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The Bone Pit


FenHawke AU SFW – A day in the life of Hawke, the owner of a mabari boarding and grooming business named The Bone Pit. For @solavellanvakarian who requested this most amazing prompt 😀 

Hawke takes a moment to ready herself. The morning air is cool and sharp as it fills her lungs, the world quiet as muted light spills above the horizon. Everything is peaceful as the world hangs in this space between waking and awake. It will all change as soon as she turns the handle beneath her fingers.

“Are you ready, Pickle?”

she looks down at her companion in the early morning. An excited huff is her answer. “Well then, let’s get this show on the road.”

The silence is shattered as she swings open the door and walks inside. There’s a bark followed be another and then another like loud dominos echoing their downfall. Hawke goes down one row of overnighters opening up their doors to the outdoor areas while Pickle helps with the other side. “Good morning everyone. Pleasant dreams, Sebastian? Ser Barkley, you’re looking dapper. Yes, yes, Barkspawn, hold your horses I’m coming. And how is-ugh, Merrill!”

There are two occupants in the next stall, a mabari where it belongs and an employee where it doesn’t. A petite elf unravels herself from paws and looks up with surprised eyes. There’s a book half held in hand, the cover script an elegant swirls in a language Hawke can’t read, but she understands the sheepish grin on Merrill’s face well enough. “Oh, is it morning already? I didn’t mean-”

“To get caught? Merrill…”

“I’m sorry, I know. The heat broke in my apartment a few days ago and my landlord hasn’t come yet. I didn’t mean to stay, honestly, but Falon was enjoying my stories and it was so warm…I guess I fell asleep?”

Hawke sighs, head shaking. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t want to worry you. It’s not so bad really.”

”You need to move out of that shitty apartment complex, Merrill. And you’re staying with me until your heat is back on, I don’t want to hear. Can you get ready for work? I really need-”

“I have a pack with clothes and my toothbrush somewhere. I can be ready in a minute!”

“You fell asleep on accident huh?” Merrill’s cheeks turn bright, but Hawke only laughs. “Get going before Fenris gets here. If I have to listen to him grumble about this you definitely will be in trouble.”

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Have some chibi Fenhawke from today’s stream! First time I have ever drawn something start to finish in a stream! 😀


Crochet Fenris I made for @steam-powered-dragon

Look at his widdle gwumpy eyebrows!



Go to Rooster Teeth convention. Buy only Dragon Age merchandise on the first day. No regrets!

Pillows: || Hero

Huggers By Renny Roccon ||

Shirts and Mabari: || Sanshee ||

omg look at that precious huggable Cullen! And is that Krem?? Great merch!


Have a blushy Fenris I drew while the power was out 🙂


here’s some grumpy bf goodness for all you dragon age fans





Hi followers! I just opened up a small Etsy shop to sell my advisor keyrings. If the shop does alright, I’ll be adding more to it (right now I’m working on a few sets of Minecraft earrings, and I’m even open to working on more companions from the Dragon Age games.)

One pendant on its own will be $6.50, a set of all three will be $16.00. Shipping will be a few dollars and confined to the US until I actually start having a bit of success. I hope.

Right now I only have two of each made, so if you are interested in a set or one character in particular, let me know either on this blog or on my DA-centric blog @whitespireblackcity!

Reblogging for those of you who do not follow my personal page 🙂

Signal boosts are appreciated!



“Hey Glitch, are you going to do a ballroom AU for Dragon Age?” asked no one. Well, I thought on it, and nah, wasn’t feelin a ballroom AU. Instead, I thought of something else with equally hard hard anatomy poses: ballet AU.

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Dragon Age kitties!!! Enjoy.

@pixiemixieheart I know it’s not the dolls you have been searching for but I found this, look how cute Bull is

Awwww thanks @fayts-albel !!! These are adorable 😀


Finn, Rey and Poe withh BB-8 🙂

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