.”

he coughed, if only to get his breath back. “You are?”

I’m certainly glad it’s you, of all templars.” She smiled; was it just his
imagination that there was a cynical edge to the smile that had never been
there when they’d been young, when she’d still had such hopes about her clan
and that mirror, before he joined the Templar Order, before…well, he supposed
recent years in Kirkwall justified a bit of cynicism. “We’ve been seeing that
armor in the alienage more often, you know,” the elf continued. “Since your
sister stepped down.”

Right. Maybe I shouldn’t have…I could come back later, when I’m off duty.
Leave the armor in the Gallows.”

no, it’s all right. I was just on my way to the market. Walk with me?” She
glanced sidelong at him, cradling her market basket to her chest like a
helpless kitten, her nose wrinkled in thought. “Unless…that is, if you are here on Templar business…”

stared back for a second before realizing what she was asking. “What? Merrill,
you can’t…you don’t think I’m here to bring you in?”

it’s what you do now, isn’t it?”

took the basket from her with a huff. “What I’m going to do right now is bring you to the market.
Just…pretend the armor’s gone, okay?”

that will be tricky! I haven’t seen you without it in years. I can’t hardly
even remember what you used to wear before. Or…” she tilted her head up at him.
“Did I miss something dirty again? When you say gone…”


giggled, a sound that did nothing to convince him she was not now imagining him
striding through the alienage in his smalls. Imagining her imagining this
brought a blush to his face that quickly progressed to a scowl, neither of
which Merrill, fortunately, could see, as she walked half a step ahead of him,
prattling in a way that left him confused but somehow comforted.

later, laden with two more baskets than they had set out with, she welcomed him
into her small home and he sank gladly to a chair she had hastened to clear of
its odds and ends. “Now then,” she said, perching on the edge of a table near
him, “it was very good of you to come along and carry everything, Carver, but I
suppose you had some other reason for turning up on my doorstep?”

lips thinned as he looked away from her focused gaze. “Why exactly,” he
murmured, hefting one of the bushel of cabbages they had carried home, “did we
buy so many cabbages today?”

came to ask me about groceries?” she pursed her lips and took the vegetable
from him.

no. But seriously, are you going to eat all of those? Do you really like
cabbage that much?”

it’s not all for me. I was talking to Hera next door and she said cabbage soup
is good for a fever.”

regarded her skeptically. “Who’s got a fever, then?”

of people. There’s been something going around, and someone’s got to look after
them, and –” She frowned as she realized the digression. “If you didn’t come
to ask about cabbages, what then, Carver?”

sighed and leaned forward to rest his head in his hands. “I…might need a
favor, Merrill.”

Of course. What can I do? If it involves cabbages, you know, we’re all set.”
She said this last with a hopeful smile, holding the cabbage out to him until
he looked up and chuckled.

only it were that simple.”

Keep reading

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